9 Style Rules to Follow During a Heatwave

The European summer is a dream that many people hope and pray they will one day get to experience in reality. Breakfasts and lunches al fresco, dips in cool, glittering ocean water, tanned shoulders, and gorgeous sunsets. European summer is usually a dream, but this year, the heat waves rolling over Europe and the UK have taken some of the joy out of what would usually be a fun and exciting season. Shoulders aren’t sunkissed; they’re lobster red. There are no cool, whispering breezes and the beaches are so full you can’t find a space for your towel. In the States, it’s so hot that forest fires are once again ripping through beautiful mountains.

Climate change is taking a severe toll on our weather, and it’s too hot to think! You want to look stylish, but the only way you feel cool is entirely naked or in a moo-moo that won’t be winning any fashion awards. Worry not! We’ve got the lowdown on how to stay stylish during a heatwave. If your beloved Asics trainers are too warm, we’ve got you covered no matter how hot it gets.


1.  Natural Fibers All The Way

Pack away the polyester and lycra; it won’t do you any favors when temperatures are soaring. When it’s scorching outside, you need to opt for garments that are made from natural fibers ONLY. Cotton, poplin, silk, linen, ramie, and bamboo fibers; these fabrics are created by nature, so they are very breathable and won’t let you overheat. The more open the weave, the better off you will be. This goes for the fabrics you sleep on and your underwear as well.


2.  Become a Hat Person

Whether you are one already or not, you need to become one asap. Don’t think of wearing a hat as an imposition; think of it as an extension of your flawless style. Here again, we advise that you go for natural fibers. Woven hats will keep the sun off your face and neck but will allow heat to find its way out of the top of your head and let air travel through the weave to get to your skin.


3.  Invest in Good Sunglasses

The crowning glory of your heatwave look must be a pair of good-quality sunglasses not the cheap plastic ones you got from a street vendor on your last vacation. The sun’s glare can have terrible, long-lasting effects on your eyes if they are not adequately shielded. Since quality usually means spending a little more money, go for a pair that is neutral to your color palette. Get something that will go with everything you own. Steer clear of flashy shapes (unless they enhance an already existing style) and make sure that the lenses are polarized.

4.  Keep Your Shirt On

Literally. Unless you’re lying on the beach trying to catch a tan, you should have your shirt on if you are out in a public space. Not only is it good manners, but it will also keep the harsh sun off your skin.

5.  Say No To Plastic Flip Flops

Don’t try and deny it; we know you have a pair hiding in the back of your closet. Plastic flip-flops do not enhance your style, no matter what it is. Invest in a pair of good-quality sandals. Leather will offer the lowest cost per wear in the long run, but vegan leathers these days last a lot longer than they used to.

6.  Shorts

Yup, it’s happening. Whether you have that thigh gap you’ve always wanted or not, it’s time to whip out the shorts. Say it with us; every body is a summer body! Cellulite is normal, and so are pale thighs. You don’t have to look or be shaped a certain way to wear shorts well, and they are your best friend when it’s too hot to see straight.


7.  Opt for a Loose Fit

Steer clear of tight-fitting clothes, and your skin will thank you for it.

8.  Light-Weight Fabrics

We discussed the kind of fabrics you should choose earlier on, but not the texture. Stay away from anything that is a heavy or tight weave; you want air to pass through your clothing through your skin. If you feel that you need to cover up for work, do so with light layers instead of any of your usual suit options.

9.  Choose The Right Anti-Perspirant

At first glance, this might seem more like a personal hygiene tip than a style one, but choosing the wrong antiperspirant can leave you with unsightly sweat marks or discoloration under the arms of your clothing. If you’re wearing black, always opt for an anti-white marks antiperspirant.

Wrap Up

These sartorial tips will keep you as cool as possible while you tackle the numerous heat waves currently taking over the usually fun and carefree summer months.


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Cheryl Carter

After completing her master's degree, Cheryl Carter started her career as a content writer. She has completed 8 glorious years in content writing. She believes that everyone needs a wee bit of fashion knowledge in their life. Hence, she joins Looksgud to share the latest fashion and style tips to look trendy and stylish in every sense.