20 Best Distressed Slim Fit Jeans for Men To Buy Right Now

The trend of distressed slim fit jeans for men has brought in a style that suits every personality. The distressed denim is all about being destroyed while you try to sum up a look. To make it simpler, it’s a fashion call you can’t miss out on. Denims have come a long way and the very first time the distress style came into existence was during the 70’s. Many celebrities like Zac Efron, Zayn malik, Ryan gosling have been found rocking this trend on different occasions. The slim fit distressed style jeans has the ability to impress and throw an impact in the crowd. It lets you appear a stand out and no doubt you can smash this style off like a star. Step up your style quotient by owning this charmer that has decided to gaze up your look. Ranging from urban style to edgy look, the collection spells fashion like never before. The style is all about individuality and features comfortable and relaxed fit. The jeans are unique and the originality it has is inevitable.

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It’s an effortless and an extreme choice you should add to your wardrobe for sure. The distressing news is a privilege and the new level of authencity it has can help you make your look top notch. These styles are denims with added interest. Add these jeans to your rotation and make your ensemble a revival. They are a perfect for a laid-back look that’s casual and stylish. Because we love to prep you up, we thought off bringing this new style to you. The details of it are astounding. To know more about the one for you scroll further and find out your fave here. Become the center of attention with these distressed style jeans and make them your wardrobe staple this season.

1. Ecko Unltd Light Black Slim Fit Distressed Jeans with Heavy Fade

ecko unltd black distressed jeans


2. Kook N Keech Blue Cotton Mid Rise Ripped Jeans

kook n keech blue cotton ripped jeans

3. Blue Slim Fit Mid Rise Mildly Distressed Jeans from Ecko Unltd

ecko unltd blue mildly distressed jeans

4. Adamo Ripped Mid Rise Jeans with Light & Dark Washed Patches All Over

adamo light blue ripped washed mid rise jeans

5. Moda Rapido Blue Coloured Washed Slim Fit Jeans

moda rapido blue washed jeans

6. Medium Washed Blue Cotton Slash Knee Jeans from Moda Rapido

moda rapido blue mid rise slash knee jeans

7. Blue Saint Light Blue Cotton Washed Jeans with Distressed Detail on the Front

blue saint light blue cotton washed jeans

8. Roadster Blue Lightly Washed & Distressed Jeans with Whiskers and Chevrons

roadster blue washed ripped slim fit jeans

9. Abof Light Blue Medium Washed Slim Fit Distressed Jeans

abof light blue slim fit distressed jeans

10. Roadster Cotton Mid Rise Jeans in Dark Blue Colour

roadster blue cotton mid rise slim fit jeans

11. Light Blue Mildly Distressed Jeans with Light Fade from Roadster

roadster light blue mid rise mildly distressed jeans

12. Blue Medium Washed Mid Rise Slash Knee Jeans with 5 Pocket Style

roadster blue slim fit mid rise slash knee jeans

13. WROGN Black Slim Fit Dark Washed Slash Knee Jeans with No Fade

wrogn black slim fit mid-rise slash knee jeans

14. Wrogn Blue Washed Low Rise Perfect Fit Jeans for Some Rock and Roll

wrogn blue washed low rise slim fit jeans

15. Blue Slim Fit Low Distressed Jeans with Chevrons & Whiskers from Roadster

roadster blue slim fit mid rise low distress jeans

16. Moda Rapido Light Blue Mid Rise Fit Ankle-Length Jeans with Heavy Distress

moda rapido light blue slim fit ankle-length jeans

17. Dark Blue Cotton Washed Jeans with Rip Details from Blue Saint

blue saint dark blue cotton wash slim jeans with rips

18. Hit the Streets in Style with Roadster Blue Light Distress Mid Rise Jeans

roadster blue mid rise slim fit jeans

19. Roadster Blue Washed Whiskers and Chevrons Jeans with Rips

roadster blue washed ripped mid rise slim fit jeans

20. Be the Fashion Glitterati with this Dark Blue Cotton Mid Rise Ripped Jeans

roadster blue cotton ripped mid rise slim fit jeans

The jeans are now your call to make your outfit a stupendous one. The magical wand of distressed slim fit jeans can let you breath and earn some style points after you wear it. We say you opt for it because this subtle choice of distressed denims can completely immerse you in the trend and help you knock off this style like a star. Make some heads turn to you in the city while you walk on the road. These denims are for sure the friend in need.

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