Why Clothing according to Body Type is Crucial for Your Look?

Good clothing style can hide unhealthy body shape while bad clothing selection can ruin day of best figure. Learn How to revolutionize your clothing according to your body type with these easy-peasy tips.

To be adored and feel appreciated is the common feminine behaviour. However it’s upon you to make or break your look with type of clothing you wear. Sometimes even your expensive, stylish and beautiful dresses fail to give you the expected compliments for not having the balanced body proportions. Just overlook the common mindset that models, actors, and some celebrities do a lot to maintain their picture perfect figures. Actually for some of them, it is magic of their professional stylists, who select clothes for them in a way that minimizes extra flaws on their body. So don’t be upset if you’re not blessed with the perfect figure, you can achieve it with some ‘Enhance & Minimize’ tricks, which helps to create an illusion of a proportional balanced body shape. They help flatter your body figure, making your top and lower body look beautiful as well as balanced. Don’t push yourself to the latest fashion, search for clothing according to your body type. This way, you can simply look at your best, putting emphasis on your best features and disguising the odd ones.

All women haven’t a perfect body. Some gain excessive weight on their bellies, while some fade of broad shoulders, feel irritated of fatty thighs, etc. In odd figure, one proportion would be bigger or shorter compared to the other ones in the body. Why to follow such fashions that can’t do any justice to your figure? It’s not possible that all cuts, styles, designs, colors and fabrics flatter every figure, but clothing as per your body type helps you dress up with full confidence. For your perfect style, you can apply clever fashion tips, design patterns and color choices that can take your clothing from ordinary to extraordinary. Even, type of fabric matters a lot as you can hide your tummy bulge simply by preferring lace or chiffon fabrics instead of close-fitting materials like jersey, shiny fabrics like satin and viscose.

Here are given some useful fashion tips and information for selecting clothes with proper cut, style and outfit coordination. So make smart choices and get ready for your take on the world!!!


1. Pear Shape

Famous face for Pear shape body

Image source:

Pear body type is just an most common feminine look, featuring narrow shoulders, slim waist line and a heavy- bottom with hips larger than the bust. Here widest part of your body is below your waist, which is smaller than the bust by nine-inches or less. With slimmer upper torso and bigger feminine hip line, Pear shaped women look just like the fruit.

Famous Face for Pear shape body: Sonam Kapoor

Dressing Tips:

Women with a pear shape body should have to balance their hips and shoulders, and don’t forget to show off curves. They should dress in a way that draws attention to the slim waist and upper torso.

Go for goddess and empire waist style gowns to hide bigger hip-lines with light and flowing material. However don’t choose too much flowing otherwise it makes your lower body look too heavy. Also, you can prefer ball gown cut as well as the A – line cut gown that can cut heavy bottom look.

Especially if you’re pear-shaped, attract attention on a great and sexy part of a woman’s body – shoulders by wearing off-the-shoulder tops, also you can choose ruffles or puffy sleeves on your top.

Make use of jackets or cardigans to give more structure to the shoulder area. Make sure that whatever you select must end above your hips, not at them.

Pear shape body clothing style

Select clothes that put emphasis on your upper body to match your lower body, and best example for it is a Punjabi-style patyala suit. Here kurta is short and tight, creating the illusion of a small yet busty look. While doti – styled pant flares to hide extra wideness.

Patiala suit ideal for pear shape

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And if you have enough dare or if you are comfortable in showing off that rounded derriere, you can go for something stylish like mermaid, sheath, and column, which are fitted closely to the body from the chest to the knee.

Mermaid for pear shape body

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Wear clothes that highlight your thin waist line and balance your lower body.

Clothing ideas for Pear shape body

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Balance out the proportions by wearing dark colors on your lower half and bright prints on your top.

Top ideas for Pear shape body

You can also go with wide colored clothes but make sure they provide a detailed waist line.

Embellished necklines, statement necklaces or scarves can be added for style.

Kurtis with nice collars or with nice detailing around neckline and waist will draw eye-balls towards your slim upper body.

Go for high waist flare Anarkalis as well as tunics.

Pair pastel colors tops & kurtis with dark-color bottoms to create the illusion of thinness.

Besides minimizing your fat thighs, dark-color bottoms can be easily mix and match with everything in your wardrobe.

Go for Patialas or broad pipe bottoms to give effect of proportional balanced body figure.

Don’t wear fitted lowers which can focus on your big hip lines.

Heavy lehenga just compliment your figure but make sure that Lehenga skirt should not be of mermaid type. Try V neck top and a short blouse to draw attention to your slim waist line or go for a rushed top to create the illusion of a bigger bust.

Color Choice:

Bottom ideas for pear shape body

This type comes with a large contrast between the upper and lower part of the body. Consider this point mainly for selecting colors, prints and patterns. Add more colors to small top half of pear-shape body and prefer dark shades to slim the widest bottom part.

Widen your top half with bold prints and patterns, but select small print for heavy bottom half. Just say no to overly busy prints or patterns as it throws off balance by accentuating larger areas.

Suitable Fabric:

Form-fitting fabrics work great for your shape as they uniformly put emphasis on your petite upper body as well as your curvy lower half. Fabrics like Matte jersey, cotton, polyester-blends and viscose are great but completely say NO to heavy fabrics like leather, wool and chunky knits as they increase your bodyline. If you can’t avoid, prefer them just for the upper part of your body.

Traditional look:

Lehenga style for pear shape

Highlight your slim waist by wearing low waist lehenga or you can drape bridal saree just below navel for sexy look. To balance your curves, wear blouses that have both detailing and volume. Avoid putting much volume to your lehenga as it will make you appear in poor shape. Also don’t choose tube tops or fishtail gowns that grab attention on heavy bottom.

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2. Rectangular shape

Famous face for Rectangular shape body

It is also known as an athletic, Horizontal, ruler or banana shape. Rectangular shaped women look more straight because of same width of shoulders, busts and hips with long arms & legs. It is difficult to find curve between hips and busts for this rectangle shape. Also the derriere is typically flat in this rectangular body shape women.

Dressing Tips:

Rectangular body shape clothing style

Look for dress cuts that can disguise the lack of curves and give the illusion of a fuller bust like the empire waist, A-line, and goddess. Being made of light fabrics, they nicely flatter and add curves to rectangular figure.

Anarkali suit for Rectangular shape body

Image source:

Dresses like empire waist, A – line, and goddess help you give illusion of curvy figure, wearing them you will look fuller at bust as well their flows smartly hide the lack of curves at hips line. On choosing such dress-style, make sure that you choose the right length otherwise it looks so weird with unnecessary length. Your tall slim figure looks great in Maxi dress. As you have fit and slim body, show off your long legs & slender figure wearing short tight dresses.

Skirts for Rectangular shape body

Add femininity and dimension to your look with spaghetti straps.

Knee length skirts looks nice on this shape also go for full skirts, waist belted clothes that provide detailing around your bust and hips

Rectangular body shape clothing ideas

Image Source:

Try puff sleeves which give your body type a feminine detailed look.

Brighter colors & bolder prints can add more volume at your bust.

Sleeveless blouses or tops can nicely show off your toned arms.

Wear top that make you look fuller on top with turtle neck or high-neck tops.

You can cover up the unusually skinny wrists with chunky bracelets.

And now for your perfect wedding look, it is necessary to enhance your feminine curves. An A-line lehenga with full flare, a traditional lehenga with lots of pretty pleats or a layered skirt which flares out beautifully at the bottom would be your perfect choice to attend Indian weddings.

Lehenga for Rectangular body shape

Image source:

Tips: Wear saree or lehenga below the navel to emphasize on your sexy, slim waist.

Color Choice:

Preferring light and bright colors makes your body look bigger naturally as they can reflect the light. Dark colors are also great but they will outline your silhouette and give a slimming effect alike the effect created by wearing black.

Here, prints & patterns give different effect. Feel free to wear big and bold print as they create curves to ruler shaped figure. In fact, bold prints and patterns complements rectangle shapes only as there are no curves to break up the silhouette.

Suitable Fabric:

Stretchable fabrics for ex. matte jersey, spandex and cotton skim the body as well as outline the curves, also clingy materials like satin & silk flatter your body. As this shape is all about creating curves, here tighter fabric works better by tricking the eye.

3. HourGlass Shaped Body

Famous face for hour glass shape body

This curvy figure is the most desiring among teenager girls. Majority of females spend their whole life trying to achieve such a curvaceous body. Women with hourglass figures have hips and a bust of the same width and a small, sexy & noticeable waist.

Dressing Tips:

This shapely body allows to wear anything stylish! Just avoid ill fitted clothes because that will make you look baggy instead select anything that just highlights your sexy assets.

Hour glass body shape clothing style

Fitted anarkali style is the best which is tight at the bust and waist, and make sure the flare begins after your waistline to focus on your small waist

Anarkali suit for Hour glass shaped body

Image source:

Try narrow Kurti having specific shape at the waist to highlight your sexy figure.

Kurti-ideas for Hour glass shaped body

Fit and flare kurtis with classic embroidery work well, just avoid bulky pattern kurti that makes you look large.

kurtis or anarkalis with an empire line cut nicely suit this curvy body.

Not so short, not so big, go for Kurtis that just end below the hips.

Show off your assets in a tight bandage dress for your hot look!

Tight dress ideas for Hour glass shaped body

Image source:

Wrap tops and belted tops can nicely define your small waist

Belted top for Hour glass shaped body

Skinny jean is ideal for this figure, and for more style select jeans that are cropped at the ankle.

Curve of your hips just mesmerize your look in high-waisted shorts.

Accentuate your shoulders wearing puff-sleeves tops and jackets.

For wedding look, go for a fishtail or a mermaid-style lehenga as no other would compliment you like that. They are close-fitted upto the knee and flare out till the bottom, putting emphasize on your beautiful, sexy waistline. You can smartly hide your wide shoulders with broader necklines and short sleeves.

Fish cut lehenga for Hour glass shaped body

Image source:

Color Choice:

Here isn’t much to avoid, as anything looks good on your figure with ideal proportions. Try to avoid busier patterns & prints as they add more inches to the bottom half also light colors expand the lower body.

Suitable Fabric:

Fabric that is form-fitting is ideal for this shape of body. Put your sexy natural curves on full display with fabrics like Spandex, matte jersey, leather and cotton. Don’t prefer too heavy fabrics as they would be little overwhelming for this shape. Now if interested, then wear chunky knits and bulky wool with care.

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4. Apple Body Type

Clothing For Your Body Type is Crucial for Your Look. Learn Why!

A woman with an apple shape appears round, particularly around the waist-line. She has a large waistline compared to the hip and bust. Here body is notably thick in the middle, and may have love-handles. The upper figure wideness is highlighted more with slim looking arms & legs. Apple shape body is also known as an oval or diamond shape body. Mostly, Apple-shaped women have slender arms & legs and narrow hips but often it has full bottom, and/or full upper thighs.

Apple body shape comes in different varieties, for ex. if you have curvy hips, you can go for Hourglass, etc. Hereby, you can take benefits of secondary body type with some styling tricks for more options.

Famous Face for Apple-shaped Body: Sonakshi Sinha

Dressing Tips

With heavy center, Apple shape woman has to create the illusion of curves wearing loose fitting dress that highlight bust and butt without focusing on large, round tummy.

Apple shaped body clothing

Great dress cuts for an apple-shaped woman are the empire waist, goddess, A – line, and ball gown styles. Mostly prefer empire waist gown as it sits above the waistline or just below the bust and the rest of the dress flows downward.Being made of light fabric, it moves freely without clinging to any part of the body. Also, A-line full skirt can nicely hide the rounder mid-section, drawing out the vertical lines for that slimming effect as the eye naturally focuses on the length of the dress. To cover your problem area – waist line, opt for loose fitting clothes. And completely NO for short and tight fitted clothes as they make you look bigger.

Kurti style for apple shape body

Wear clothes that highlight your legs and arms like short sleeves, knee-length skirts, etc.

If your arms are well toned, go for sleeveless dress it helps avoid focus on large, round tummy.

No heavy patterns! Just divert attention by wearing silk or loose cotton dresses with simple design.

Select from dark colors and small patterns but don’t try multicoloured attires.

Simple A-line cuts Kurtis without gather and pleats are nice for this shape.

Kurtis for apple shape body

Must go for length, as it helps cut your round ball type body.

Select V-neck pattern kurti for length and just say no to Mandarin collar pattern kurti and Yoke pattern kurti

Black color on top helps you look slimmer

Match your dark-colored kurtis with light colored churidaar to get slimmer look.

Wear dupatta on one shoulder or one side. This can distract eyes from your weighty torso.

Your best option according to your body is Pakistani suit that is on demand. It is similar to Indian Anarkali suits, but looks long and elegant with less flares and a looser fit.

Full length dress with shoulder pads looks well, as it focuses on the shoulders instead of the waistline. If it sounds out-dated, try the smallest shoulder pads. Also, low necklines or V-necks grab attentions at shoulders.

Don’t wear clothes with heavy detailing on the hem as they will draw attention towards your torso.

Totally avoid loose salwars or patialas instead opt for a well fitted churidaars with your kurtis as they draw attention to your slim legs.

For wedding, Anarkali or Sharara style just compliments this shape. You can add more volume to the lehenga also go for softer fabrics like chiffon.

Apple body shape Anarkali

Color choice:

This body type is round from all over, so go for colors that provide a significant slim look. Black is always best for slimming effects, but other options are navy, chocolate brown, forest green, and charcoal gray, which can also nicely flatter the apple shape body. All over color is also highly appealing for this shape.

Don’t be a mass of fabric with too busy prints or patterns, instead select from horizontal stripes to look slimmer, houndstooth, small polka dots for little touch of whimsy, gingham, etc.

Suitable Fabric:

Avoid shiny, too clingy fabrics like satin, spandex, chiffon and rayon as they can stick to and highlight large, round tummy. Here best options in fabrics are Matte jersey, cotton, wool blends and viscose.Save



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