Cream for Skin Lightening – Is it safe?

In this article, we decode the science behind skin lightening and bring you the best skin lightening creams that are beneficial and safe.

It is important to clear the air around skin lightening creams. Though the skin lightening products are around for 100s for years, yet these being racist is the newest thing to hear. The false propaganda of its use is the key culprit behind the discontent.

The fact that skin lightening is only looked upon as reducing the skin color or making it paler is one reason for the dislike. However, the cream does much more. Everybody wants even-toned skin devoid of pigmentation, acne, sun spots, and dark patches. Skin lightening creams help you right there. To grab the right results through skin lightening creams, one must know about the product and use the right one.

What is a Skin lightening cream?

Skin lightening creams are a specific formulation that helps you combat environmental and lifestyle irregularities that show up on your face. The harsh sun can cause pigmentation, sun spots, and dark circles on your face. It is also responsible for crow’s eyes and premature wrinkles.

Sometimes aggressive acne leaves behind scars that become permanent with time, and our skin looks extremely uneven and unhealthy. A skin lightening cream helps reduce all the spots on your face, eradicate the dark patches and even tone your skin.

Skin lightening creams are available for skin types and can vary in texture according to their concentration. You may find some of these as flowy as serums, while a few are concentrated too. Earlier, the harmful chemicals used in skin lightening creams worked as chemical exfoliation, revealing the sensitive skin and causing significant damages. Today the scenario has changed.

Brands are investing time in research and coming up with ingredients providing desired results without irritating the skin. It’s fair to say that modern skin lightening creams are much safer. And they must be since everybody has the right to safe cosmetics.

How does a Skin lightening cream work?

Melanocytes produce a pigment called melanin that determines skin color. If melanin is high, your skin color will be dark, while a lower concentration of melanin makes the skin color paler.

Melanin is also a substance that saves us from the harmful rays of the sun. It absorbs the rays and does not allow it to harm the skin severely. However, excessive contact with the sun may escalate the absorption resulting in sunspots or pigmentation. Dark patches are also the effect of sun exposure and pollution. Even the aging process has a prominent role in scarring the skin cells and creating flaws in the texture.

Skin lightening creams suppress the melanosomes and control the production of melanins. It also provides a gentle exfoliation that helps remove dead cells and gives a natural glow to the skin. The skin lightening creams also have moisturizing properties that help maintain the skin’s elasticity and forbid wrinkles.

What ingredients are effective and safe in a skin-lightening cream?

Skin Whitening Cream

As we stated earlier, skin lightening creams have a reputation for ruining your skin due to a few brands trying to achieve results in less time by using active chemical ingredients that excessively peel the skin and expose it to ultraviolet rays. It creates more harm and can also be the cause of permanent scarring.

However, many skin lightening creams organically bring a change by caring for your skin and healing it from within. To spot these skin lightening creams, one must know the ingredients that are safe on the skin. Here we bring the list of ingredients that help heal your skin.

Natural ingredients in skin lightening creams


Papaya, the magic fruit, contains papain, beta-carotene, enzymes, and various vitamins responsible for skin lightening. Papain can also dissolve inactive protein to lighten and brighten the skin. With regular usage, one can see a substantial difference in lightening sun spots and hyperpigmentation.

Lemon and Orange

Lemon and Orange are both high in Vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant to reduce skin darkness. One can get rid of acne marks, sun damage, tanning, freckles, blackheads, and uneven skin tone through consistent usage. However, it is to be noted that both these ingredients may also be reactive with sunlight and cause potential damage. Hence, opt for a skin lightening cream with the extracts rather than direct application.


Mulberry extracts perform an anti-tyrosine activity that blocks excessive melanin and fights free radicles to even tone your skin. The natural ingredient is also suitable to slow the aging process. Nowadays, you can find mulberry extract in most skin lightening creams as it is incredibly effective and natural.

Kojic Acid

Kojic acid, a by-product of malted rice. It works by dissolving an enzyme that activates melanin production. The ingredient is available in most skin lightening creams. It not only lightens the skin tone but also removes acne marks and hyperpigmentation apart from providing a much-needed glow to your skin.


The leaves of the bearberry plant contain alpha-arbutin. It also works similar to kojic acid by permanently removing the melanin-producing enzyme. It keeps a check on extra melanin and lightens your skin, subsequently removing the acne marks and pigmentation. Alpha-arbutin is one of the most prominent skin lightening agents that delivers exceptional results in no time.

Chemical compositions in skin lightening creams


Niacinamide is an extremely popular skincare ingredient. It is magical in functionality as there is nothing in the skincare arena that Niacinamide cannot do. An antioxidant, pro-vitamin B3, works to regulate sebum, check for excess oil secretion, lightens, brightens the skin tone, fights acne, fades even the toughest scar above all, is gentle to the skin.

Glycolic Acid

There are a few factors, such as exposure to sunlight, that trigger melanin production. Glycolic acid keeps a check on melanin synthesis and removes the melanin pigment soon. Skin lightening creams use glycolic acid as it has exfoliation properties that remove the dead skin and reveal a soft, smooth texture.

Vitamin C

If there is something extremely popular about skin lightening creams, it has to be Vitamin C. It is a no-brainer that this ingredient can work wonders for the skin. It fades away pigmentation, removes acne scars, even tones the skin, and gives a healthy glow. Lots of natural products contain Vitamin C, and it is also a prominent part of most skincare DIYs. However, as Vitamin C is an active acid, skin lightening creams must have a small proportion of the acid; otherwise, it may harm the skin.


Though a popular food supplement, glutathione is yet to prove its prowess as a skin lightening agent. However, when used in combination with ingredients such as Kojic acid, it does escalate the healing time. So, if you use a skin lightening cream with a formulation containing glutathione, it will provide you results quickly.

The best skin lightening creams

Skin Light Cream

Now that you are aware of key ingredients, it will be easier to choose a skin lightening cream. Here are a few of our suggested skin lightening creams to enhance your beauty.

Zeta White Skin lighting combo

Zeta White is a skin lightening combo consisting of face wash, moisturizer, and night cream. It is fortified with the extracts of papaya and lemon, proven for their skin lightening qualities. The skincare range also consists of allantoin, a robust moisturizing agent that shields the skin and provides elasticity. It also removes dead skin and keeps a check on melanin production.

Devoid from sulfates, parabens, and alcohol usage, Zeta White is safe to apply and does not scar your tissue through harmful chemicals. Also, it is vegan and free from animal testing.

Skin White Pro Strength

The skin lightening cream has every ingredient that renders excellent results. Kojic acid, ferulic, Alpha-Arbutin, and Vitamin C that even tones the skin, removes hyperpigmentation, tackles acne spots, and makes your skin a few tones lighter.

The skin white skin lightening and brightening cream contain no parabens, sulfates, or hydroquinone to harm the skin tissues. Also, they hate animal testing as much as you do.

Illuminatural 6i

You can vouch for this skin lightening cream as formulated and promoted by famous cosmetic surgeon Dr. Dave David. The ingredients are specially formulated through plants to illuminate your skin without causing harm. There is a unique composition of Sodium lactate, Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, NiacinamideNiacinamide (vitamin B3), Whitonyl, and Alpha-arbutin can remove freckles, lighten moles and skin blemishes. It can also remove hyperpigmentation and even tone the skin.

The product provides visible results in 4 weeks and can transform your skin in 90 days. Thankfully, the skin lightening creams are not using mercury, steroids, or other harmful toxins to achieve results.


Meladerm skin lightening cream is suitable for those looking for an amalgamation of nature and science in their beauty care products. Multiple elements make Meladerm a trusted cream by skincare specialists. The concoction of Kojic acid, Arbutin, Uva-Ursi, Licorice, and White mulberry extract creates a barrier against sun damage and simultaneously removes hyperpigmentation spots, freckles, etc. Regular usage can also remove stubborn tan marks. The cream shows results in 2 to 3 weeks.

You also do not fear any side effects as the cream is paraben-free and approved by the FDA.

Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Night Moisturizer

The key ingredients in Neutrogena night moisturizer are niacinamide and alkyl benzoate. Both the elements impart healing properties to the skin and work to improve the texture from within. It will not be long before you witness a clear skin that is a couple of shades lighter and exhibits a healthy glow. The cream also has anti-aging properties, and it is formulated to revive your skin when you relax.

Neutrogena is suitable for all skin types and can be equally effective to all genders.


Skin lightening creams are not dangerous or unsafe until the manufacturer decides to lure customers through instant results. Once you know about the ingredients that can aid in the skin lightening process, choosing a safe skin lightening cream becomes a breeze. Equip yourself with adequate knowledge and flip the pack before purchasing to derive the best out of skin lightening creams.


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