Life Changing Fashion Tricks and Hacks For Women

When it’s about fashion then it seems like there is everyone who has tired some or the tips to which they swear by. Though some of them are extremely useful but a majority of them are not that important. And this is where the life changing fashion tricks and hacks for women makes its way that has been derived from the expertise, wisdom and competence of lifestyle experts, fashion designers and of course the professional fashion bloggers. Trust us, with the help of these valuable hacks you will rediscover a newer, beautiful and fashionable you, who is somewhere lost in those endless fashion tips that are either too confusing or too complicated to follow.

1. Organize Your Cloth From Dark to Lighter Colors

best way to organize clothes in your closet

With a organized closet you are going to eye on the colors that you wear which helps you in having a perfect systematic attire throughout the week.


Style Agenda: Formulate a routine for your clothes, accessories and shoes  based on occasions & favorites and then go for

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2. Don’t Wear Your Clothes Immediately After Ironing

never wear clothes immediately after ironing, life hacks to make a life easier

Wearing clothes immediately after ironing them can cause wrinkles on the clothes once again, hence wait for four to five minutes and then wear them,

Style Agenda: Creaseless clothes are highly prioritized in the fashion world

3. Prevent Shedding in Winter Garments by Freezing in Refrigerator

how to stop a sweater from shedding, how to stop wool from shedding

With this hack you can easily reduce the shredding of your winter garments.  Just freeze your sweaters, jackets, gloves and socks for a while and see the magic that it can do to them.

Style Agenda:  Woolen clothes can be stylish but shedding is not hence prevent it by freezing them.

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4. Air Dry Denims for Enhancing Their Lifespan

tips to making jeans long lasting, how to increase denims lifespan

Switch to air drying technique to prevent shrinkage in jeans. Dry them at the outdoors to get best results.

Style Agenda:  Jeans are a prime asset of your wardrobe hence air dry to keep them going.

5. Make Clothes Soft By Draining in Salt Water

make clothes softer with salt, how to make your clothes soft

If your clothes have lost that soft touch then just drain them in a bucket of concentrated salt water for 5 to 6 hours, salt would soften the strands of the fabric and bring back the same old soft feeling.

Style Agenda: Brining back those amazing softness to the clothes can seamlessly amplify any look.

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6. Clean Heeled Shoes With Nail Filer

clear heeled shoes with nail filer, how to take care of your heels

Nail filers can be used for cleaning the exteriors of the shoes that are made from polyutherane.  As filer would gently remove the deposits any sort of dirt, dust and debris allowing you to have clean and tidy shoes.

7. Get Rid of Stuck Zippers With Candle

how to fix a stuck zipper

Just rub wax or candles on the area of the zip which is stuck and then just like magic the zip will start working again.

Style Agenda:Use of candle can transform the productivity of zipper and thus enhance your fashion.

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8. Fix Loose Sunglasses With Clear Nailpolish

tighten your sunglasses with nail polish

Apply the nail polish at the inner joints of the glasses and let it dry, wear the glasses again and vola, it would be just the way you wanted it to be.

Style Agenda:  Time to get those lose sunglasses going with the touch of transparent nail polish.

9. Bring Your Clothes Back to Life With A Spray of Vodka

the best way to freshen up clothes, using vodka to clean clothes

Transfer a little amount of vodka in a  spray bottle and spray them to your clothes. The vodka would absorb the smell, and thus induce a sense of freshness.

Style Agenda: Give your clothes that smell that they need with the use of vodka.

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10. Brush + Acetone to Get Sparkling Jewelry

how to clean jewelry, tips & tricks to change your daily life

Spray a little amount of acetone on your jewelry and brush it with a toothbrush after few minutes you will realize that the deposits have been removed from it which has brought back its lost shine.

Style Agenda:  Going with sparkling jewelry along with the best dress can take your style to the next level.

11. Use Soda Tap On Hangers To Enhance Space

how to double the size of your closet, life hacks

Fix the taps on the hangers and then place another hanger in the hole of the taps. This will provide additional space of the hangers and thus help you in arranging your clothes in a systematic manner.

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12. Hair Straighter To Iron Cuffs & Collar

use a hair straightener as an iron for collar & cuffs, tips & tricks to make life easier

When up for an urgent event get the collar and cuffs perfect by ironing them with a hair straighter. This is a quick fix for reducing the formation of creases on these areas.

13. Fix Loose Zipper With Key Ring

fix loose zipper with key ring, how to keep a zipper up that keeps falling down

Get those lose zippers of jeans working with the use of a coin and key ring, Place the ring inside the zipper and witness the magic that it can create.

14. Seal Gaps Between Buttons With Double-Sided Tape

how to stop shirt buttons popping open, genius life hacks everyone should know

Those visible gaps between formal shirts can make your entire look clumsy. Hence, prevent it by using double sided tape. Place the tape at the gaps of your shirt and then tape it with the exterior portion of the shirt to get a clean look.

15. Remove Makeup Stain With Hairspray

how to remove makeup stains

While wearing a shirt you might get makeup stains on them. Get rid of it with the use of a hair spray and a brush. Spray the hair spray on the shirt and then brush it for a while and within in minutes the stain will disappear.

16. Store Thin Necklace in Straws to Prevent Tangling

how to store necklaces without tangling, life hacks that make life easy

Thin necklaces always get tangled now and then hence to avoid this try storing them in plastic straws, where the necklace will hold its shape and thus remain detangled.

17. Get Rid of Deodorant Stain With Baby Wipes

baby wipes to remove deodorant stains, easy way to remove deodorant stains from clothes

It’s time to bid those deo stains goodbye with the use of simple baby wipes. Just wipe down the stained area of your clothing using it, and that will do the trick.

18. Prevent Falling Off of Buttons With Nail Polish

use nailpolish to keep button from falling off, quick & easy way to prevent falling off of buttons

Save yourself from the misery of clumsy clothing by fixing up those loose buttons of your shirts with nail polish.

19. Use Ice+ Knife to Remove Chewing Gums From Clothes

hack to remove chewing gum, how to remove chewing gum from clothes

You just need to freeze the stubborn chewing gum with ice and then with the help of a butter knife scrape it off from your clothes.

20. Fix Small T-Shirts By Stitching Fabric At The Sides

make a small shirt bigger, smart hacks to make life easier

Love your t-shirt, but it has turned out too tight? Well fix it up by using fabrics of your choice and grab the opportunity to wear your tight shirts once again!

This doesn’t end here! We bring to you a lot more exhilarating tricks and hacks to make you super busy life as smooth as silk in our next article.

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