13 Grown-Up Ways to Wear Dhoti for Men

Reviving the Traditional Avatar of Men: 13 Fashion Blogger Proven Styles to wear Dhoti Perfectly

Trends are to be followed, but creating your own trends needs wits. You get noticed in public if you have the correct sense of showing off. One thing is sure that people get impressed by two facts.

  • Modern outlook carried out in a modern approach.
  • Traditional outlook presented in a modern manner.

Ways to wear dhoti for men

Gone are the days when people used to like only modern clothes like Jeans and Trousers. It is truly said, whatever goes around, comes around. Now we are back in an era where people have again started showing an inclination towards something that we used to do earlier. Same goes with clothes too. Bell bottoms were worn in the time we call retro, and the same is being followed again, with the latest trends. Same is the case with Dhotis.

Dhotis are the men’s traditional garment which is not seen very often, but yet looks smart and differentiates a person from the crowd. There are many ways that a Dhoti can be worn to make it look its best.

13 Trendy Ways to Wear Dhoti for Men


1. Dhoti with Tuxedo

Dhoti with TuxedoTuxedos are always in trend but people are little rebellious about Dhotis. But why are people so anti-dhoti? This might be because people follow trends and you generally don’t witness people in Dhotis. But, trust the fact, that once you wear a Dhoti with a Tuxedo, people will love the style you are carrying and it makes you get differentiated amongst the crowd.


2. Dhoti with Suit

Dhoti with SuitIt has been followed by the crowd that they wear suits and they look decent and good. But, how about wearing a Dhoti Suit? You may find it a little weird but gone are the days when Dhoti used to make you look dull and old. Dhoti is the new kool these days and apart from making a style statement, it is an eco-friendly garment.


3. Dhoti with Tee and Cardigan

Dhoti with Tee and CardiganThe best way to look stylish is to break the rules followed by all. After all, innovation is a thing that becomes a trend later on. Why not try a Dhoti paired up with a tee and a Cardigan to give you a completely different, yet stylish outlook. Make your own style statement.


4. Dhoti with Denim Shirt

Dhoti with Denim ShirtDenim Shirts are a true love to all. But, the sad part is that they are also worn by all. So, what difference does it make to you? It does, if you pair it up with a Dhoti. There might be a possibility that people may look at you amazingly and blatantly. But, ultimately, everyone will realize that unleashing the true fashion trends is a must for all and you look “best one out there” and not “odd one out”.

5. Dhoti with a Blazer and a Bow Tie

Dhoti with a Blazer and a Bow TieGet those gentlemen looks by wearing a blazer and a Bow Tie. But, Dhoti is a garment that depicts rich cultural heritage. It should not be neglected. When you pair it up with a Blazer and a Tie, it shows that you know the trends and you value the traditional history the garment represents.

6. Dhoti with Kurta and a Nehru Jacket

Dhoti with Kurta and a Nehru JacketDhoti Kurta has no paradox of Orthodox thinking. It is still loved by all and people wear it very often and look trendy. But, to make things little twist, why not add a Nehru Jacket along? Well, it will give your attire an amazing look along with the best combination. You will completely fall for this.

7. Dhoti with Coat and a Shirt

Dhoti with Coat and a ShirtA wedding is on its way and you are still looking to buy a suit and follow the monotonous trend that none values anymore? Come on, you should be in the glory and should always look your best in the best possible manner. Pair up a Dhoti along with a Coat and a Shirt and ditch the monotonous and boring trends that are followed.

8. Dhoti with Jodhpuri Jacket

Dhoti with Jodhpuri JacketSince Dhoti is a traditional outfit, it is best paired with tradition clothes only so as to reveal its real essence. The combination makes you look elegant, royal and you get your own style statement. You look stunning and everyone gets you more than a glimpse, because you look classy.

9. Dhoti with Blazer and Cap

Dhoti with Blazer and CapTo be more experimental, yet imaginative, wear a Dhoti with Blazer and a Cap. You will look like an evolutionary man who has a great sense of fashion.

10. Dhoti with Jacket and Scarf

Dhoti with Jacket and ScarfTraditional wear always looks good. Imagine a girl in Saree and you won’t find the best outfit for a woman other than a Saree. She looks feminine and beautiful when she wears a Saree. Same goes for men also. They also look great when they wear a Dhoti. The only thing that matters is “right pairing up”. When you pair it up with Jacket and Scarf, you are following the traditional trends, but in a modern manner. You will become the epitome of traditional fashion. Never lose that swag.

11. Dhoti with Long Jacket

Dhoti with Long JacketLong Jackets have always been trendy and they make you look blatantly dashing and stunning. To add more value to it, you can pair it up with a Dhoti. You will look better in a new avatar that speaks just about you. You don’t have to talk, your style statement does it for you.

12. Dhoti with Turban

Dhoti with TurbanTurbans are a symbol of tranquility and serenity. They are traditional and when you wear turban, you look like worshipping the culture you belong to. A Dhoti paired up with a turban and a light material Kurta distinguishes you from the crowd. Try some decent colors that suit on you.

13. Dhoti with Sheer Shirt and Head Wrap

Dhoti with Sheer Shirt and Head WrapClothes are the same. The only difference that it makes is the way they are worn. You can wear a Dhoti with a sheer Shirt with some of the buttons open. Also, when you add a head wrap to your attire, it completely transforms you. To get yourself a better outlook, accessorize them with some accessories.

There is always a peace in following the cultural trends. This super comfortable garment looks great. Gone are the days when dhotis were a piece of garment worn by only pundits. When you adorn yourself with a Dhoti, everyone gets a gaze of yours. Try your best outfits with this traditional bottom. Being trendy needs your wits and a person can only look stylish if that person never hesitates to try something new. After all, being trendy is all about trying new outfits and carry them with full confidence.

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