Incredible Fashion Jewelries that may surprise you

A good outfit is incomplete without proper accessories. Rightly accessorized look makes you look not only chic and pep but it also changes the whole style and look of your day.

From funky cool looks to hot chic styles, accessories can bring out the right aura. Have a look at some incredible fashion jewelries that make heads turn and will definitely put questions as to where you dug them from!!!

Let’s have a look at some of the rarest picks we found for you.


1. Animal Jewellery

The animal lovers would find a treasure for sure!!

Elephant Rings

Go bold with the black metal and silver elephant rings. Rarest of their kinds, we bet you would have never seen such awesome designs.

creative elephant ring

elephant ring

diamond elephant ring

oxodized elephant ring

cute sterling silver elephant ring

Rabbit Ring

This piece of brown rabbit ring is just so adorable. Pick it up on a casual day and just look super cute!!!

diamond rabbit ring cute locket rabit ring animal farm rabbit ring adorable rabbit ring

Buy Animal inspired Jewelleries

2. Go Green Jewellery

Go green with the eco friendly intricate pendant designs.

The pendants and earrings are very delicate and small, perfect for daily wear!!

pink rose bracelet

eco friendly pendant


pink leaf earrings

3. Zodiac Jewellery          

If you love zodiacs, flaunt yours with these cool zodiac necklaces and pendants.

libra zodiac earrings

scorpio zodiac bracelet

zodiac bracelet

zodiac ring


chic zodiac earrings

zodiac signs wrist watch

4. Gemstone/Crystal Jewellery

Stones and crystals are evergreen. They might be expensive but sure, they do guarantee style and fashion sense!!

Handmade Stone Jewellery

The turquoise copper wire pendant has a charm of its own. Flaunt your style with a pair of rugged jeans and boots and just create magic.

wired wrap stone pendant

wire wrap stone pendant

stone bracelet

handmade stone ring

antiqued copper serpentine earrings

Drizzy Crystal Cigar Ring

Make a style statement with this beautiful cigar ring. This gold plated crystal ring is more than enough to make heads turn to your beautiful hands.

drizzy crystal cigar ring

Turkish Black Stone Thumb Ring

This just gave us the new hippie look that just looks sensational. Colourful and exceptional, the silver ring with colored stones is just exotic.

Wear it with a Pakistani suit or an evening gown and look stunning.

black stone vintage ring golden black egyptian diamante shard ring silver plated black agate ring sterling silver black gemstone ring

Sharde Crystal Ring

Out of the box and completely new to the fashion world, we found this adorable verde effected crystal ring that just looks stunning.

crystal diamond dome ring

crystal ring

white crystal ring

Brown Gemstone Ring

Go for a date or a cocktail party with this handmade Tiger eye stone ring. We loved the fusion of black and copper. It’s definitely one of its kind and hard to find.

vintage yellow brown stone ring

brown gemstone ring

brown stone ring

Stone Tree of Life Jewellery

Get mesmerized by this beautiful Tree of life stone jewellery. The intricate work is so ethereal that one just cannot get their eyes off this beautiful article.

tree of life green earrings

tree of life wire wrapped pendant

tree of life purple pendant

tree of life bracelet

tree of life wire pendant

5. Seaside Jewellery

Beach Jewellery

This miniature beach jewellery is so charming that we have to put it in a must have list. It’s so light and exquisite that you just fall in love with the beautiful two piece jewellery.

beach in a bubble filigree ring

beach necklace

real seashell beach necklace

real starfish beach necklace

Intricate Seaglass Jewellery

This beautiful beach jewellery collection is one of its kind. Light weight, neon coloured and with exquisite variety, we just loved this junk jewellery concept.

6. Initials Jewellery

Rose-gold plated Initial Jewellery

The rose gold colour looks lovely and the initials are so beautifully carved. I think all of you beautiful ladies must possess one of these.

expandable wire bangle bracelet flourish monogram earrings initial letter bangle bracelet gold feather necklace circle monogram earrings

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