What to wear for First impression in an interview for Men & Women?

First impressions are the most lasting, projecting a powerful image in the first few seconds can do wonders during your interview. So how do you make your image powerful for the interview?

what to wear in an interview, what to wear to a job interview

According to Forbes (2013), individuals who dress inappropriately or too informal are assumed to have a very ‘casual’ approach towards work and authority. It can also give an image of having a lack of concern about business etiquette.

According to experts, 70% of hiring managers have rejected candidates as they were too fashionable, so it is important to wear according to the industry.

In fact, 59% of the HR recruiters recommend the candidates to spend their time and money on looking presentable also the dressing too casually has the highest percent of dress code violation and next factor that breaches the interviewer is showing skin. Even showing tattoo, unshaven look, excessive accessories can turn off the interviewer.

So to solve all your interview questions of what to wear to what shade of outfit to pick, we are going to share everything that can make you look undaunted for the interview panel. Read about our ideas and get inspired.

Interview Dress Code for Men

Listed below are 8 useful tips for you to look presentable and perfect for your interview.

1. Say Yes to Crispy White Shirt

Nothing can be perfect and safer than a white button down, straight collar, tucked in shirt for an interview. You would look organized and within few seconds generate a good impression.

Tip: An unironed shirt is a big no-no, so make sure you press your shirt a day before the interview. Pick a full-length dress shirt to the short sleeve and never roll up the sleeves.


2. Pick Dark Hued Trousers

Along with the white or lighter shade dress shirts, it is advisable to opt for dark shade formal trousers such as navy blue, black or so. Make sure you wear proper-fitting trousers in which you are comfortable. Totally avoid slim-fit, narrow trousers, jeans, chinos, cargos or any other style of pants that would give an informal look.

Tip: Go for a full break formal trousers as you don’t want to show your socks like MJ.

3. Suit it Up Perfectly

There is often a confusion on whether to wear the suit or not? If you are applying for management positions or if you are an MBA grad then it is best to suit it up- a two piece suit would look posh and professional.

Here’re some general rules to pick the perfect Interview Suit:

job interview suit color
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Tip: Don’t match your shoes with your suit, rather you can match shoes with your belt and bring a sophisticated look. Choose brown shoes, brown belt and match with a navy blue suit.

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4. Immaculate Shoes & Socks:

Good shoes take you to good places. Hence, if you want to go to good places (in your career) then complete your outfit with a speckless, polished, black lace up shoes. If you wish, you can even choose brown shoes, however we recommend black! Moving on to the socks, avoid wearing white socks as they give a sporty look. Your sock length must be such that you don’t flash your skin.

Find out how formal a certain pair of shoes are by using this infographic:

men dress shoe formality calculator, what should i wear to a job interview
Image Credit: Cloggs

Tip: Make sure you match the shade of your formal trousers with your socks.

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5. Gentleman etiquette

We suggest you to always have your handkerchief handy (we know it’s old fashion but it shows the gentleman side of you). And do carry a decent pen with you. Our other recommended ideas for a presentable look would be to wear a classy watch, not the most expensive one or the sporty one.

6. Shave or Stubble?

If you are in second thoughts to shave the manly beard of yours, then boys please drop the idea of not shaving. It would look pleasing and decent to have a clean shaven look.

shave or stubble

7. Hair Style

Love your hippie haircut? But is it dearer than a lucrative job? We guess no, hence guys, short and tidy haircut rather than hip and happening hairstyle would look impressive.

hair style during interview, interview dress code for male

8. Minimal Accessories

Always less is more, especially when you are going for an interview. So, refrain yourself from wearing any jewelry, unless it is your wedding ring (a practice of West, which we have adapted). If you are wearing ear studs, chains it would be wise to remove them for the interview.

Interview Dress Code for Women

When it comes to clothing, women have a plethora of choices. From western wear to Indian wear women are spoilt with choices. However as it’s your interview and not fashion time, we recommend these looks the interview.

Indian Ethnic Dress Code for Interview

1. Salwar Suit/Kurti

The most versatile ethnic wear is the safest bet for your interview. But as salwar suits come in umpteen styles you can get doubtful on what to pick.

  • Cotton, khaki fabrics would look sober and elegant, avoid body fit salwar suits.
  • Don’t ever pick any flimsy or transparent salwar suit
  • Instead of salwar you can pick churidar or leggings.
  • Make sure the neckline is conservative- a Chinese collar neckline is most preferred neckline for the interview.
  • Avoid Anarkali suit, jacket style suit and prefer straight cut salwar suit with dupatta.
  • Never pick anything that is flashy or bold. A handloom salwar suit would look appealing for the interview.
  • If you are styling your outfit with dupatta then avoid wearing dupatta with beads, shells, coins.
  • Never wipe your face wit dupatta, it looks tacky and pin your dupatta so that it doesn’t fall off.

2. Kurti and Leggings

While wearing this style of outfit, it is important not to look casual for the interview.

  • Pick a good quality leggings that are form fit and opaque. Opt for shades like black, red, green.
  • When it comes to kurti, knee length kurti will be perfect, never opt for below mid thigh length as it would bring casual look.
  • Pick straight cut kurti and stay away from Anarkali style kurti. Also, the side cut on the kurti shouldn’t flash skin, and nor should the kurti be transparent or sleeveless.
  • It would be ideal to choose block print, lucknowi kurta in pure silk, cotton with cigarette pants, trousers. it brings a subtle as well as chic and professional.

3. Saree

Many professions demand candidates to wear saree for their interview, so we bring you the do’s and don’s with your interview saree.

  • Handloom sarees, Bengal cotton, would be the best fabric to choose for an interview.
  • Always pleat your saree neatly and never try new styles of draping.
  • Don’t try any fancy sarees, and if you are wearing for the first time, do pin your saree well from all the sides.
  • While draping your saree, always wear the shoes you would wear with it as you don’t want to show your in-skirt.

Perfect Western outfits for Interview

3. Skirts

Another most professional looking outfit for an interview is the classy skirts. But there are important aspects to look for before buying a skirt for an interview.

  • A knee length pencil skirt would look feminine and decent.
  • Do sit and walk in the skirt before wearing it for the interview. You don’t want a cramped skirt in which you can’t even walk or sit.
  • Opt for pastel shades and match with a lighter hued blouse or a crisp button-down shirt.
  • You could even complete the look with a matching shade suit and professional heels.
  • During the winters, team your skirt with stockings (avoid fancy stockings)

4. Pant Suit

This is the most recommended look for the MBA grads or upper corporate sector level interviews. You can pick a matching shade suit and pant with white or ivory shade button down shirt. Avoid patterned, stripes suit and prefer solid shade suit such as black, navy blue.

Rules to choose the right Paint Suit for your Interview:

what to wear to an interview, what to wear for an interview female

Tip: The length of your pants must be just above the heels or the sole of the shoe.

pant suit, interview dress for female

5. Shoes

Your heels must be no more than 3 inches in height. Invest in a good brand heels as you don’t want to make noise when you are walking. If you are comfortable with heels, you can even wear flats or sandals. Don’t pick any fancy, ornate heels and go for nude or black hued heels or shoes.

Here’s a visual guide for you showing what shoes you should wear and what not to Work:

visual guide for shoes to wear at work or not

6. Accessories

As we have already shared less is more, so don’t overdo with your jewelry. A simple chain and bracelet would blend with all your outfits. Also don’t wear too many bangles, rings that would turn noisy and put off the interview.

7. Hair Length and Style

Ponytails and buns are the must have for the interviews. Keep your hair away from your face, if you want, you can apply oil, but don’t make it look sticky and unpleasing. Don’t wear any fancy clips or pins that would attract attention. Let the hairstyle be formal and neat.


8. Makeup

Avoid your red lipstick or smokey eyes while going for an interview. Loud makeup is strict no-no. Instead, go for natural makeup with light kohl in the eyes and neutral shade lipstick.

natural makeup

9. Perfume

Let your perfume be soft and subtle so that wouldn’t foul the mood of the interviewer.

What colors to pick for Successful Interview?

According to experts, navy blue is the best color to pick for a job interview as it radiates a confident look. However colors that will formulate an influential mark during your interview:

  1. White shows you are organized and have an eye for detail.
  2. Gray and blue shades are the safest choice as gray shows logic and analytical
  3. The color black shows leadership, so wear for management positions
  4. Purple and yellow are just made for the creative fields as purple shows your artistic side, and yellow shows your optimism.

What colors to avoid to make your interview Successful?

Avoid shades of red, orange and neon. Red shows authoritative, but not in a good way it can show you as a rebellious and aggressive person. However, if you are a law student, you can wear it to law firms.

Rules that would elevate your interview look:


  1. Always wear full sleeve, crisp shirts in pastel shades that give a conservative look.
  2. Avoid trendy, attractive shirts, tee and shorts which that bring a casual look.
  3. Choose a form fit suit and don’t close all the buttons of your suit.
  4. Ties are optional, but if you are wearing a tie, it above your belt and choose classic colors.
  5. Don’t show your underpants nor pick low waist trousers.


  1. Avoid wearing one piece for the interview.
  2. You should wear matching shade blazer and pencil skirt.
  3. Don’t wear ankle length pants they bring a casual look.
  4. Wear neutral shade lingerie, and never show cleavage, panty lines.
  5. Choose 1-2 inches leather heels that match with your outfit, avoid neon shades heels.
  6. Avoid nail art and have a proper manicure done and wear minimal accessories.

Dress Codes for Different Industry Interviews

1. Corporate Industry

Men: It would be ideal to wear a two piece suit with wrinkle free shirt and spotless shoes.

Women: You can pick pencil skirt, blouse, and blazer with minimal accessories and makeup. This will bring a positive and confident outlook.

2. Creative Industry

So if you have an interview with PR agencies, advertising firms, fashion magazines then let your dress talk about your creativity.

Men can choose a semi-casual outfit, such as trousers with a semi-casual shirt, make sure you avoid anything that has frizzy patterns.

Whereas girls can pick a stylish shirt and trousers or kurta with cigarette pants, but make sure you don’t go overboard or loud.

3. Startup Industry

Look fresh and creative for a startup company interview. Men and women can style in casual outfits that look smart and happening.

Men can wear casual pants with rolled up sleeve shirt and women can pick T-shirt with skirts, trousers.

Hope we helped you in what to choose for your interview.






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