57 Infographics that will make a Man Fashion Expert


When it comes to styling men, it’s not that easy a deal. We bet many of you out there did not know there’s a guide to almost anything and everything, right from your shirt buttons to the crease of the pants!!

We save you the horror and bring out the best infrographics guides to style up and look like a man with the right outfit.. After all, You cannot be left behind!!


1. Going casual with rolled sleeves? Here’s how to do that exceptionally well.

how to roll sleeves, infopraphic of how to roll sleeves

2. Visual guide to know the basic features of a suit. You must know these before you land up in a conversation with your designer.

suit-features, features of a suit guide

3. There is a suit for every occasion, season and time of the day. Choose wisely.

perfectly-suited, men's style hacks

When buying a suit, follow this visual that guides for the perfect pattern and suit according to the occasion.

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4. Suits can misfit from a lot of places. Check on the guide to know if the suit is too small, too loose or just right for you.

original, a guide to getting the perfect fit for your suit

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5. While wearing a suit, take heed of these style mantras to look perfect.

mens-suit-guide1, gentleman's guide to wearing a suit

6. A Suit is what makes you look like a Gentleman.

suit with ties color

Choose the right suit and accessories with the right tie. Have a look at the given combos.

7. Here’s a guide to the perfect waistcoat fit underneath your suit. Choose wisely and take the one that fits you best.

vest-style-guide, infographics of ultimate guide to the vest

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8. Follow these simple rules and hacks to tuck in your shirt perfectly.

how to tuck in a shirt perfectly, perfect guide to tuck in a shirt

9. This saviour guide gives facts about basic shirt details- the cuffs and collar types.
cuff-collar-types, men's shirt collar styles

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10. Avoid messy looks with loose fit shirts.

how a shirt should fit, shirt fit guide

You must know how a well-fit shirt looks and fits like.

11. A well-tied tie makes a Man ‘ a Man’- Try Different types of Tie-knots.

different types of tie knots

Break the monotony by trying on different knots each time you step out.

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12. Match the tie with your suit very carefully. Mismatches can be disasters.

shirts-tie-combinations, shirt and tie infographic

Checks, Stripes, Plains- there are proper rules to team them up.

13. Pick up the right tie for the right occasion- Formal, Prom Night or Workplace.

tie-selection-guide, how to pick the right tie for any occasion

14. Follow this visual when choosing the right fabric, pattern and color for your tie.
neck tie tips

These basic rules save you from committing common fashion blunders.

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15. Pick one of these elegant and classy styles of folding a Pocket square.

pocket-sqare, complete guide on how to fold a pocket square

16. Know the right Scarfs for right season, go for different drape styles as per your look.

how to tie different ties, how to tie a scarf around your neck

There are various scarf drapes, learn the easy and simple ones.

17. Always wear a well-fit outfit. Follow these simple rules to look spic and span.

fashion fit guide, men’s fashion in one infographicRecommended Read: Why Khaki Pant is essential for Men’s Capsule Wardrobe?

18. The right fabric brings out the right look in your shirt.

shirt fabrics, infographic of different fabrics used for shirts

Take a look at various fabrics that are available for shirts.

19. Look the best in your outfit with pep and smart combos

dress to impress, a guide to men's fashion

Experiment with your wardrobe to make an impression.

20. If you wear cufflinks in formal outfits then here’s a visual to the beautiful cufflinks you might get in the market!!! Expect one of these…


21. Have your favourite Blue Suit? Make sure what to choose and what not to pick!

blue suit, what to wear with a navy blue suit

22. Buying a Tux? It should be either black or blue!!! Know the basic do’s and dont’s when buying one Tuxedo

tuxedo rules, a guide to break all the black tie rules

23. This perfect guide to suspenders tells you all about their Styles, Materials and types of attachments.

suspenders, how to wear button suspenders

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24. If you love to fold pocket square in your suit but don’t know styles then this chart gives full idea on how to fold a pocket square.

how to fold a pocket square, square fold handkerchief25. A shoe for every suit- A guide to choose Shoes according to the suit you wear.

matching suits and shoes

Keep a check on which shades to go with which suit.

26. Take a look at the different shirt collars available for you. Pick the one that suits you or makes you fall for it!!

collar-chart, guide to men's shirt collars, shirt collar styles

27. There is a collar for every face. Browse the given guide to choose the perfect collar as per your face shape.

collar-face, a guide to men's shirt collar styles according to face shape

28. Have a look at some quick and easy color combination for your Trousers, Shirts and Shoes.

color-combinations1, a guide to quick and easy color combinations

Some shades are just incompatible. So just know the basic combos.

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29. Choose the right shoes for the right occasion


You must know different types of shoes, socks and how they must fit before selecting one.

30. Love wearing Tees? Well, here’s a classic style lesson to use them for any occasion!!

t-shirt style guide

Who says that t-shirts are too casual? Try them with the right stuff!

31. There are plenty ways to tie your laces!! You may try one of these.

shoe-lacing-methods, different ways to tie shoes knot
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32. This Jeans fit guide and their types helps you find the perfect piece to flaunt your style.

Men's jeans fitting guide, how to know jeans fit properly

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33. If you are a fan of Hats, Gentlemen, Here’s a guide to the Hat of your Dreams.

men hats styles, different styles of hats
34. If you know the Hat dictionary too well, Style up with these perfect combos!!

hat types and style guide, fashion infographics

35. When buying a belt, one must check on styles, colors and skins available in the market.

mens-belt-guide, the complete guide to men's belts
Know the Do’s and Dont’s when picking a belt with your outfit.

36. Look your best in the winter season. Flaunt styles with this dictionary to various  sweaters and neck styles.

mens-sweater-style, how to wear different types of sweaters

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37. No need to worry for sudden trip packing!! Here is your list of things for an instant travel bag.

packing, complete men's packing guide

These will just save your time and make packing easy and fun.

38. Fold your t-shirts instantly to keep them wrinkle free by following these simple steps.

shirt-folding, easy way to fold a shirt

39. Avoid ruining your shirts by ironing them the right way.

ironng, the correct way to iron a dress shirt

40. Always choose eyeglasses that suit your face shape. Frames that mismatch your face contours would make you give completely wrong signals.

eyeglasses, what eyewear frames match your face shape, the best eyeglasses for your face shape

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41. Choose your sunglasses on the footsteps to these basic rules to find the pair that is perfect for your face.sunglasses, find the right sunglasses according to face shape

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42. Wearing a Tuxedo? Love a Bow-tie? Here’s a guide to learn tying different ones. We bet you never knew these basic bow-tie facts.

bow-tie, ultimate guide to tie bow tie

43. A combination makes or breaks your day! This chart for Ties and Pocket square combination in terms of colour and pattern is must needed for every formal lover.

tie and pocket square combination rules, ties and pocket squares cheat sheet

44. Pant Shirt Matching Guide for Men’s Formal and Casual Look

Men's Shirt Trouser Combination Guide Infographics

45. Not all tees are perfect for you. Here are the four most important criteria to choose your perfect Tee.
men tees

We love you hear your feedback. Please comment your opinion just below.

46. A ring is not just an accessory – it signals about your personality! Here’s a visual guide featuring 5 essential rules that every man should know about wearing rings.

ring wearing rules

47. Hereafter, wear only those jeans that suits best your body type!

jeans for your body type

48. Did you know the way you tie your shoes lace can have a big impact on your feet? Yes, that’s a fact! Not all feet are same and wrong lacing technique can result in discomfort and pain. Here’s a guide on different lacing methods for different foot types. So, choose your right way and experience a new kind of comfort.

ways to lace up your running shoes

49. Wearing right socks colour is also important for perfect look. Follow this too easy guideline to match right color of socks with your outfits.


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50. The art of dressing like a dapper man is not that tough! Here’s a pictorial guide on how to wear your jeans with boots the right way.

how to wear jeans wioth boots

51. Head wraps can come in handy in much more exciting ways than you can imagine. From scarf to a cap and a mask, you can wear head wrap as anything you want.

ways to wear headwraps

52. Easy Ways to fold a suit jacket, sport jacket, or blazer jacket for travel.

ways to fold your suit jacket

53. Everyone loves sunglasses, but only a few know about the product itself. So, here’s an infographic showing everything that you need to know about Sunglasses.

Guide To Sunglasses Infographic

54. Now, no more wondering what to do with the leftover part of a belt! Here are four exciting ways to style excess belt band length.

How To Style Extra Belt Length

55. Are you really tired to wear Polo t-shirt with jeans only? Here are the way that make you love Polos more

5 way to wear a polo

56. The next time you wear a tie, please make sure that it suits your collar style.

57. Don’t know which suit to wear when and with which shoes? This Men suit and shoes colour combination guide chart will be the solution.

Don’t know which suit to wear when and with which shoes?

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