8 Monsoon Essentials That Every Woman Should Buy

Hey pretty girls, are you all enjoying the rains across the country? Hasn’t it brought a relief from the blazing summer? Before the rains overshadow the summers, it is best to start shopping for the monsoon essentials right away.


Undoubtedly Indian monsoon brings the earthy scent, showers of happiness but slowly the drizzling rains turns unpleasing with mud puddles, bad hair day, drenched footwear. We are sure this is the last thing you want on a beautiful rainy day, but with so many hurdles it is really difficult to look chic for the day. But there are many of your favorite stars who show us how to look rocking on a rainy day. So girls it is time to revamp your wardrobe and bring a style which will make you an inspiration for others. Along with fashionable monsoon essential outfit, we even share with your other essentials that would take the rainy day fashion to the next level.


Take a look upon our 8 must have monsoon essentials and be ready to pep up the rainy season.

1. Trendy Printed Umbrella

If you want to save yourself from sopping hair and drenched clothes, then an umbrella is a must have. But forget the plain black umbrella and pick an umbrella that will add a pop of color to your ensemble.

2. Monsoon Footwear

Save your high heels for the summers, it is time to take out your funky flip flops for the casual look and for a formal look pick acetate sandal that wouldn’t make you fall in the puddle. Apart from flip flops and sandals you can even look for durable, open toe Crocs which are the best for the monsoon.

3. Rainwear

Girls don’t hide in a boring rainwear, the fashion market is flooded with stylish rainwear with vibrant colors, unique designs which are sure to make you head turner.

4. Shorts

If you don’t want the feeling of damp fabric against your skin, then continue wearing your cute summer shorts for the rainy season. Team your cute printed shorts with basic Tee, boots and you are good to go.

5. Water-Resistant Watch

A classy timepiece is all that you want to complete the look of your outfit, thus we suggest you invest in a waterproof watch. You don’t have to worry about damaging your watches in the rain and you can even stay trendy with your uber-cool water-resistant watches.

6. Waterproof Handbag

Treasure your leather bags for other seasons, for rains we suggest you to pick a waterproof handbag which would stash all your essentials safely as well as bring a vibrant look.

7. Waterproof Mobile Covers

waterproof mobile covers

You definitely don’t want the rains to spoil your phone, that is why we suggest you to invest in a handy waterproof mobile cover. You can check online stores for swanky, genuine mobile covers and get two-three covers for your sleek, stylish mobile.

8. Waterproof Makeup

waterproof makeup

If you don’t want to look like a raccoon or pandas, then it would be ideal to buy waterproof makeup for the monsoon. Waterproof Kajal, mascara are the must have for the rains, also do carry face wipes to save yourself from melting makeup.

We have shared a list of monsoon essentials that you can buy from our site right away, if you have more essentials in your mind then do share with us in the comments below.

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