Definitive guide to flaunt bags according to your body type

Are you a bag lover and end up buying almost every bag you fall in love with? Well, not every bag is meant for you and you need to be clear and sure as to which bag has been designed specially for a body like yours.

Bags being one of the most flattering style statements must be chosen so that they accentuate your curves and bring out the best in what you are trying to prove. There are some factors you must know before choosing the right one for you. We here have penned down some simple subtle rules for you to check through when you are out for buying one:

Rule#1 Take attention off those curves

best rectangular bags with long handles, perfect bag for apple body shape womenIf you are a heavy busted woman, you definitely want to take attention off that. Going for a heavy short bag around your shoulders will not do the trick.

Go for long rectangular bags with long handles. Try to choose sling bags or satchels with long slings. These will make up for you.

On the other hand, if you’re petite or flat chested, you should go for curvy bags with shorter handles that clung next to your chest.

Take a glimpse of how Sonakshi Sinha is mostly seen with sling bags.


Rule#2 The opposites attract!!

how to select perfect bags for tall women, best bags for taller girlWhen it comes to selecting the right bag for yourself, this basic law applies. If you are tall and slim, go for a bag that is baggy and spacious. Go for short bags and avoid tall and long ones.

Shoulder bags, clutches and simple wallets are best for you. If you are quite tall, choose bags with short handles.

If your are petite and short, go for Totes. These rectangular bags will take attention off your weight and going for baggy ones will definitely make you look worse.

Victoria always chooses to go for basket bags or wide handbags going completely opposite to her slim and tender contours. This gives both Victoria and her beautiful asset the attention they deserve.

Rule#3 Hide those large Hips

best bags for pear shape women, right bags for pear body typeFor heavy bottomed women, or women with an ‘Apple or Pear’ shaped body, bags with short handles that clung under your shoulders are good options. You can also hold the bag in your hands or hang it on your wrist to enhance visibility. Sling bags or side bags are the worst option as they bring attention to your hips.

Kim Kardashian gives us a perfect example of how to carry a bag the right way.

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Rule#4 The perfect boon for Plus Size

perfect bags for apple body shape or plus size women

You should keep away from bags that are too small as they would look insignificant. Choose the ones that are of a reasonable size and proportionate with your body.

The same way if you are too petite, do not go for an oversized bag as it will hide you and grab all your attention.

Have a look at Vidya who chooses the perfect size and style accentuating her curves.

Go For these basic tips when choosing your bag:

Don’t buy that Expensive Bag

If you are splurging on a beautiful expensive bag try to do that on a piece that you are too sure to use frequently. There is no point buying a bag that will be sitting idly in your wardrobe for a lot of time.

Bags with a lot of Styles

stylish bag with zippers, how to select stylist bag

If you found a bag with a lot of zippers and style embellishments, be very sure to pick this one with a perfect outfit. If you want due attention on the bag, the outfit should be very simple and subtle. If both the outfit and the bag dazzle, it will be a chaos.

Choose the right Colours

select colours of bags according to your body shape and dressesNo matter how much the neons are in fashion, they won’t look perfect if you’re not meant to carry the colour.

Choose colours very cautiously and make sure they compliment your complexion. Dark complexioned women must choose simple hues like beige and lilacs. They can go for pastels as well. But they should avoid bright colours so that they do not grab undue attention.

On the other hand, fair women may go for neons and bright colours. Also, avoid very bright colours on sunny days and choose them for cold chilly days.

Perfect bag for Perfect Occasion

best occasion bag, perfect tote bag for casual outing

Do not be the joke of an occasion by carrying a bag that looks completely out of place. Choosing the right bag for the right occasion is very important. You should go for clutches, wristlets and minaudiere for a wedding or a party. A big spacious bag would look clumsy.

If you are going for a casual outing or shopping, you may choose a tote bag or a good handbag. To keep your hands free during travel, take a nice sling bag or a satchel.

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