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No matter how advanced fashion evolves, retro look is something that springs up and becomes the trend of the season. Just like the film Rustom starring Akshay Kumar, Ileana D’cruz, Esha Gupta,  who are powerful not only in their character but even from their looks. As the movie is the 50s, it tickles many fashionistas to try the spectacular retro look which is classy, stylish and panache. The film showcases retro fashion as an old wine ina new bottle!

Rustom Retro Look

Pastel shades are the talk of the town and Ileana’s dresses, saris are inclined towards the pastel shades with polka dots, bows, off the shoulder tops which were a massive hit in the past, while Ayesha Kapoor’s outfit and style have an uber glamorous look that will make you want more out of it. Without further delay let’s get started with the retro fashion look of Rustom and we bet you would fall head over heels with the retro look.


1. The Iconic Off Shoulder Dress

the iconic off shoulder black dress, akshay & ileana d'cruz in rustom

We all just can’t come out from the hangover of the off shoulder dress that has been a dress of the past. Look how Ileana looks a classic beauty in the off shoulder dress with the retro hairstyle.

2. Breathtaking Peplum Top

esha gupta breathtaking peplum top, esha gupta in rustom
Another hit fashion of the 50s was the peplum top and look at the oomph factor that Esha brings in this plunging neck peplum top. What elevates the look is her matching pencil skirt (another trend of the 50s) and the lavish jewels.

3. The Craze of Vibrant Shades

ileana and akshay in retro swimsuit

Look at Illena just look at her! Does she look like a Barbie doll in the halter neck swimsuit? The fusion of candy pink and cyan swimsuit fashioned with a cute bow is all that we need now! She complemented the look with chic retro sunglasses and endearing hairband (dope).

4. Flowy Dresses

the graceful flowy dresses of ileana, ileana flowy dress in rustom

We can’t take eyes off from the graceful flowy dresses of Illena that is adorned with cute bows, the checkered pattern in the pastel shades. These dresses flaunt her curves and bring a feminine and refreshing look. All her dresses have an off shoulder pattern which looks delicately elegant.

5. Bodycon

Who said bodycon are of modern days? It is the sultry outfit of the 50s and Esha looks glam doll in the dress. Look at the trailer and you would find her charismatic in bold outfits.

6. Alluring Skirts

ileana in blue satin skirt

Ileana in the satin skirt, blouse, and classic headwear will remind you of Princess Diana. She slays the elegant look and shows us how interesting retro style was.

7. 50s Overalls

Remember wearing overalls as a kid? Ileana dons a super cute look in denim overalls with a collar neck polka dots tee, round sunglasses, and thin watch strap.

8. 1950s Motorcycle Jacket

1950s motorcycle jacket, go retro with rustom

If you notice Akshay in the Tere Sang Yaara song of Rustom, he is wearing a stylish motorcycle leather jacket that suits his Navy man’s personality and looks handsomely fashionable.

9. High Waist Men Pants

In 1950s men would wear high waist pants or above the belly button pants, and the fashion artist of the film has done a complete justice by showcasing Akshay in high waist pants, he looks dapper in every outfit.

10. Stripe Fashion

striped fashion, retro with rustom

Thi was way popular in the 50s and has come back with a bang. You can see Akshay in a swanky striped matching bath suit that again gives a subtle, gentleman look suiting his character.

11. Plaid Suit

akshay & ileana in plaid suit, akshay & ileana in rustom

This was another popular trend of the 1950s, which made Akshay and Arjan Bajwa look gentleman in the film. Akshay is seen in an emerald green plaid suit with a narrow tie and loose pants- a complete understated elegance of the 50s.

12. Sophisticated Evening Gloves

the graceful flowy dresses of ileana, akshay kumar & ileana dcruz in rustom

This is another fashionable accessory of the past worth drooling. Ileana shows her classy lady like look with the hand gloves that give a feeling of can-can dancers, royal debutante, formal ballroom dancers.

13. Round Sunglasses

round sunglasses, esha gupta in rustom

The iconic round glasses completely defines the retro look and shows how chic as well as adorable any girl can look. Both Esha and Ileana flaunts their posh sunglasses that are totally appealing.

We hope we took you into the fashion lanes of the 1950s, let us know which trend of the 50s is your absolute favorite.

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