12 Styles to drape Dupatta on your Wedding

Dupatta draping styles for salwar kameez and bridal lehenga

The Indian bride has a myriad of ways to dress herself for her big day. She can go for a Lehenga, saree, Anarkalis or a suit if it is Punjabi wedding. Whatever she may choose to dress herself in, a dupatta will always be an essential part of the bridal outfit and is in fact one of the first thing that is starkly noticed when it comes to an Indian bride. The brides can go for any one of the following ways a dupatta can be draped in to make them look stunning and perfect and give away different style statements.


1. South Indian Drape

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Also called as half saree these days, this style has the dupatta draped over your shoulder with the opposite corner tucked in the waist from the front. You can also ass pleats in the front side of the dupatta to give it a look similar to saree.


2. Lehanga Choli Drape

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The dupatta normally worn with the lehenga and choli can be draped over your head and one corner tucked in the hip. It can also be worn in the form of a loose saree with one end loosely tucked behind your back. This style works better if your dupatta is made up lighter material such as chiffon or satin.

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3. Pakistani Style

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This style is most popular with the Pakistan brides. The bride has her dupatta draped over her head, pleated from the end and draped over her wrist. This style goes the best when you are wearing a very prominent Maang tikka over your head.

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If the border of the dupatta is heavy and you want to flaunt it as well with your shirt embroidery, you canpleat drape the dupatta in the front with the other side aesthetically pleated over your wrist. This style is particularly draped with brides who choose to wear a sharara or an anarkali suit on their wedding.


4. The Punjabi Drape Style

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This is the normal conservative style, worn by most of the north Indian brides.the bride usually wears a heavily embellished dupatta over her head and wrapped around the shoulders like a shawl. This style should be adopted by the brides who are opting for a suit and have heavy work done on their dupattas.

5. Gujarati Style Drape

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Often known as the Traditional Gujarati style, the dupatta is classically draped across the bride’s chest and is often wrapped around with a kamar-band. The bride may drape the same dupatta across her head or take another dupatta with heavy lacework on her head.

6. Desi Bridal Look

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In this Desi Bridal Look, the dupatta is draped across the head and is often tucked casually in the front.This looks perfect if the bride chooses to wear full sleeved choli and a lehenga with a very heavy flare.

7. Belted Dupatta Style

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One of the very famous trends these days is belted dupattas that were typically worn by south Indian brides earlier.These days this is becoming a great choice with sarees, lehengas or half sarees. Often the belts worn are beautifully embellished and have become one of the most sought after accessories.

8. The Casual Drape Style

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If the event or the wedding ceremony doesn’t require much of the movements, this one is a great choice to go for. It goes well with lehengas and short cholis, and the pleated gracefully and draped across the chest.You can use pins to safely tuck the dupatta on your shoulders to keep it at place all the time.

Tip: Go for this style if your choli is too simple and your dupatta needs more attention.

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Another casual drape style is to keep the dupatta open and let it drape freely across the front over the shoulders.This style restricts movement and should be worn with see through dupattas so as the front of your outfit is not disguised.

9. Bengali Style

bengali dupatta draping styles, lehenga dupatta draping styles

This is another desi bridal look. Very much inspired from the Bengali tradition, the heavily embroidered dupatta is draped across the head and is pleated on shoulder covering the front. And the other end is pleated and draped across the other shoulder.

10. Elbow/Wrist Drape

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One of the casual drape styles, the brides pleat and drape the dupatta around their elbows.This style looks best if the dupatta you are carrying is simple and of very light fabric. This style visually brings out the most of your outfit.

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Another way to drape the dupatta is to pleat it and roll around your wrists.You can pin the dupatta to avoid it from slipping again and again. Keep your dupattas light and simple when going with this style.

11. Front Pleat Style

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One of the easiest ways to drape the dupatta without any extra fuss is to just pleat the whole dupatta and drape it across one of the shoulders. There is no need to fidget it at all and the other end is cleanly tucked at the back.

12. Side style

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This style looks chic and elegant with a ghagra-choli and flaunts both your dress and the dupatta that you drape. You can simply pin your dupatta to your blouse at the shoulder and let it pleat beautifully along your side.

Tip: Use this style when you want more attention on the border of your dupatta.

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Another way you can pin it on one shoulder just from the border and let the whole fabric hang loose open on your arm.

Whichever way you may choose to drape your dupatta on the day of your wedding, keep utmost care that it compliments your body structure and goes the best with the outfit that you are wearing on the day. Also, keep sure that the dupatta bring out the most in your attire and you look dazzling as ever. Keep sure that your style of draping the dupatta doesn’t at all hide the work on your attire and bring out the maximum that you planned for your dress!!


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