19 Scientific Facts Behind Indian Traditional Fashion for Women

Our Indian culture is filled with rituals and traditions. Every custom that’s synonymous with our aesthetics has more to say than showcase. We did a little digging and found out a mystery behind women’s essentials. Everything you don right from wearing that red bindi after marriage to a nose ring have some scientific reason and facts behind them.

amazing scientific reasons behind indian traditional fashion and culture

All this while we just wore it because our grannies asked us to but wait here are some most searched answers you might have been looking for like why to wear bangle, mangalsutra, toe rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets, anklet, kamarbandh, maang tika, nose rings, armlets, bracelets, waist key chain .


1. The Reason for Wearing Bangle

indian wedding bangles in hand

Being round in shape and made of copper, bronze, agate etc. The bangles are known to increase the blood circulation flow. The bangles also keep the skin’s energy intact with their power.

2. Unveiling the Science of Sindoor

significance of sindoor and mangalsutra

The sindoor that married women put takes away all the stress and strain. The mythological legends believed that wearing sindoor on forehead means increase in the level of blood circulation.

3. Deep Science Related to Mangalsutra

significance of wearing mangalsutra

Mangalsutra denotes the status of a married woman and the gold wire of it is known to destroy the bad vibes of the universe with its strength. The black beads absorb the negative energy and keep a check on blood pressure levels in the body.

4. Religious Reason of Toe Rings

biblical meaning of toe ring

Wearing them in the toes means you stay away from gynecological problems. The nerves of the toes are directed to women’s reproductive system and they are known to balance the blood pressure. Wearing them also spreads positivity everywhere.

5. Heal Bad Health with Earrings

spiritual significance of earrings

When you wear earrings, you become the healers of bad health. Women, who are overweight, should wear magnetic earrings. Reason being, these earrings work on the hunger point and help alter the diet for weight loss. Earrings are also associated with acupuncture-effect.

6. Bindi Signify Divine Beauty

significance of bindi on forehead

Bindi is known to be the third eye and central point where the Ajna Chakra is located. When Ajna Chakra is activated it increases the intuition power in women. It also controls our concentration skills.

7. Anklet/Payal form Good Vibes

significance of anklet on a woman's feet

There is a scientific reason associated with wearing payals in Hindu tradition as well. The anklets prevent the body’s energy from getting wasted. Since wearing silver payals define our culture, the currents produced by the body are tackled and there is positivity flowing throughout the time.

8. The Way You Wear the Finger Rings

symbolic meaning of rings on fingers

Index finger: The nerves are connected to the brain that further reach the learning capacitor neurons.

Middle finger: When you wear the ring here, the nerves pass through the divider line of the brain. Metallic fiction caused creates confusion

Ring finger: Here the metallic fiction caused is good for health. It is also said that the nerves are directly connected to the heart.

Smallest finger (Pinky): The ring here controls the brain and if there is any fiction, it can intervene in the thought process.

Thumb finger: Believed to be connected to the neurons, the rings here stimulate the pleasure hormones. It can also have a bad effect on the organs.

9. Kamarbandh Meaning in Hindu Terms

latest silver kamarband designs

Do you know why we wear the Kamarbandh near the waist? Adding this one to sarees also has benefits like your menstrual cycle comes in control and it is also known to keep you away from mucus and phlegm. This ensures clear voice when you speak.

10. Mystery Behind Maang Tika

significance of maang tikka

Worn on forehead, this one is linked to many advantages as well. It is designed to keep the heat of the body controlled and this one accessory falls where Ajna Chakra resides. The union of male and female health balance signifies the meaning of this chakra.

11. Alleviate the Pain with Nose Rings

significance of nose ring in india

Preferred mainly on the left nostril, this accessory is associated with female reproductive organ. The chances of women conceiving increases and the cramps are reduced. When you are in labor, there will be ease for sure with nose ring.

12. Benefits Linked to Wearing Necklaces

spiritual meaning of necklace

Wearing a necklace crafted in gold means you are exhibiting positivity. The pendants are known to transmit spiral of bliss. These small particles of bliss become a part of women’s body and environment thus sending positive waves everywhere.

13. Armlets for Healthy Life

bajuband wear in which hand

Quite famous in previous generation and now worn as a fashion jewellery with modern twist, wearing armlets can increase blood circulation flow in the body. They are also known to keep away the buri nazar you might have got infected with.

14. Bracelets kill the False Energy

benefits of wearing copper bracelet

Apparently, it is said wearing copper bracelets means that there is less pain in the joints. Wearing them also means that the negative energy surrounding you will stay away due to the energy of bracelets.

15. Mehendi Promotes Healing

significance of henna in hinduism

When you wear mehendi, it is believed that your body cools down. If you are dealing with a lot of stress lately, this medicinal herb can calm down the nerves from getting tensed. For better manicure, you can apply mehendi as they help in growth of nails as well.

16. Channel Good Health with Waist Key Chain

importance of silver waist chain

Stay away from all sorts of throat infection when you wear a waist key chain. The hook exerts acupressure that keeps the voice clear. Popular since the ancient times, this ornament is recommended to be designed in silver

17. Silver and Gold in Indian Traditions

significance of gold and silver in india

If you might have noticed even silver and gold have been positioned. Silver is worn for bottom parts like toe rings and anklets as they react to earth’s energy while gold is donned above to retain body’s energy and its aura.

18. Wearing Sarees in Indian Culture

why saree is important in india

Our grandma’s wore saris for a reason that compares with no other fashion item. Saris stimulate currents of air near the legs with the pleats while the pallu and tucked pleats can balance the insulation level. The way we wear them makes the positive energy move in the right direction. The mid part that is visible explicitly is the “Brahmasthan” of the body. A lot of force is received here. They are also worn to negativity at bay. When made with natural fibers, saris can keep the overall health safe.

19. Hair Bun for Enhanced Intellectual

significance of hair in spirituality

Even sleek hairstyles are associated with advantages for women. Tying a hair bun means you will have increased intellectual power and act maturely to situations. The mind is stable and it also keeps one away from the attacks of negative energies.

All said and done, these are some reasons why our ancestors have been asking us to follow these rituals. Even though we are in the era of advanced technology now but it is still important to respect these little things as there are only benefits associated with them. So, next time when your mother-in-law asks you to wear that sindoor when you step out you already know why it is so.

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