14 Women Shorts to flaunt in Summer Vacation

Summer is great for holidays, but hot winds, dry weather, and scorching sun of this hectic season may spoil the fun. We normally prefer to wear clothes as thin as possible to remain cool and comfortable in this sizzling season. While for some metro girls & women, it is season for fewer layers and showing more skin. They wait for summer to wear their cool and sexy dresses and show up their attractive figures. In the latest summer fashion, shorts have replaced miniskirts and become an important summer staple. You can wear old-school shorts that end at your thighs or relaxed-fit shorts that go to your knees. And if you have enough dare, go for hot pants or shorts in sexy designs to rock the summer. If you don’t have any idea in selecting perfect summer shorts then here are listed some selective choices of summer shorts to enjoy hot and sunny days.

Summer shorts can be worn all season long, as it allows lots of fun for mixing and matching outfits in multiple options. You can choose from fun-time prints to distressed denim that suits your style as well as climate. Thousands varieties are available in the market that may really confuse you. But if you shop smart, your shorts collection can be go on trip after trip, year after year. So before investing in a new pair, know here everything important about shorts like style, fabric, and fitness to your body, useful tips, and many more to make the right decision.

1. Super cool denim shorts

Denim shorts type

When it comes to shorts, super cool denim shorts are top on the list. Both, Classic and cut-offs denim shorts are great for a flattering look this summer. Denim shorts are available in lots of varieties and color options, that’s why they are considered best ones to buy. These versatile and good-looking denim shorts are always in fashion so you never look outdated in them.

Body type:

  • For Girls With Curves: No itty-bitty cutoffs, try longer boyfriend shorts in a relaxed but streamlined fit. Prefer dark wash that hit at the smallest point on your thigh.
  • Petite: Choose a mid waist pair with patterns or a lighter wash jeans. Add inches to your frame with a high-waisted silhouette.
  • If You Have Curvy Hips then use High-waisted shorts.

Match with:

  • Denim shorts is perfect pick if you are selecting total casual outfits.
  • A polo shirt & brown sandals also put on aviator sunglasses for your modern take. Look casual and get full complements when paired with simple t-shirt or tank top.
  • Always pair it with a flat pumps, sneakers, flat sandals or flip-flops for a timeless look.

Be Careful while selecting length of short. It should fit your body just as well as a pair of jeans because too baggy don’t complement anyone’s figure.


2. Amp-up choices with printed shorts

Without prints your wardrobe is incomplete. Go for prints and patterns and add interest to your wardrobe and have fun with your style. Prints are joyful and full of energy. And mainly, you could get so many choices with printed shorts. They are awfully versatile and available in countless prints to choose from floral, animal, tribal-ethnic prints and more. They can be easily mix and match with a simple t-shirt or a larger top. With multiple options like print mixing, stripes, ginghams, plaids, baroques, checks, graphics, or even abstracts, printed shorts can be worn for casual as well as formal way. Following are the most favorite and ever lasting.

1. Polka dots:

Polka dots print shorts

You can wear this young & elegant print in a different way. Both small and big polka dots print look amazing with plain top.

2. Floral Print

Floral print shorts

A pair of floral shorts with a pair of wedges or pumps definitely makes heads turn for another glimpse at fresh and cool print of your shorts in hot summer.

3. Stripes

Stripes print short

Stripes are great for your sporty look. They are also great for shorts you wear on lazy Sundays. You can also take benefit of fashion optical illusion; vertical lines have a slimming effect on the body while horizontal stripes make you look wider

4. Animal Printed Shorts

Animal print shortsn

Image Source:

Classic leaopard print is most favorite among fashion followers and never out of date. Celebrities love to wear this trendy, edgy, and sexy animal printed shorts to look casual in hot summer.

5. Tribal/ethnic Printed Shorts

Tribal/ethinic printed shorts

Image Source:

Stand out from the crowd with tribal/ethnic printed shorts. This vibrant attitude-filled prints and patterns make your modern chic wardrobe more interesting. It covers a wide variety of patterns across the globe, including energetic patterns of Ganado, Tapa, Shibori, Aloha (Hawaiian), Batik, Ikat, Chinle and Dutch Wax patterns.

3. Lace Shorts

Lace Shorts

Lace shorts would be fabulous for dressing up in summer with an uber-feminine style.

Tips: A chunky knit is in the current fashion trend of summer.

Must know: Lace short gives an elegant and cool look, but some girls think that lace shorts are more like underwear. Well! It’s your choice after all!

4. Shorts Sets

Summer Shorts sets

No need to add heavy layers in this hot summer, just feel free with Shorts Sets. It removes all your hassle of finding a matching top and bottom. Shorts sets are mostly available in prints: floral, stripes, checks, etc. and paired with plain sleeveless t-shirts.

5. Printed Rompers

Printed Rompers

Image Source:

Go for this one-piece wonder, as it is versatile enough for both day and evening wear most comfortably. Printed Romper can make a high-impact style statement with very little coordination. Wear it with a solid-colored clothes and accessories to balance out a busy print.

6. Skorts

Skorts for summer

Image Source:

New style for skirt lovers is skort. It is fusion of traditional skirt and cool shorts. You can say it a wrap-around skirt, wherein shorts are hidden inside. Mostly school girls are used to wear skort as their uniform.

Match with:

Get classy: A simple button-down shirt works great, wear black stilettos or try a metallic pump or gladiator sandals. Wear jewelry like simple gold or silver chains mixed with some gemstones, but avoid anything that looks too flashy.

7. Scalloped Shorts

Scalloped Shorts

Image Source:

Give your outfit a feminine touch with scalloped edges. Those cute, curved edges look great in the upcoming sunny season. Scallop edge skirts and shorts are super cute, feminine, and fun. Also, you can simply try no-sew scalloped shorts DIY at home, and save your money.

8. Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts

Image Source:

With loose waist and tight cuffs, classic longer shorts can give you a special look. Embrace your curvy figure with a longer-cut short. Wear it with a white long sleeve shirt or wedges to get leg-lengthening look that’s really flattering!

Tips: Knee-length shorts is best for those who want to hide dimpled or flabby thighs.

9. Lounge shorts

Lounge shorts

Summer is best time for holidays to relax and unplug. Lounge shorts are perfect choice for summer outdoor activities. They are available in different length (ranging from mid-thigh to below the knee) and fit (relaxed fit and snug fit).

Wear it with graphic T-shirts and flip-flops to enjoy casual afternoon!

10. Roll-Up Shorts

Roll-Up Shorts

Image Source:

Roll Up Shorts are classic designs similar to denim except the rolled up cuffs. Roll Up Shorts are available in wide range i.e.denim, twill and linen. Roll Up shorts are the best option for women with stick-thin legs as they make your legs look curvier.

11. Basic shorts/ Regular shorts

Walking shorts

Image Source:

Many shy girls love to wear shorts for style but they feel insecure. Don’t worry, basic or regular shorts could be best option for them. These types of shorts end few inches above the knee, keeping you enough covered. Pair them with printed tees or designer cool tops for comfortable day-out with friends in the hot summer or for relaxed travelling.

12. DIY Studded Shorts

Scalloped Shorts

If you want to show off your rocker style, why don’t you glam your shorts up with studs. Denim shorts can be boring sometimes, make it funky and stylish with some stud detailing.

13. Shorts with embroideries

Try shorts with embroideries to add styles and look fabulous in summer. Floral patterns give cute girly look, while tribal and ethnic embroideries give you an edgier and trendier look. You can go for funky and stylish accessories to get that stunning rocky-chic look.

Shorts with embroideries

Image Source:

14. Festival Shorts

Festival Shorts

Image Source:

Shorts you wear seem boring in festive season, so it’s a perfect time to try Festival shorts for a change. One can create style statement with any types of short just by adding creativity like colorful paint on plain shorts, applying laces or flag patches, adding stylish tinges, etc.

Trendy style is not everything, you should also checkout fabric for healthy selection. Materials like cotton and linen are ideal for hot summer days. Both are cool and absorbent and very comfortable to wear in warm weather. Cotton is ideal for yoga, stretching, and other lower-intensity activities. And being a natural fiber, it’s a very good choice for Eco-conscious customers.

It is good to prefer light colored fabrics for a tropical climate, as they reflect light and heat.

Don’t push yourself with trend. You must know your body shape and select perfect shorts according to your body type.


  • Pair shorts with the right accessories like belt, jacket, elegant heel or other embellishments to spice up your plain look.
  • Before rocking your shorts this summer, must take care of your legs like exfoliate them for skin glowing, etc.
  • Select right fit shorts for your body as too tight or baggy can lead to wardrobe malfunction.
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