Funny Shopping Excuses of crazy shoppers

Many of us either love or hate shopping. Those who love shopping never miss even a single chance to shop. The new pair of shoes, latest jacket, designer dress, accessories and other items would add a sparkle to your smile, isn’t it? No matter what excuses you give for shopping, the truth is that shopping makes you happy and forget all your worries. If you need more motivation, here are some crazy yet innocent reasons for your every weekend or weekday shopping.

1. Future is very bright

Buy Sunglasses to protect eyes

My future is very bright, so I need to wear sunglass to protect my eyes.


2. I have nothing to wear

I have nothing to wear for the party
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It’s a long time I went for shopping. There is a theme party and I didn’t have appropriate dress to wear for the party in my closet!

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3. No-time for Iron

Shopping reason to buy t-shirt
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I am so busy that I even don’t have time to Iron my clothes, so bought more t-shirts! Its funny, but its important to assure about safety of every hardworking people. Check anti-fatigue matting for welders to keep them safe and happy.

4. Tired of losing Slippers

Tired of losing Slippers

Really tired of losing Slippers at temples so bought a dozen!

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5. Its salman khan’s birthday

Its salman khan's birthday
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I purchased shirt because it’s Salman khan’s birthday! Let me wear what he doesn’t!

6. Shopping keeps me fit

Burning Calories by shopping
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Walking from store to store and carrying all those bags burns so many calories and keeps me fit. Isn’t it more interesting than going to gym or working out at home?

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7. BF too tall for selfies

BF too tall for selfies
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Boyfriend is too tall for cute couple selfies, so bought a pair of heels!

8. Helping the Economy

Shopping to help the Economy
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I am not a Shopaholic, I am a responsible citizen! That’s why I am just doing my bit to help the economy grow by spending some money.

9. I wasn’t shopping for myself

I wasn't shopping for myself
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As festival is around the corner, I went to buy gifts for my friends and family members. I haven’t controlled myself when I saw this nice stylish purse/wallet/scarf.

10. Love path is full of thorns

Love path is full of thorns
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Love path is full of thorns, bought new shoes to protect my feet from thorns.

11. Stress buster

Shopping is Stress buster
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I was depressed then I bought a new dress. I fell better now. Shopping is the greatest stress buster.

12. Want to save money

Save money with seasonal sales
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Shopping at seasonal sales is the easiest way to save a large amount of money. Its sale time and I can’t lose this opportunity!

13. Bought before someone else

Bought before someone else
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I found a sweater that is perfectly kitted and even fits me perfectly. I would feel if someone bought it before me.

14. Feeling bored

I was felling bored
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There was nothing good on TV, all of my friends were on holiday and I have completed all assignments. I was feeling bored, so what else to do but shop!

15. Helping the credit card industry

Helping the credit card industry
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I am shopping because I want to help the credit card industry. Isn’t it great?

16. I must buy something

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The store manager is a friend of my uncle’s cousin’s best friend’s sister in law. What would he think about me if I leave the shop without buying a single thing?

17. Looking Skinny and tall like a model

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This dress made me look so thin and tall. I must buy it! After all it is an instant solution to look skinnier.

18. Saved money by ordering extra things

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I don’t want to waste money for delivery charge, so I ordered a few extra items to qualify for free shipping.

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