OMG! 49 Fashion Brands You’re Pronouncing Wrong All the Time

Remember those perky moments where you commit the biggest Fashion faux pass by mispronouncing the brand name that you are actually wearing??

As much as you loved showing your latest Gucci bag, the whole aura just vanishes into the air when someone corrects you on how to pronounce it!!

Well, we have digged into the fashion blunders and found out that you are not alone in this self-inflicted world of harassment. Most of the people have been pronouncing the biggest fashion houses in the most disgusting ways, sometimes unforgivable!!

We went ahead and found out these splendid Brand names that make up your showbiz but are mostly your zone of discomfort when announcing!!! Let’s see how much Brand conscious you are!!! If not, there is always room for corrections! Isn’t it?

And if by chance you really want to correct people and not break your friendship them, just slip in this link in their pocket and do the honours! (Wink wink)

1. Adidas

famous brand adidas pronunciation

Well, not just the Indians, half of the America have been saying it all wrong while showing off their sneakers.

Highly mispronounced, this German Brand gets its name from its founder-Adolf Dassler.

You can hate us as much you want for this butit’s not UHHHHHH-DEE-DAS, It’s AH-DEE-DAS

2. Amazon

fashion brand amazon pronunciation

As much as this online shopping site is the lifeline of half of the world, it definitely doesn’t get pronounced the way it’s supposed to be. Yes- you have been wrong all these years.

3. Anna Sui

designer brand Anna Sui pronunciation

One of the top5 fashion icons in America, Anna Sui has been equally wronged.

Its- AH-NA-SWEE people!!!

4. Ann Demeulemeester

fashion designer brand ann demeulemeester pronunciation

Her creation was once described as ‘funereal’, as Ann Demeaulemeester hops into feminism with her creations mostly in white or black. But it’s her name that we usually fire away!

5. Badgley Mischka

bridal shoes brand badgley mischka pronounce name

Timeless, yet modern and elegant- they have been dressing and putting shoes celebs from quite a time now. The brand is actually a merger of two designers Badgley and James Mischka.

6. Balenciaga

how to pronounce balenciaga brand

Christian Dior referred to him as – ‘the master of us all’ and yet we have been pronouncing the brand all wrong. Founded by Cristobal Balenciaga, the luxury designer is as pronounced.

7. Balmain

fashion brand balmain pronounciation

We have been listening, reading, flaunting this haute couture fashion house ever since and yet we have been so rude to the oozing talent.

8. Bebe

women's fashion brand bebe pronounce name

Manny Mashouf changed the wardrobes of millions of women through his clothing retail brand established in 1976. Famous and yet mispronounced, this one is also in our correction list.

9. Benetton

clothing brands benetton pronunciation

Who doesn’t know about this one? But, please do see the pronunciation to save us the embarrassment.

10. Boglioli

designer brand boglioli pronounciation

This brand showcased the true meaning of clean cut blazers when it comes to men’s clothing. Yet, we never knew that the ‘G’ was silent…Shhhhhh!!

11. Bottega-Veneta

how to pronounce bottega veneta brand name

The Italian luxury goods house is mostly known for its leather creations. The collection is amazing and as amazing is the way we have been pronouncing it!!!

12. Burberry

fashion brand burberry pronounciation

Everyone is in love with the bold conventional Burberry checks and shades!!But let’s now learn how to say the beautiful Name!!!

13. Bvlgari

fashion jewellery & accessories brand bvlgari pronounce name

Their fragrances and gemstone jewellery rule our fashion fulfilled lives….Yet we just do injustice to the name.

14. Calvin Klein

famous brand calvin klein pronounciation

No introductions required….yet the name you just took mentioning your perfume was just your biggest faux pas.

15. Chanel

how to pronounce chanel fashion brand

Founded by coco Chanel, this has been one of the biggest luxury brands. Of course the copy cats have been making the name even more famous, but if your handbag is very real, the way you pronounce is going to make it all clear.

16. ChristianDior

luxury brand christiandior pronounce name

We all have heard the Big name and seen the big ‘D’….. Now let’s see how we pronounce it!!

17. Christian Louboutin

designer brand chrisitan louboutin pronounciation

He is known for his red-soled shoes. But we are equally in love with the designer bags and accessories.

18. D&G

how to pronounce high fashion brand dolce & gabbana

The songs keep telling us about this beautiful designer brands. But they still don’t correct us. 

19. Dries-van-noten

designer brand name dries van noten pronounciation

He was considered as one of the most cerebral designers in the fashion industry. His work is eccentric when it comes to ready to wear retail.

20. Givenchy

famous fashion brand givenchy pronounciation

If you happen to be anything in the creative world, you have the brand name on your tongue. Please do check if you have been making a fool of yourself.

21. Guerlain

how to pronounce fashion brand guerlain

With a splendid customer following, this French based perfume and cosmetics brand is one of the most traditionally used one.

22. Havaianas

popular footwear brand havaianas pronounce name

Anybody who is mad about footwear is introduced to this house of fashion. It is mostly known for its comfort footwear especially flip flops.

23. Hermes

fashion brand hermes pronounciation

Established in 1837, this French brand deals with leather and lifestyle accessories. It is also one of the most popular mispronounced brands!!

24. Herve-leger

fashion brand herve leger pronounciation

Truly a woman’s dream brand, we would name it as one of the classiest creations in the world of fashion.

25. Jean Paul

how to pronounce designer brand name jean paul

He is known for his Haute couture collections based on street wear- very formal yet playful!!!

Known lesser to the masses regarding the pronunciation- here is how you actually blurt the name out!

26. Krisvanassche

designer fashion brand krisvanassche pronounce name

He is one of the closest brands with Vogue when it comes to men’s fashion collection.

You may find the name difficult, but the pronunciation is easy.

27. Lacoste

apparel brand lacoste pronounciation

Yes, probably you all have been saying it wrong.

28. Lanvin

high fashion brand lanvin pronounce name

It was one of the first fashion houses of Paris ad is to the date one of the most elegant collections.

This is how you say it-

29. Louis-Vuitton

how to pronounce fashion brand louis vuitton

LV has been so popular and yet it’s one the most mispronounced brands in the fashion world.

30. Lulu lemon Athletica

apparel brand lululemon athletica pronounciation

Founded in 1998, it is a self-inspired yoga apparel company and designer one of the most classy and chic athletic outfits.

31. Manolo-Blahnik

designer shoes brand manolo blahnik pronounce name

Founded by Manuel “Manolo” Balhnik Rodriguez, this Spanish fashion designer owns a high-end shoe brand. A shoe savvy person might know the name but definitely not how to say it right!!

32. Marchesa

luxury fashion brand marchesa pronounciation

It is sold in the most high end fashion brand chains in the US and has revolutionised the world of fashion for women.

33. Miu Miu

how to pronounce fashion brand miu miu

Very popular, still we kill the name always..

34. Monique Lhuillier

fashion brand monique lhuillier pronounciation

We don’t blame you for getting it al wrong. 

35. Moschino

moschino brand pronounce name

Bollywood keeps given us the “Brand Gyan” and Moschino has been one popular name the lyrical world as well. Yet, learn how to sing it along.

36. Nike

famous brand name nike pronounciation

The brand was formally corrected by the company officials in a reply to two students and this is what the founder told them!!

37. Olivier Theyskens

how to pronounce fashion designer brand olivier theyskens

38. Prabal-Gurung

fashion designer brand prabal gurung pronounce name

This Indian based designer is also mispronounced in the outside world.

39. Ralph Lauren

designer brand ralph lauren pronounciation

If you are one big fan and still been pronouncing it wrong-save yourself now!

40. Rochas

how to pronounce fashion brand rochas

Founded in 1925 by Marcel Rochas, the perfume house has been known for its fragrances. We have seen a lot of injustice being done to it…

41. Salvatore Ferragamo

accessories & footwears brand salvatore ferragamo pronounce name

Shoes, leather goods and clothing, the big brand have its outlets almost everywhere. Have a look at how you say it loud in the crowd.

42. Saucony

popular shoes brand saucony pronounciation

The fitness freaks know it and love it. With their running shoes and gears collection, this is one dream brand for every athlete. But see if you have been saying it right.

43. Stila

how to pronounce designer cosmetics brand stila

The make-up artist by Jeanine Lobell founded this American cosmetics brand. If you love make up and makeovers, you must know how to flaunt this one beauty brand.

44. Swarovski

famous brand swarovski pronounciation

If your jewellery shines, make the money you spend worth it by pronouncing the big brand right as well!!

45. Tag Heuer

fashion brand tag huere pronounce name

Don’t make the time stand still by saying it all wrong and making a joke of yourself.

46. Van Heusen

how to pronounce high fashion brand van heusen

The formal outfit lovers would know how to say it right.

47. Versace

fashion brand versace pronounce name

You name a thing in fashion, and this brand creates all of them. Yet we murder the brand name every now and then.

48. Wtaps

fashion brand wtaps pronounciation

Pronounce names as they should be….. Very close to their tagline!!!

49. Yves Saint Laurent

luxury fashion brand yves saint laurent pronounce name

One of the most prominent fashion houses, it’s still long way to go in correcting people.

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