9 Fashion Advantages only a Tall Girl can enjoy

Are you the odd one out in your group of friends just because you are too tall in the average heights around you??

Have you always been surrounded by women not more than 5’4” when you were always the member of the beyond 5’5” club???

Well, if you never considered yourself lucky enough, ask those who always wanted to be at your place secretly.

So thank your genes for that awesome height of yours and get down to these ‘7’ reasons why you are a born style Diva for the industry.


1. Heels- An Accessory, Not Necessary!!!


One super cool benefit of being rising high is that there is just no need for those painful steps.You would look absolutely adorable in flats as well.

And if you do pick up those high inches, you are so going to be the eye candy with those long legs!!!So either way it is win!

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2. Cropped or Extra Long Jeans- All yours


There may be times when your favourite pair is too short for you. But then that’s just not a problem. Just go with variable lengths. Cropped pants are always in vogue.

You can flaunt your super short trousers with a pair of canvas or wear puddled jeans with high boots. Both ways you look equally hot.

3. Hems are none of your Business


The mess of having the hems of your bottoms altered is nowhere there for you. There is always room for any length of the trousers for you. That makes many jealous!!!!

4. Skirts- Pick Any, Swirl Any!!


Unlike short girls who technically need to decide what lengths of skirts to go with, you are blessed. You have the birth right to wear skirts of any length without the hassles of looking too tall or too tiny!!! From sexy minnies to long pencil skirts, try them all.

5. An Evergreen Chic


One of the best part of being a tall girl is that you can always pull a fashionista look with anything you are wearing.

We are sorry for the petite girls, but being tall is just so on the list to give a perfect Model look. It is definitely a must for an X factor.

6. No Footwear Bars


Being tall gives you eons of choices for footwear. From ballerinas to heels, everything suits you in the perfect manner.

Calf length and high boots are something that no one can pull better than a tall beautiful woman.

7. Shorts are Steamy


If you are tall and you have been hiding those beautiful legs, we would simply consider you insane. There is nothing steamier than a pair of well-toned long legs in a pair of shorts and loose tees.

8. Flare That Height with Maxi Dresses


Petite girls always have to keep an eye on which maxi dress to go with and still be visible. But you, high rising women look elegant as ever in those flared Maxi dresses and Long gowns.

You want to make people jealous? Go on with a maxi dress with a side or front slit and see your aura all around you!!

9. Infinite Luck with Shoe Size


When your friends are out in the expedition to find their dream shoes, you are lucky to have all the designs right by your side. There is no fight over finding your shoe size when sizes 9,10,11 are always right there waiting for you.

We are proud to tell you that the top most brands often launch their rare catch designs in sizes above 37….So good for you!

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Sophia Lacey

With her hilarious journey in an MNC, Sophia found her passion for life in writing. With her technical career taking her to New York, the city of multiple fashion trends, she came out to be a true enthusiast when it came to dressing up and filling her wardrobe with trends going on. Through her quest to change those around her for the same, she joins Looksgud to help her follow her true love for writing and end up writing about one thing she finds the most interesting-Fashion!!


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