16 Benefits only Tall Girl can enjoy

Hey Girls, are you embarrassed by being tall? Catch a glimpse on the unique experiences that only a tall girl can enjoy!

Being tall girl is a great blessing that only few people get. Tall girls can enjoy the benefits like reach things without help, sport advantages, Modelesque look, great concert views and more as compared to average girls. But some girls hate their height and feel unattractive & hopeless. If you are the one, have a glance at these benefits that only a tall girl can enjoy. After reading these perks of being tall, you will surely feel proud and confident about having such a wonderful height.


Upsides of Being a Tall Girl

1. More Career Opportunities

Certain jobs like runway modeling, sports, piloting, etc. are offered exclusively to tall people.

Tall Girl More career opportunities

2. Get advantage in Sports

If you are in sports, your height is a potent weapon which helps you to lead almost any sport.

Advantage in Sports

3. Long legs will make everyone Jealous

Who doesn’t love lusciously long legs which gives sexiest look to a girl? Of course everyone!

Long legs

4. Look Stunning in any Outfits

Maxi dresses and Jumpsuits are made for lucky taller ladies, but they can rock shorts too! So, enjoy every skirt length.

Look Stunning in any Outfits

5. You can wear both Flats and Heels

You can wear flats and bellies, however your long legs looks awesome in a pair of killer stiletto heels also.

Tall girl high heels

6. Great Views at Concerts

You have a clear view of the stage at a concert without craning your head, no matter where you stand in the crowd.

Great Views at Concerts and Crowds

7. Often mistaken as a Model/Actress

People ask if you are a model or actor because you got a model-esque height and enviable legs!

Often mistaken as a Model

8. Don’t have to Hem Pants

Jeans perfectly fits on you. If not, wear short pants like Capri pants. At least you don’t need to cuff or hem your jeans like this.

Don’t have to hem pants

9. No Ladders, No stools

Reaching things on top shelf without ladder or stool is easier for you, so you can put something out of someone’s reach, and even can help others who can’t reach.

Reaching topself without ladder

10. Hide Unwanted Weight

Tall women get to eat more than petite women and still look slim as they can hold the extra weight well.

Hide Unwanted Weight

11. No one Steal/Borrow your Clothes

Your larger dress/shirt/jeans/shoes are off-limits, so nobody ask to borrow them from you. Else they will look like this lady and toddler!

Oversized clothes and shoes

12. Always get Front Seat in Cars

You don’t fit in the back seats due to lack of space, so you will always get the front seat in cars. WOW!

Always get front seat in cars

13. Easier to Carry Big Babies

When tall women are pregnant, it’s much easier for them to carry larger babies, as larger torso provides baby enough space to grow.

Easier to carry big babies

14. More Comfortable Hugging & Kissing

Tall guys won’t have to lean down or you won’t have to tiptoes to kiss each other. You have the best hugs too.

kissing is the best for tall girl

15. Bike Riding with your Short Friend

If you are tall and sitting behind your short friend on a bike, you can see the complete road ahead.

16 Benefits only Tall Girl can enjoy

16. Taken seriously from a Tender Age

If you are in high school, people automatically assume and ask if you are in college. It feels so much better. Isn’t it?

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