28 Different Types of Work Boots For Men & Women to Buy Online

Today, finding the best work boots is simpler than ever. Irrespective of what field you work in, choose the right pair from the eclectic range of different types of work boots online. Work boots play an essential role in a worker’s life as these boots protect workers’ feet from dangers and accidents at the workplace.

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A decent pair of work boots offer perpetual comfort and, it also ensures a firm grip even in the most rugged terrains. Since work boots are designed as per the needs of different industries, they can also save lives. What separates work boots from ordinary boots is their sturdy design that matches industry standards.

28 Types of Work Boots

  1. Static Dissipative Safety Shoes
  2. Moulder & Welding Boots
  3. Oil-Resistant Work Boots
  4. Engineer Boots
  5. Australian Work Boots/Elastic-sided Boots
  6. Cowboy Boots
  7. Hip Boots
  8. Waders
  9. Utility Boots/Service Utility Boots
  10. Wellington Boots/Gumboots
  11. Motorcycle Boots
  12. Tanker Boots
  13. Jump Boots
  14. Combat Boots
  15. Jungle Boots
  16. Logger Boots
  17. Hunting Boots
  18. Electric Hazard Protection Work Boots/Non-Conductive Safety Shoes
  19. Heat Resistant Classic Work Boots
  20. Work Boots With Metatarsal Guard
  21. Insulated Work Boots
  22. Waterproof Work Boots
  23. Steel Toe work Boots
  24. Soft Toe Work Boots
  25. Composite Toe Sophisticated Work Boots
  26. Slip Resistant Exclusive Work Boots
  27. Chainsaws Protective Work Boots
  28. Puncture-resistant Superb Work Boots

1. Static Dissipative Safety Shoes

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Static dissipative safety shoes help the worker prevent shocks from the static current at the workplace. These shoes tend to have a low electrical resistance that allows the static current to pass through the body.

Best Brands to Buy: Reebok, Puma, Rockport, Timberland Pro, RockRooster, Larnmen, etc., are the best brands to buy SD shoes
Material: PU and PVC materials are used to make high-quality SD shoes.
Industry: Firework manufacturing, hospitals, laboratories, tech, electronic production, and pharmaceuticals industries use SD shoes.


2. Moulder & Welding Boots

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Moulder and welding boots are equipped with durable leather and high-quality steel toes to ensure your feet stay protected. Welding boots feature a sturdy design that offers arch support for enduring comfort and ensures the boots withstand extreme temperatures and blows.

Best Brands to Buy: Caterpillar, Timberland Pro, Carhartt, RockRooster, Wolverine Rancher, etc., are the best brands to buy Moulder and Welding boots.
Material: The best-quality molding boots are made using Leather, Rubber, Nylon, Steel, etc.
Industry: Workers indulged in welding or molding works generally use welding boots.


3. Oil-Resistant Work Boots

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The polyurethane sole of high-performance Oil-Resistant work boots is made using a special kind of oil-repellent leather. These boots make it easier to work around petroleum products for workers in the oil industry.

Best Brands to Buy: Skechers, Timberland Pro, Ever Boots, Carhartt, and Keen Utility are some of the best brands to buy Oil-Resistant work boots.
Material: Oil-Resistant Boots are made using oil-resistant leather and rubber.
Industry: Oil and Petroleum Industry workers use Oil-resistant work boots.


4. Engineer Boots

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Engineer boots are designed using high-quality leather in such a way that they can withstand extreme temperature conditions. Originally, engineer boots were used by firemen, and today these are also used by bikers to create their fashion statement.

Best Brands to Buy: Chippewa, Frye, Ad Tec, and Durango make the best engineer boots.
Material: Leather is primarily used to manufacture the best-quality engineer boots.
Industry: Fire departments and Engineers use durable engineer boots to protect their feet.

5. Australian Work Boots/Elastic-sided Boots

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Elastic-sided boots feature a polyurethane sole that offers ultimate precaution against chemicals and harsh weather. These boots are also known as Australian work boots, and their top is made of leather. For additional safety, these boots also have steel toes.

Best Brands to Buy: Redback, Blundstone, and Rossi Boots manufacture world-class Australian work boots.
Material: Australian work boots are made using polyurethane, leather, and elastic.
Industry: Elastic-sided or Australian work boots are best-suited for workers in the Agriculture industry.

6. Cowboy Boots

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Cowboy boots are designed to help cowboys ride better as classic cowboy boots lack laces, and their toe is generally square-shaped. Walking heels are the most common heels found in Cowboy boots.

Best Brands to Buy: Ariat, Stetson, Wolverine, Rocky, Laredo, Deer Stags, and Roper are some of the most-reputed cowboy boots brands.
Material: Leather and rubber are the two materials used to make durable Cowboy Boots.
Industry: Cowboys or riders primarily wear cowboy boots.

7. Hip Boots

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Hip boots help divers and fishers protect their legs from water and enable them to explore the ocean’s depth. As the name suggests, hip boots cover the hips and waist of the wearer.

Best Brands to Buy: Frogg Toggs, LaCrosse, Duck, and Fish, etc., are the best brands to buy hip boots, aka hip waders.
Material: Rubber, PVC, Nylon, and Polyester are used to manufacture durable hip boots.
Industry: Fishers, ecologists, biologists, and scientists mainly wear hip boots to keep their legs warm and dry.

8. Waders

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Waders are classified as waterproof boots, and their height varies depending on their design and type. Thigh, Chest, and full-body waders are the three types used in various industries.

Best Brands to Buy: Frogg Toggs, Redington Palix, Orvis, and Simms are the best brands to buy waders.
Material: Rubber, PVC, neoprene, and Gore-Tex are used to make sturdy and durable waders.
Industry: Waders are used in industries like agriculture, aquaculture, chemical, and sewerage utilities.

9. Utility Boots/Service Utility Boots

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Utility boots are waterproof and are primarily used in industries with high chances for workers to injure their feet. Utility boots are made in various designs, and some of them also feature a steel toe.

Best Brands to Buy: Keen Utility, Skechers, Thorogood, Ever Boots, and Caterpillar are the leading makers of top-quality utility boots.
Material: Leather and rubber are widely used to make utility boots.
Industry: Utility boots are used in mining, oil, tech, metal, chemical, and electronic equipment industries.

10. Wellington Boots/Gumboots

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Wellington boots make it easier to work in wet and muddy terrains as they offer a firm grip and repel water.

Best Brands to Buy: Western Chief, Hunter, Thorogood, etc., make the best wellington boots.
Material: Rubber and PVC are used to make Wellington boots
Industry: Agriculture, Food Processing, Mining, Chemical plants, etc., require workers to wear wellington boots.

11. Motorcycle Boots

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Motorcycle boots safeguard a bikers’ feet as he rides his motorbike in style. Their sturdy design offers maximum support to the ankle.

Best Brands to Buy: O’Neal, Nortiv 8, Bruno Marc, Aether, etc., offer the best motorcycle boots.
Material: Leather, Gore-Tex, TPU, and Kevlar motorcycle boots are generally long-lasting and durable.
Industry: Motorcycle Racing Professionals and Riders use motorcycle boots.

12. Tanker Boots

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Specially designed for tank operators, tanker boots reduce the risks of fatalities as they don’t get stuck in tanks’ machinery. Moreover, they’re easy to wear and remove if needed.

Best Brands to Buy: Thorogood, Dr. Martens, Rocky, Carhartt, etc., are the leading manufacturers of tanker boots.
Material: Most tanker shoes are made using leather.
Industry: Tanker boots are widely used in the military.

13. Jump Boots

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Jump boots are ideally made of leather for paratroopers in the air force. These boots aid paratroopers in smooth landing on rugged terrains.

Best Brands to Buy: Corcoran, Thorogood, and Rocky Side are popular brands offering jump boots.
Material: Leather and rubber are two materials used to make jump boots.
Industry: Paratroopers in the air force require high-quality jump boots.

14. Combat Boots

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Combat boots are made for soldiers indulged in combat battles or training as these shoes make it easier for them to move.

Best Brands to Buy: Free Soldier, Rotcho, Dream Pairs, and Frye are the best brands to buy combat boots.
Material: Leather, Gore-Tex, and Nylon are used in making combat boots.
Industry: Soldiers in the military use combat boots.

15. Jungle Boots

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Jungle boots offer ultimate traction in almost all sorts of terrains in the wild. These boots are breathable, and they also serve soldiers as combat boots for the jungles.

Best Brands to Buy: Rothco, Salomon Forces, Nortiv 8, Oakley, etc., offer the best jungle boots.
Material: Rubber and Canvas are widely used to make jungle boots.
Industry: Soldiers use jungle boots most commonly.

16. Logger Boots

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The design of logger boots offers workers reliable traction even in the most challenging and harsh conditions. The well-crafted design of logger boots also makes them great for climbing.

Best Brands to Buy: Georgia, Carhartt, Ad Tec, Chippewa, Timberland Pro, Wolverine, etc., offer the best logger boots.
Material: Leather, Synthetic fibers, and rubber are used to make logger boots.
Industry: Logger boots are best for the agriculture, fencing, and ranching industry.

17. Hunting Boots

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As the name suggests, hunting boots are best suited for hunters, and they’re often waterproof. Moreover, one may also grab insulated hunting shoes for utmost comfort in the woods.

Best Brands to Buy: Rocky, Kenetrek, Irish Setter, Bogs, LaCrosse, and Tidewe are the best brands to buy hunting boots.
Material: Rubber, Neoprene, Wood, and Nylon are widely used to make hunting boots.
Industry: Hunters and hikers primarily use hunting boots.

18. Electric Hazard Protection Work Boots/Non-Conductive Safety Shoes

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Electrical hazard protection work boots safeguard electricians from electric shocks at the workplace. These shoes also feature composite toes to minimize the impact of electric shocks.

Best Brands to Buy: Timberland Pro, Skechers, Carhartt, Wolverine, etc., are well-known brands to buy EH work boots.
Material: Nylon and leather are widely used to make EH boots.
Industry: Electricians widely use EH boots.

19. Heat Resistant Classic Work Boots

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As the name indicates, heat-resistant classic work boots are designed to work in extremely hot conditions.

Best Brands to Buy: Wolverine, Timberland Pro, Rocky, and Georgia Boot are the most reputed brands to buy Heat Resistant Boots.
Material: Leather, Nylon, and Rubber are the primary materials used in a majority of work boots.
Industry: Petroleum, Mining, Labs, and Hospital industries use heat-resistant boots.

20. Work Boots With Metatarsal Guard

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Work boots with metatarsal guard prevent feet from heavy blows and intensive heat at the workplace.

Best Brands to Buy: Carhartt, Dr. Martens, Timberland Pro, and Wolverine, etc., make the best metatarsal boots.
Material: Leather and textile are primarily used to make metatarsal guard boots.
Industry: Construction, Chemical factories, Mining, Oil, and Petroleum industries often use metatarsal work boots.

21. Insulated Work Boots

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Insulated work boots are best suited for winters as they keep the body warm without compromising with the protection you need.

Best Brands to Buy: Carhartt, Thorogood, Chippewa, Wolverine are the best brands that offer high-quality work boots.
Material: Insulated boots are made using Leather and Rubber.
Industry: Insulated work boots are widely used across industries like construction, agriculture, etc.

22. Waterproof Work Boots

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Waterproof work boots repel liquids and ensure the feet stay dry and protected from water or chemicals.

Best Brands to Buy: Caterpillar, Timberland, Wolverine, Nortiv 8, Columbia offer the best-quality waterproof work boots.
Material: Waterproof work boots are made using rubber, leather, and textile
Industry: Agriculture, chemicals, and aquaculture Industries use waterproof work boots.

23. Steel Toe work Boots

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Steel toe work boots ensure the feet can withstand the heaviest blows without getting injured.

Best Brands to Buy: Caterpillar, Timberland, Golden Fox, Harley Davidson, etc., are reputed steel toe work boots manufacturers.
Material: High-quality steel toe work boots are made using leather.
Industry: Mining, Electrical, and Construction industries use steel toe work boots.

24. Soft Toe Work Boots

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Soft toe work boots lack toe caps, meant to protect feet from heavy blows.

Best Brands to Buy: Wolverine, Timberland, Irish Setter are the best brands to buy soft-toe work boots.
Material: Soft-toe work boots are made of Leather, Rubber, and Nylon.
Industry: Electricians, Machine operators, and technicians use these boots.

25. Composite Toe Sophisticated Work Boots

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Composite toe boots boast a rugged design that makes them great for construction workers, engineers, and electricians.

Best Brands to Buy: Carhartt, Skechers, Timberland, Caterpillar, etc., are renowned brands to buy composite toe work boots.
Material: Leather, Rubber, Textile, etc., are used to make these boots.
Industry: Construction and Electronic industries also use composite toe boots.

26. Slip Resistant Exclusive Work Boots

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Slip Resistant exclusive work boots offer a firm grip and prevent the wearer from falling in wet and muddy terrains.

Best Brands to Buy: Timberland, Shoes for Crews, RockRooster, etc., are the best brands to buy slip-resistant work boots.
Material: Nylon, Rubber, and Leather are used to make anti-slip boots.
Industry: Agriculture, Fishing, Chemicals, and Construction industries use slip-resistant boots.

27. Chainsaws Protective Work Boots

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Chainsaws protective work boots are high-on safety as they feature a durable leather and safety caps for toes.

Best Brands to Buy: Rockfall and Viking footwear make the best chainsaws protective work boots.
Material: Rubber is mostly used to make chainsaw protective work boots.
Industry: Carpenters and tree cutters use chainsaw boots.

28. Puncture-Resistant Superb Work Boots

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Puncture-resistant work boots are designed to withstand forceful penetration ranging up to 270 pounds and protect the feet.

Best Brands to Buy: Timberland Pro, Wolverine, and Larnmen are three leading brands offering puncture-resistant boots.
Material: Puncture-resistant work boots are made of leather and rubber.
Industry: Construction industry workers use puncture-resistant work boots.

There are 28 types of work boots offering traction, comfort, and safety to workers in various industries.

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