6 Ways to Flaunt Denim on Denim for Men

The summer is in and we are sure you all are finding outfits that just don’t feel at all! Girls out there have loads of option to keep themselves barely covered in the heat and still be dressed but men often find themselves stuck in the cult of jeans, shirts, Tees or the least shorts. With very few options to experiment in the hot weather, it is often the coolest of fabrics that touch a guys fashion brain. Denims have been perhaps the oldest and coolest of fabrics in the fashion industry. Catering to both men and women, you might also find varied  levels of fabric qualities in denims. Denims are in fact one of the very few fabrics that can be worn in both winters and summers depending upon the outfit you choose them for.


This time, we have 6 different looks in which men can style their denims and look absolutely stunning. Be it their jeans, shirts or cool jackets, here are a few examples to show the world that summer has a lot more than just heat for you!

So come aboard to redefine your style quotient with these fantastic looks with denims all over you!

Look#1: Mandarin Collars

the fashion enterpreneur

Denims are cool and you can go even collar with a nice mandarin collar denim tee teamed with white chinos or pants.

Look#2: Denim Jackets

the campus star

Going for a road trip? Team up cool tees with denim jackets to spice up your whole casual aura. Keep in mind to keep your denim jeans in a different shade than you jacket to avoid being monotonous.

Look#3: Roll the sleeves

the indie musician

You might keepyour denim jacket in sync with your denims and keep a rowdy look with rolled sleeves.

Look#4: Denim Shirts

the editor

There is nothing as cool and smart as denim shirts. Even better, they will never make you look out of place. Spruce a casual denim shirt with rolled sleeves with your favourite pair of rugged denim jeans.

Look#5 : Denims in Black

the adventure enthusiast

Denims in black have just no comparison in the X-factor quotient. Pick up a black jeans with matching shade in denim shirts. You might team this look with a contrasting shade baggy jacket and get this hunk look all over you.

Look#6 : Authentic Whites

the writer

Whites are the evergreens in the heat!

Get into the elegant creative mood with the artistic white denims. If you are always in for something new and out of the usual stuff, invest into a rough white denim shirt and get into this mod look.

For a change, keep the buttons off over a contrasting grey tee with contrasting chinos.

Isn’t it amazing how denims can be your ultimate summer styles and full of options all around. Browse through our collection to get the looks right at your doorstep and keep looking for more.

If you have any new ideas don’t forget to update our readers with your beautiful comments!

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