10 Best Baby Teether Toys Brands for Online Shopping in India

Teething can be a challenging game for first-time parents as the infants also grow irritable and cranky during the process. Teether is good for babies as it aids in enhanced gum development by offering an ample amount of oral stimulation. You can shop ten best teether toys for babies to offer respite to your little ones.

Top 10 Branded Teethers for Baby to Buy

Our expert-curated silicone teether for baby rank high in terms of durability and can suffice your infants even when they gnaw on them all day long. Most of the water teether for baby available in different online portals like amazon and firstcry are dishwasher safe which helps in its easy sterilization.

Natural teether for a baby can ease out the discomfort in a mother nature approved manner. Teether gel inculcates natural products like cloves and chamomile which help in alleviating gum aches. It is a popular choice in the teether for a 4-month baby. The presence of ample textures on the teether sticks helps to soothe the gums of your little ones. The multifunctional baby teether for 3 months can ease the pain while adding to the excitement level of your little one. Pediatricians often advocate buying multiple fruit teether for babies to keep them occupied.


Top 10 Branded Teethers to Buy for your Baby online in India

1. NatureBond Baby Fruit Nibbler & Teether

best teether brand in india
The NatureBond teethers come in candy-like hues which can boost up your baby’s appetite for fruits and vegetables. This serves as a unique means of introducing your little one to solid food during their weaning phase. It is also extremely helpful in soothing the teething discomfort of your baby by imparting a massaging sensation to the gums. The NatureBond teethers are manufactured with USA FDA-approved materials and are free from latex, BPA, lead, or phthalates making it the ideal choice for your little munchkins. This infant teething toy has been specially crafted so that parents can easily dismantle and wash them whenever needed. The teat length can also be custom adjusted by turning the knob which helps in squeezing out fruit juices to help with the consumption.

2. Whiskey Teether & Rattle Set for New Borns

best teether for 4 month baby
Amuse your infant kid with the Wishkeynon-toxic set of 8 which comes in vibrant shades. It is crafted using non-toxic eco-friendly materials and BPA free ABS plastic to keep parents worry-free even when their children chew on the teethers. This set of development toys can strengthen the motor, sensory, hand, and eye coordination so that they can easily recognize various designs, shapes, and colours. The colourful baby rattles can ensure an ergonomic fit for your child’s little hands so that they can enjoy fun yet learning hours. The textured surface of the teethers comes off as easy on the baby’s gums and deliver an adequate level of simulation needed.

3. Como Tomo Ring Teether for Baby

best teether keys toy for baby
The nice and soft Como Tomo baby teether resembles small fingers on a silicone ring having ridges on the ends. Such attributes make its shape ideal for the sore little gums of infants during the teething stage. Its lightweight build makes the teether perfect for babies who are starting to teeth but do not have enough for holding chunky or heavy toys. The ergonomic design of the teether makes it easy to clean and transport. This teether is suggested for babies aged 3 months and more.

4. Nepee Food Pacifier for New Borns

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The multicolor teether and feeder from NEPEE feature a unique design that is well-suited for your little one to nibble on. It is latex, BPA, lead, petroleum, and phthalates free which can ensure the best of health for your baby. The teether has been specially designed to prevent choking by allowing only the tiniest of food pieces to go through. Soft chewable silicone and textured surfaces of the NEPEE teether eases out teething discomfort as you place a piece of vegetable, fruit, or even meat inside the mesh bag before snapping it shut. Other than relieving gum aches, the NEPEE teether is also helpful in assisting the build-up of mouth muscle.

5. Chic Buddy Finger-Shaped Teether

best teether firstcry
Raising children can become a fun-filled experience with the Chic Buddy teethers which is shaped like a finger. The teether is neither too soft nor hard given its 100% food-grade silicone construction. The unique shape of the teether minimizes all chances of choking hazards so that you can induce motor skills in your little ones without any troubles. Your baby can chew on these teethers for a long without losing grip. Moms can rejoice as the Chic Buddy teethers take away gum pain experienced by their little ones with the Chic Buddy teethers which is ideal for the chubby fingers of your kids aged 5 months and more.

6. Chewy Tubes Non-Toxic Teether for Toddlers

good teether for 3 month old baby
Help in the development of your child’s biting and chewing skills with the Chewy Tubes teether which has won accolades amongst parents given its non-toxic surface. The tool is especially helpful for children who rarely experience daily oral simulation. The thermoplastic polymer material construction of the Chewy Tubes teether is perfect for infants. Its corrugated ridges help with grasping the teether and can prove to be very helpful for visually impaired children. The long extension of the teether can reach the back molars of kids aged 6 months and up. Over time, the chew tool enhances the motion of the mouth muscles for making them more flexible.

7. Infantso Pain-Relief  Teether

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Bid adieu to your baby’s teething pain with the Infant so teether which is shaped like a bottle. BPA free and non-toxic construction makes the teether 100% safe for being used by your little one. The silicone used in the teether helps a lot in providing pain relief to the sore gums. The bumps and grooves present in the teether rub gently at the baby’s gums without inflicting any harm to their mouth area. This oral simulation providing teether is perfectly shaped so that your baby can grab it by the stem. The unique construction also assists in exercising your baby’s fingers so that they become more flexible in the long run.

8. Infantso Food-Grade Silicone Teether

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This ring-shaped teether from Infantso has been specially crafted to assist in the teething phase of babies aged 2 months and above. Parents have pointed out that the teether keeps children engaged and diverts their minds whenever they start crying. While the teether is both sturdy and nice looking, it is adequately lightweight for being handled by your little ones. It is manufactured using BPA-free and non-toxic food-grade silicone which is known to induce relief from gum aches. The teether comes with multi-sensory textures which can add to your child’s motor skills while enhancing their level of curiosity.

9. Little Rawr Pain-Relief Soft Toy

teether good for baby to buy in india
Your babies will be encouraged to grasp and interact from the moment you introduce the Little Rawr rattle-teether into their lives. This has been specially designed to soothe the tender gums of your baby while offering complete safety with its zero-PVC composition. The eco-friendly teether has been crafted with a blend of chemical-free sustainable wood along with soft silicone which supports your child’s natural development. The ergonomic design makes this teether very easy to hold as babies aged 4 to 18 months learn new motor skills.

10. Sophie la Girafe Natural Rubber Teether

Your baby can overcome the teething phase painlessly with the Sophie la girafe So’Pure Colo’rings teether which is recommended for kids up to 18 months of age. 100% natural rubber procured from the rubber trees is used in the construction of these teethers making them the safest choice for your little ones. The babies can chew on the horns and ears of this visually appealing product which features a textured ring to offer paramount relief to your munchkins. Grab handle and lightweight design of the teethers help your babies to grab it with their little hands without experiencing any strain.

Cutting teeth is an essential milestone in the lives of both babies and their parents. But the initial days can cause a lot of pain for your little one. The teethers listed above can help in soothing the pain while developing other motor skills of the babies.

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