How to select Ideal Fabrics according to Your Body Shape?

We all are fashion conscious. Who isn’t?? We spend days and nights looking for the best outfits that suit us, the colours that we must go for and what not. Little do we realise that it’s not just the right outfit and style that brings out the best in us but also the silhouettes that we go for.

If you are women, there are chances you are never happy with the way you look. A little too fat at the belly or a little too skinny on the shoulders, and what Not – We know all the stories!!!  Well, you cannot change your body all the way round. But the least you can do is pick up stuff that makes it look prettier rather than making you feel depressed about it.


You must have bought a nice evening dress to look slimmer but if that happens to be Lycra, you have definitely reduced your chances to hide the flabs.

The same applies if you are too skinny and often end up buying clothes in stretchable synthetics and end up giving clear skin-bone show!!!

Read ahead to know what fabrics to choose or avoid looking the best in our god gifted body styles.

The Skinny Minnies (Rectangle Body Type)

rectangle body shape

If you are skinny, have a straight figure and have very less fat on you, you need fabrics that should form curves in your body. Skin tight or body hugging fabrics like spandex won’t suit you much.

You must choose fabrics that are frilly and add volume like cotton, linen, silk and satin.

Avoid tight or too loose outfits as well.

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The Slim, Well-Toned Women (Hourglass Figure)

hourglass body type

There are very less inhibitions as to what you can wear and what not, but we still want you to remain away from baggy and loose fabrics like georgette or satins. You can pick matte jersey, spandex, cotton, silk and satins.

Tighter fabrics are safe options for you and you have a go signal for tight body hugging dresses or bodysuits as well. 

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Pear Shaped Figure

pear shaped body

These are women with heavier bottoms and have most of their fat below their waists. You must always remember that your plus point is you upper body and go for outfits and fabrics that take care of that.

Go for flowy fabrics that don’t cling to your hips like cotton, polyester, linen, chinon, chiffon, satin and georgette.

Avoid Silks and Khadi cotton. Never go for stretchable stuff, especially for leggings and jeans. 

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The Stout Ones (Apple Shaped Body Type)

apple shaped body

Women under this category appear to be top heavy. They have curvier and fuller chests with little waist definition. They have beautiful legs and that’s what we need you to always remember!

You must avoid clinging fabrics like spandex and lycra, rather go for fabrics that are fuller towards the waist.

Cotton and linen are the best options for you. These would take away the extra attention from the upper torso and balance the overall look.

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Inverted Triangle Body Type

inverted triangle shaped body

Women owing this body contours belong to the modelling world. They have the perfect broad well-toned shoulders and fuller chests. They tend to have narrow waists and can always flaunt their legs.

If you belong to inverted triangle shape, go for flowy fabrics like chiffon, chinon, georgette etc. If you choose to go for silk and linen, try using them for your bottom outfits.

Also make sure you experiment with the bottom fabrics and avoid skinny stretchable fabrics like spandex, lycra, leather etc.

All said and done, make sure you are committing no mistakes when going fo fabrics for your outfits. Try going with the above advice and we guarantee you are going to change how people look at you!!! Dress Good, Look Good!!!

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