26 Polo T-shirts That You Won’t Believe Are Just below Rs 500

Dear men, we know the misery of going to work every day in the same old monotonous formal attire- A set of formal shirts and trousers as per your work protocols. And if you finally do go out for some shopping, we know the glares your wife or mom gives you when you end up buying expensive tees for your sparse comfort days.

polo tshits below price rs 00

Well, as much as you love wearing colourful tees with your denims or chinos, we have found some incredible polo tees for guys at incredibly low prices. We found out some amazing polo t-shirts by some of the most popular polo tees brands without affecting your pocket much.


You would be amazed to see this classic collection of polo golf tees, polo graphic tees and many more that are irresistible not just because of their affordable prices but also due to their super comfy fabrics.

Be it collared, ban-necked or round neck tees, we got them all under our roof at mouth gaping prices.

So guys,what are you waiting for? We bet you won’t find these super special deals anywhere in the mall nearby you. So save yourself the hard work of going out on shopping spree and scroll down to pick some for your weekend wardrobe.

Do not miss this once in a while opportunity to buy these heart throb pieces at just Rs. 500.

1. Status Quo Navy Blue Solid Cotton Polo T-Shirt

status quo navy blue polo t-shirt
2. Mudo Multicoloured Striped Polo T-Shirt

incult navy blue striped polo t-shirt
3. Mudo White Striped Polo T-Shirt

mudo white striped polo t-shirt

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4. Cotton County Premium Red Striped Polo T-Shirt

5. Incult Navy Half Sleeve Overdyed Polo T Shirt

incult navy blue solid polo t-shirt
6. Atorse Maroon Solid Polo T-Shirt

atorse maroon polo t-shirt

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7. Cotton County Premium Black Striped Polo T-Shirt

cotton county premium black striped polo t-shirt
8. Globus Black Solid Polo T-Shirt

globus black polo t-shirt
9. Cotton County Premium Red Striped Polo T-Shirt

cotton county premium multicolor striped polo t-shirt
10. Gritstones Blue Solid Polo T-Shirt

grilstones blue solid polo t-shirt
11. Incult White Printed Polo T-Shirt

incult white printed polo t-shirt
12. Mudo Black Striped Polo T-Shirt

mudo black striped polo t-shirt
13. Mudo Multicoloured Striped Polo T-Shirt

mudo multicolor striped t-shirt
14. Mudo Red Striped Polo T-Shirt

mudo red striped polo t-shirt
15. Obidos Red and Grey Colour Block Polo T-Shirt

obidos gray red color block polo t-shirt
16. Obidos White Striped Polo T-Shirt

17. Phosphorus Black Panelled Polo T-Shirt With Contrast Detailing

phosphorus black solid polo t-shirt with contrast sleeve
18. Phosphorus Red Striped cotton Polo T-Shirt

phosphorus red striped polo t-shirt
19. Riot Jeans Navy Blue Printed Cotton Polo T-Shirt

riot jeans blue printed polo t-shirt
20. Status Quo Black Solid Polo T-Shirt

status quo black solid polo t-shirt
21. Status Quo Olive Solid Polo T-Shirt

status quo olive solid polo t-shirt
22. UV&W Green Striped Polo T-Shirt

uvw green striped polo t-shirt
23. UV&W Pink & Blue Striped Polo T-Shirt

uvw multicolor striped polo t-shirt
24. UV&W Navy Blue Solid Polo T-Shirt

uvw navy blue solid polo t-shirt
25. Wilkins & Tuscany Blue Solid Polo T-Shirt

wilkins tuscany blue solid polo t-shirt
26. Wilkins & Tuscany Light Blue Solid Polo T-Shirt

wilkins tuscany light blue striped sleeves polo t-shirtIf you’re still in for more browse through the multitude of polo tees at our very own  platform. Check out all Polo T-shirts just below Rs. 500.


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