Best Shaving Hacks: Beards, Underarm, Legs & Private Area Tips

No one wants their smooth skin to stay covered with a bunch of unwanted hair. That’s from where the idea of shaving came from. But, wait a while if you have a constant fear in your mind regarding shaving. In case you face a lot of cuts, blood marks, use of tissues during the shaving regime there are endless chances that you are not doing it in the right way so far. 

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Well, the good news is, be it beard, underarms, legs, or private parts we have got some amazing shaving tips exclusively for you. Additionally, we are bringing separate shaving tips for both men or women. Hence, without wasting any further time allow us to revamp the perfect picture of your shaving aesthetics. Dear reader, trust us you need to take your shaving skills seriously, it’s high time when you should switch to these below-mentioned shaving tips forever.

1. Make sure your razor remains dry

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Foremost, no matter which area of your body you are about to shape it’s mandatory to grab the assurance that your razor is accurately dry. The wetness of the razor raises the chances of cuts more than that it ruins the sharpness of the blades. Thus, whenever you rinse your razor, cross-check that you dry it properly. However, for fixing this issue you can also buy anti-corrosive stuff in order of achieving the goals of a flawless shave.

2. Leave it on the shaving cream

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Before dropping the next tip we would request you that dont try to shave it off if you are in a hurry. Basically, it’s necessary to give enough time at the time of shaving. During your shaving sessions do not forget to let your shaving cream rest at least for 5 minutes. This tip applies to the beard, legs, underarms, and even on the private part too. But, when you proceed to shave your bikini area be picky about the shaving gel. Pick one that is truly tried and tested.

3. Hair conditioner is the shaving mate

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Do you know that hair conditioner serves as one of the best kinds of hair conditioning agents? Yes, especially for sensitive skin hair conditioners are the real shaving keepers. More than that, it works to soften out your hair too. But, you can use this hack only for beard or underarms because for pubic hair it might not prove suitable or safe.

4. The post-shave wonder

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Stop immediately if you use to wash off your face or legs or underarms with lukewarm once you are done with the shaving process. We are saying this because you should always perform the respective process with cold water. Washing the shaved area with the cold water post shaving tightens the pores, and controls the scope of fast regrowth. Consequently, always clean it up with cold water after accomplishing your bout of shaving.

5. Take shower before shaving

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A lot of people out there are unfamiliar with the fact that the pre-shaving shower is a must for the remarkable shave. In case you are also among such rare individuals, then make this really clear that it is necessary to take shower with lukewarm water before sitting back for shaving. No matter, you are aiming to shave your underarms, legs, beard, or private area, wetting up the layer of hair and then drying it throughout with the help of towels or tissues is of paramount importance. 

6. Exfoliation is the answer to you

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Are you dreaming to obtain the best of the shaving process? Guess what? You need to begin it all with extensive exfoliation. Before you shave any of your body parts such as legs, underarms, beard or even your pubic hair hold the assurance that you exfoliate in the first place. Thanks to the existence of exfoliation, because this process eradicates the layer of dead skin cells plus provides you with a much clearer picture to shave it up. Pick up your kind of favorite scrub and exfoliate before you shave.

7. Get set with shaving primer

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Have you ever heard about the term shave primer? Believe it or not, but shaving primer is nothing less than a boon for every individual who is aiming to shave. Basically, olive oil or coconut oil are known to be phenomenal shaving primers since it smoothes your hard hair like never before. So, next time when you set to shave off any of your body areas like legs, underarms, arms, or private area make sure that you apply a bit of olive oil or coconut oil for turning the process truly easy-peasy.

8. Move on with small strokes


Well, if you are a pro at shaving you become habitual of doing long strokes in order to finish the tedious shaving exercise as soon as possible. But taking large strokes is not at all a good idea. You see, such strokes could cause serious deep cuts which even pulls off your skin recklessly. Henceforth, try taking small strokes especially, when you are shaving your private area, beard, or underarms. 

9. Buy a Styptic Pencil

Cuts or rashes are part of the shaving procedure however no one wants to suffer from such terrible tiny cuts. So, how can you fix the instant burn or pain that it causes? The answer is simple: buy a styptic pencil. Since these pencils are specially designed to heal the causes that you get while shaving. All you are supposed to do is use a pinch of it and you are good to cover your cut in no time.

Keep a check on the direction of the hair

We know that due to tons of shaving tips over the internet it turns out to be really confusing to understand the appropriate shaving direction. Well, the direction of shaving varies from growth to growth. You can have up-pointed growth, straight fall-down growth, or straight up-down growth. So, always remember that you have to shave in the opposite direction of growth. But, in case you are shaving your pubic hair, it’s forever suggested to do the sideways shaving instead of cleaning it down to up or up to down.

To all shaving lovers reading the article, reset your shaving routine according to the above-mentioned tips. We hope that you just checked out the best piece based upon the primary hacks for shaving your beard, legs, underarms or private parts.


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