Cute Outfits Matching Ideas for Couples

deepika-ranveer-couple-outfitThe couples who are deep in love would go any way to make sure the world gets a lot of it to see!!! While on streets we see the love bees holding hands and being so in love with each other, some go a step forward and go for matching outfits. We see a lot of celebrity couples as well giving us the look now and again of how deeply they are into each other.

A couple can go for matching outfits or contrast their outfits and rock on a plethora of occasions.

We here at LooksGud bring out to you examples of how you can show the love on almost every occasion you chose to be together at!!!


Match the Pullovers!!

couple-sweaters, boyfriend girlfriend matching hoodiesWe cannot ask you to sacrifice your favorite denims for the sake of matching, but you can go for matching sweaters or cardigans to give us a whiff of your blossomed love!!

Choose a color that suits you both!! We don’t want the guys wearing Pink of course!!

Add a matching hat or boots to take this to another level.

Choose the Denims

couple-denim-shirt, couple denim outfitsAnother day at the shopping mall? Get your favorite Denim shirts out together and rock them with a pair of matching pants. Go with a pair of aviators and matching shoes to make the casual date a classic view to the people around.

Send out the same message!

couple-message-tshirt, boyfriend girlfriend message tshirts We often see teenagers and those newly founds in matching T-shirts with contrasting messages written on them. Choose the ones that suit you and let the love flood out its usual way!!

You can wear a pair of denims or let the choice be yours!!

Match the PJ’s

couple-matching-pajamas, matching pjs for couplesGoing out for a casual stroll or a walk by the house? Match your PJ’s together on one of your favorite themes and send out the message aloud that you are so much crazy for being together.

couple-matching-sweatshirts, matching sweatshirts for coupleYou can match the sweatshirts as well or have a contrast matching and rock as a couple.

The alternate way!!

couple-outfit, cute relationship matching outfits

One of our favourites and less sugar coated, choose to wear a matching outfits by just wearing the same colour and going for alternate outfits. You can choose to wear a pastel trouser and let your girl go for a pair of shorts or a skirt with the same hue!!

Matching Nightwear!!

couple-nightwear, couple matching sleepwearWell, the crazy ones can cross all bars of sweetness and try these crazy footie pyjamas or nightwear for an indoor sleepover!!

Aren’t these just too cute!!

The Perfect Date!!

couple-dating-outfit, best dating outfit for coupleWhen going for a formal date or Oh yes, it’s your anniversary; there are plenty of ways to choose to match.

You can look adorable by going for the same formal trousers and a blazer. It is just the right amount of oomph for you!!

Keep the same hues

couple-same-hues, cute girlfriend boyfriend outfit Our favourite stars keep doing that on and off. The galas are filled with example of matching colours by couples who do not want to overstate their love but still keep the same shade.

Keep the Ties matching to the lady’s gown or match the colour of your suit!! It’s all upon you!!

Mirror Images

couple-mirror-image, cute matching outfit for coupleWith no more experimentations, send out the love by wearing complete mirror images of each other. Wear the same hues, the style and just fit in together!!

We see a lot of celebs pulling this off.

Perfect Contrasts

couple-perfect-contrast, contrast outfit for coupleAnother way of matching your outfits is to go with stark contrasts. This gives you the freedom to choose your outfit as per your desire by keeping the hues as complete fits. The whole aura of you as couple comes like complete soul mates complimenting each other!

A little Match

couple-little-match-outfitVery popular these days in the Punjabi style weddings and functions, couples who do not want to match the whole outfit, pick something here or there from their outfits and match the hues to give a hint of their secret love!

You can for a Turban-dupatta, pocket square-suit, tie-dupatta etc combinations and keep the matching minimal.

Splash Splash!!

couple-shorts, matching shorts for coupleIf your day out with your better half is at the beach, well match the pair of shorts or your swimsuit and the shorts and go out into the water.

couple-matching-outfit, best matching couple outfitYou can choose to match the whole dress up by going for similar t-shirts and sneakers as well.

Accessorise Together

couple-matching-accessories, matching accessories for coupleAnother simple and subtle match, go for matching accessories to keep a tint of matching and yet being different. Hats off to this couple who pulls this off just so fab!

The way they match the red shrug with the shoes is just one hell creative idea!!

Show it off at the Gym

couple-gym-outfit, matching gym outfit for coupleCouple who love to go to gym together can make a statement there as well. Go for the same matching Tracks and T-shirts with the same sports shoes and be the eye candy!!

Go for Similar Prints

matching-printed-couple-outfit, couple printed outfitYou can choose to wear your own set of outfits by keeping the print of the pattern similar to give a tinge of matching.



Matching same innerwear doesn’t make sense, right? Stop it makes sense in your love life for some fantasy.

Make sure you choose prints and shades that suit both and do not make a joke for one of you two!!

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