3 Types of Kaftan Dresses for Glamorous Look

Are you bored with the usual summer dresses and frocks and are constantly bickering about something new to wear in the summer heated days? Well, for that kaftans are surely one of the trendiest options this summer and are the perfect outfit to beat the heat this season.

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Traditionally worn in the middle east, Caftans or Kaftans date back to the Moroccan culture as well. It is usually a long wide sleeved dress that normally reached up to your ankles or knees. The kaftans were usually worn by both men and women in the middle east but with the latest fashion trends the kaftans have invaded the foreign markets becoming a huge collection in the beach outfits as well as in the formal occasions like wedding ceremonies and what not.


Kaftans have now emerged as one of the trendiest dresses available in a variety of fabrics and designs as per your choice. Since these by their very design add volume to your looks, it is very important to find the perfect fit for your body and match them with slim fit lowers. Scroll down to have a look at what the market these days has to offer you:

1. Short Kaftans

For women who have a short stature and are plump short kaftans are a great choice to go with pants or a pair of jeans.These are usually a part of the casual wear and have lengths up to your waistline or hipline. These come in a variety of fabric and designs.Usually tie and die is always a trend in the short kaftans.

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Fabrics: Georgette, Crepe, Chiffon, Cotton
Match-with: Skin fit Pants, Capris, Jeans, Platform  heels, High Heels, flats
Occasions: Casual Occasions, Beachwear

For those girls who have a reasonable height and do not want to look too tall, this is a choice they must avoid. These can also serve as wonderful beach cover ups and are usually the trend as swimsuit cover ups these days. Choose vibrant colors when bringing them to your beach holidays.

2. Midi Kaftans

This is a great choice if you want to go for a summer dress but want it to be airy and comfortable as well.It goes well if the long kaftan is too bulky for you and short ones are not in your to-wear list. These are very much similar to kimonos and are good cover-ups for our swimsuit. Hence,they are a must if your packing up for a summer holidays at Maldives!!

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Fabrics: Georgette, Crepe, Chiffon
Match-with: Loose fitting linens, Swimsuits, Shorts, Jeans, Tank Tops
Occasions: Beach Parties, Pool Parties, Casual Occasions

3. Full length Kaftans

Also known as the Maxi Kaftan, these are usually worn by the Asian ladies and go up to the ankles like a nightgown. Long kaftans also have wide full sleeves and are usually perfect for the evening parties or engagements. Many designs are available in the Long kaftans. Some are accompanied by a belt to give looks similar to a Kimono. These come in a variety of heavily embroidered fabrics.

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Fabrics: Silk, Cotton, Crepe, Chiffon
Match-with: Legging, Churidars, Tights, Pants, Sandals and Open Toe Shoes
Occasions: Weddings, Evening dinners, Beach Parties

These are best suited for women with well-toned body and are not a good idea if you are too bulky or plump since these are considerably voluminous. Long Kaftans are an excellent choice for beach parties and keep you comfy as well.

With the trends changing every second in the fashion world kaftans have gone through their ups and downs when it comes to the preferable designs. You must be very careful in choosing which length would you want to go on with to suit your contours and get the best out of you. Also make sure that the right fabric gives the aura that a kaftan is meant to carry.

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