How to Wear a Headband with Short Hair?

headbands for women with short hair

A headband can serve as your nirvana if your wish is to become an attention magnet without creating a mess. Headbands are basically loops of elasticated fabric that go around your head’s circumference. The main function of a headband is to prevent sweat from getting in the wearer’s eyes and also keep your hair in place. If you have short hair, then the headband can serve as a non-functioning fashion accessory that can add a stylish flair to your look. If you are curious about how to style your short hair with a headband, then you have come to the right place. Today we are going to discuss how to amp up your hairstyling game be it for formal or casual events and also share some hair styling tips along the way.

Tips to style your headband

short hair headband styles

  • For best results, you need to start with a clean palette by ensuring that your hair stays clean and frizz-free. Your aim here should be to opt for a shampoo and conditioner formulated with less sulphates so that your locks stay smooth and shiny.

how to wear a headband with short curly hair

  • Once you have washed your hair, you can blow-dry or iron it. While blow drying your hair, put a nozzle attachment and brush your hair with a boar bristle brush to make your hair lay flat and feel smooth.

headband with short curly hair

  • Now make waves or curls by segregating your tresses into workable sections where you can use a curling wand and create styles of your preference. Hold it for some time and then let go of the strand before moving onto the next one. For curling your hair, just wrap the entire segment of your hair around the wand whereas for a wavy style wrap it around midway while leaving the ends out. Add more volume and texture to your hair by teasing your tresses. But before doing this, rake a wide comb through your curls to separate them and next comb them back until you attain the desired result.

how to wear headbands with short natural hair

  • Finally, it’s time to create a fancy look by sliding your favorite headband over your newly curled hair. Before placing your headband, pin back sections that are near your face by taking small sections and twisting them back by locking 2 bobby pins to form an “x” shape. Keep doing this for most hair along your hairline so that you can wear your headband only for decoration purposes rather than keep your hair in place. To keep your hair in place, apply some flexible hold spray which will stop static and flyaways to deliver a frizz-free finish. For best results, opt for bobby pins in the same shade as your hair color so that they don’t stick out.

how to wear a knotted headband with short hair

  • Choose a thin headband in a color that complements the shade of your outfit. Now spread your headband so that it stays parallel to the hairline. Tilt the headband’s position up and down so that it rests either above or below your hairline.

headbands for short natural hair

  • Styling products get accumulated on a headband and render a soiled look. You should wash your headbands using a mild detergent after wearing them. The ones with built-in combs might be too spiky for being worn by those having short hair as they might cause hair breakage and pain.

How to choose a headband for short hairthin headbands for short hair

  • The width of your headband should be 1 inch or less. While both thin and thick headbands look flattering with short hair, you shouldn’t go wider than 1 inch as that will cover up your head and won’t look very good.

how to wear a headband with short hair and bangs

  • For a casual look, get a headband whose color matches that of your hair or looks good on it. This will help transform your headband into a versatile accessory that can be worn with any outfit. Brunettes can opt for a headband made of small brown or tan crystals which can add a dash of sparkle to your look. If you are unsure of which colors will look best, opt for neutral shades like white or black rather than bright tones like lavender or neon green.

how to wear a headband with very short hair

  • For everyday versatility, wear a simple thin headband that lies flat against your head. You can choose a headband made of fabric, metal, plastic, or a combination of them. Bands made with elastic cinch your strands softly into place while their non-slip features ensure a tight grip around your ears.

how to use a headband with short hair

  • The best thing about thin headbands is that they are a classic choice that can be worn to dinner, work, or even while running errands. Nail a subtle look by keeping the patterns and embellishments simple like a thinly braided headband in solid hues or one with rhinestones or a thin stripe of pearls across the top.

hair bands for short hair

  • Your headband should be positioned 1 inch behind your hairline as doing otherwise will make it look out of place.

pixie cut headbands for short hair

  • To add some softness to your face allow some hair to hang around your face. Pulling all your hair back with your headband can make you look neat but it is always better to leave some pieces out so that it can beautifully frame your face. If you have bangs, then pull everything back other than your bangs.

stylish headbands for short hair

  • Use a comb to make a deep side part and pull your hair across your forehead to create a faux bang. Now secure the hair behind one side of your headband with bobby pins to conjure the illusion of cute sidebangs.

vintage headbands for short hair

  • For a boho look, wear the headband across your forehead. This works best if you have a headband that is a connected circle as you can position it around the back and front of your head. Though this isn’t very helpful for securing your hair, it can impart a bohemian flair to your look.

Best ways to wear a headband with short hairhow to wear headband with bob haircut

  • If it’s one of those days when you wish to keep your hair out of your face, then the low bun can serve as your best choice. To nail this style, you will need small elastic bands and some bobby pins. After combing your hair, put it in a low bun be it a donut or messy style. If you wish to showcase curtain bangs, then leave them from the rest of your hair and set it all in place with bobby pins. Once your bun is ready, slip the headband onto your head but behind the curtain bangs. You can match the headband’s knotted part if you part your hair. Finally, you can style your hair as you want.

short headband hairstyle

  • Ladies with short hair can also throw it up into a bun. The best thing about this hairstyle is that you can push them back with the headband while rocking the bun simultaneously. To complete the look, you will require bobby pins which will keep small flyaways in place.

best headbands for short hair

  • If your hair length isn’t adequate to rock the first two looks, then you can keep it open and pop on your headband.


Headbands can have a big role to play in elevating your appearance. For a night out, you can get a headband made of unique materials and with rhinestone embellishment. You can wear a thin headband with a large embellishment like a flower or feather. For an edgy look, you can wear a thick headband made of leather which stays in place so that you can try out diverse styles. Chunky headbands look best for casual events. You should get a headband that neatly fits your head as these come in different sizes. If you are unsure of the size, get an elastic band as they will deliver better hold.

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