16 Different Types of Jumpsuits Designs: Name with Photos

Jumpsuits have slowly evolved into the go-to wardrobe of ladies belonging to different age groups and body shapes. The first thing which delights us about this attire is the high level of comfort it provides apart from the sheer versatility which helps in sporting the same at different events ranging from a casual date night to a fun dinner with besties. Enough said, lets now take a look at the most popular jumpsuit variants you can try out this season.

types of jumpsuits with names

16 Different Types of Jumpsuits Designs: Name with Photos

  1. Blazer Jumpsuits
  2. Boiler Jumpsuits
  3. Cape Jumpsuits
  4. Culotte Jumpsuits
  5. Denim Jumpsuits
  6. Flared Jumpsuits
  7. Overall Jumpsuits
  8. Playsuits
  9. Shirt Jumpsuits
  10. Skinny Jumpsuits
  11. Straight Jumpsuits
  12. Sweatshirt Jumpsuits
  13. Tank Jumpsuits
  14. Tee Jumpsuits
  15. Unitard Jumpsuits
  16. Wide Leg Jumpsuits

1. Blazer Jumpsuits

red deep neck jumpsuit for girls

Pep up your formal wardrobe with this popular variety of jumpsuit which can strike the right balance between style and functionality. You can wear them to work and even to after office parties where you wish to radiate your steely personality and make them gape with awe. These jumpsuits usually look best when paired with minimal jewelry and pointed stilettoes.

Supported footwear: High heels with ankle belt, Pumps
Best for body shape: Pear body shape
Price range: Rs. 500 to 3000
Occasions: Formal wear, Party
Websites: Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, Shein
Jewellery: Layering chain, Threader Earrings, Watches, Stackable ring
Suitable hairstyle: Updo, Long wavy hairstyle
Material: Hopsack, Linen, Flannel, Cotton

2. Boiler Jumpsuits

images of different types of jumpsuits

These tapered leg jumpsuits usually feature side pockets and subtle detailing around the waistline. They are ideal for those occasions when you wish to tone down on the level of skin show while enhancing the comfort level. You can proceed with either the plain, denim or quirky nylon variants as per your requirements while turning heads at every event your grace. You can also exercise complete versatility while selecting the hem length of the pant and pair up your outfit with simple loafers to radiate that super cool vibe.

Supported footwear: Sneakers, Loafers
Best for body shape: Rectangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 500 to 5000
Occasions: Casual, Fire work
Websites: Jabong, Flipkart, Amazon, Ebay, Myntra
Jewellery: Retro Glasses, Big Round Hoop Earrings
Suitable hairstyle: Dimensional Curls, Bangs
Material: Cotton, Denim, Nylon, Lyocell, Linen

3. Cape Jumpsuits

types of jumpsuits for girls with heavy thighs

Showcase your killer style with this elegant jumpsuit type which can bring out the supergirl in all of us. It serves as the perfect choice for ladies who wish to try out this flirtatious style without drawing much attention towards their bust region or flabby arms. The cape jumpsuits usually have a V-neckline but can also feature boat-style neck at times. These jumpsuits are perfect for sophisticated events when you wish to bask in the spotlight with your glamorous aura.

Supported footwear: Wedge-heeled sandals
Best for body shape: Triangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 800 to 3000
Occasions: Cocktails party, Wedding party
Websites: Amazon, Myntra, Jabong, Yepme
Jewellery: Cuff Bracelet Bangles, Stud Hoop Earrings, Solitaire ring
Suitable hairstyle: Soft wave and a mid-part
Material: Silk, Velvet, Cashmere, Cotton, Linen

4. Culotte Jumpsuits

types of jumpsuits fashion for big tummy

This flirty jumpsuit variety is a rage amongst the young crowd who wishes to keep it low key yet confident when it comes to choosing their attire. The petite woman looks best in this jumpsuit variety whose hemline falls around 2-4 inches below the knee. This can create an illusion of super long legs and looks ideal when paired up with loafers. You can however also go ahead with stilettoes depending on the print and design of your jumpsuit.

Supported footwear: Flat ankle boots
Best for body shape: Inverted triangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 700 to 2000
Occasions: Party, Club, Cocktail, Prom, Office, Casual
Websites: Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong
Jewellery: Geometric Cone Earrings Long Drop, bangle bracelet
Suitable hairstyle: Half up half down ponytail,  Layered hair, Ponytail
Material: Chiffon

5. Denim Jumpsuits

figure flattering jeans jumpsuits

Denim is one fabric which looks gorgeous on ladies of all age groups and body shapes. This super flattering fabric which comes in an array of shade options ranging from pale washed out to dark hues never fails to camouflage the problem areas while accentuating the best parts. You can take your pick amongst different varieties of denim jumpsuits in terms of sleeve length, collar design, number of pockets and even pant hem length.

Supported footwear: Sneakers
Best for body shape: Hourglass body shape
Price range: Rs. 1000 to 6000
Occasions: Casual, Daily wear
Websites: Flipkart, Snapdeal, Jabong, Ebay, Myntra, Yepme
Jewellery: Arrow earrings, Analog watch
Suitable hairstyle: Updo, Straight hair, Middle part ponytail
Material: Denim

6. Flared Jumpsuits

formal jumpsuits for prom and evening wear

Jazz up your party looks with a pinch of flare which looks gorgeous of women who wish to strike the right balance between chic style and supreme comfort. This ‘IT’ piece of clothing can help you step up in the jumpsuit game as you display your assets to perfection. You can either opt for the fully wide-legged numbers or the fitted ones with flares near the hemline. But in both cases, you are bound to set the fashion scene ablaze with your glamour quotient. This look is perfect for ladies who wish to display their gorgeous shoes to perfection.

Supported footwear: Heeled sandals
Best for body shape: Triangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 1000 to 2500
Occasions: Casual, Fusion, Party Wear, Family Places and during Festive
Websites: Jabong, Ebay, Yepme, Shopclues, Koovs
Jewellery: Drop & dangle Earrings, Tennis bracelet, Halo ring
Suitable hairstyle: Middle part ponytail, Straight hair
Material: Silk, Chiffon, Georgette, Tulle

7. Overall Jumpsuits

types of jumpsuits styles

This figure-flattering variety of jumpsuits can serve women of all age groups and body type equally well with its sophisticated design. You can style them with crop tops or cotton shirts for gaining top marks in the contrast game while gracing every single event be it an outdoor summer party or a movie night with your BFF. You can also exercise complete versatility in terms of choosing the jumpsuit material by taking your pick amongst denim, subtle prints or solid-hued cotton.

Supported footwear: Wedge-heeled sandals, Strapped sandals
Best for body shape: Hourglass body shape
Price range: Rs. 900 to 3000
Occasions: Shopping, Holiday, Outdoors, Casual, Daily Wear
Websites: Myntra, Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal
Jewellery: Analog watch
Suitable hairstyle: High ponytail, Soft wave
Material: Cotton, Polyester blends, Slic nylon

8. Playsuits

types of jumpsuits latest

Add some sass to your wardrobe with playsuits which look a lot like jumpsuits with the only difference lies in its hem length. The ones crafted using silky and satin finish materials are ideal for being worn during evening parties whereas the playsuits made up of jersey fabric can be worn for channeling your summer fashion like an absolute diva. This combination of a shirt and super cropped pants look extremely flattering on petite ladies.

Supported footwear: Ballet flats, Sneakers
Best for body shape: Triangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 600 to 2000
Occasions: Casual
Websites: Myntra, Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong, Koovs, Shopclues
Jewellery: Crystal bracelet, Anklet
Suitable hairstyle: Half ponytail, Bang
Material: Cotton, Polyester, Crepe

9. Shirt Jumpsuits

types of shirt jumpsuits

Too lazy to separately team up your shirt and pant for a semi-formal event? Well, shirt jumpsuits can come to your rescue for creating that no-nonsense look within just a matter of few minutes. Another unique thing about this popular jumpsuit variety is its collar-line which resembles a formal shirt to create the illusion of actually wearing a formal two-piece. The button-down collar is accompanied by front breast-pockets and tapers down a little near the waistline before flaring down for a wide-legged finish.

Supported footwear: Sneakers
Best for body shape: Triangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 600 to 1500
Occasions: Casual
Websites: Myntra, Jabong, Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Snapdeal
Jewellery: Diamond stud
Suitable hairstyle: Hairdo updo, Mid part ponytail
Material: Cotton, Viscose, Rayon

10. Skinny Jumpsuits

types of jumpsuits variety

Show-off your toned figure in the skinny jumpsuit variants which can seem like a second skin over your gorgeous curves. This jumpsuit type is ideal for ladies blessed with an hourglass figure as it further accentuates their shape in a beautiful manner. You can either go for a plunging V neckline or keep it casual in a flirty off-shoulder piece. But in both cases, the main point of attraction will be your shapely derrière and super long legs. A USP of the skinny variants is that they taper down near the ankle region which makes it ideal for being teamed with stilettoes.

Supported footwear: Thin heels, Wedge-heeled sandals
Best for body shape: Triangle, Rectangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 700 to 4000
Occasions: Clubwear, Dailywear
Websites: Jabong, Myntra, Koovs, Yepme
Jewellery: Buckle Belts, Ramona bracelet
Suitable hairstyle: Straight & Curling hairstyle
Material: Polyester, Poly Crepe

11. Straight Jumpsuits

jumpsuit for heavy thighs

Top and bottom-heavy ladies look exceptionally good in the straight jumpsuits which can create the illusion of a leaner frame. A unique aspect of this particular variety of jumpsuit is that it maintains a straight silhouette and can be of great help in hiding away those bulges and love handles as you set your best fashion step forward. These jumpsuits mostly have a wide leg finish but allow the variety of choice in terms of sleeve length and collar design.

Supported footwear: Platform slingback pumps, Cage-strapped sandals
Best for body shape: Rectangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 1000 to 2500
Occasions: Casual
Websites: Jabong, Myntra, Amazon, Koovs, Flipkart, Snapdeal
Jewellery: Hoop earrings, Chains Necklaces
Suitable hairstyle: Blond hair, Long wavy hairstyle
Material: Poly Viscose, Poly Crepe

12. Sweatshirt Jumpsuits

jumpsuit with jacket

Get campus-ready in no time with these cute jumpsuit variants featuring batwing sleeves, pull zip-top and an attached hoodie. The drawstring waist brings in a fun element to its otherwise simple design while the attached side pockets add up to its functionality. This jumpsuit is ideal for college and school goers who are on the lookout for the ideal garment choice which can blend in both style and functionality without going too over the top.

Supported footwear: Gladiator Espadrille, Sneakers, Heeled Loafers
Best for body shape: Triangle, Inverted triangle, Hourglass body shape
Price range: Rs. 700 to 2500
Occasions: Casual, Daily wear, Exercise, Fitness, Workout, Jogging
Websites: Jabong, Myntra, Amazon, FashionBuzzer, Paytm
Jewellery: Stud
Suitable hairstyle: High bun, Ponytail
Material: Polyester

13. Tank Jumpsuits

types of evening jumpsuits

Imagine a tank top and add it with a matching pair of comfortable pajamas. That brings to us tank jumpsuits which is an absolute rage amongst the young crowd who wishes to keep their style cool and carefree. This comfortable jumpsuit variant features a low scoop neckline and an encased elastic waistband which can be adjusted by the draw-cord tie front. You can style this sleeveless jumpsuit at every possible event be it a day at the beach or a simple get together with friends.

Supported footwear: Ankle boots high heels
Best for body shape: Hourglass body shape
Price range: Rs. 1000 to 4500
Occasions: Casual, Club, Outdoor, Yoga, Workout
Websites: Myntra, Amazon, Ebay, Shopclues, Jabong
Jewellery: Ear cuff chain earrings
Suitable hairstyle: Messy half bun, Ponytail
Material: Rayon

14. Tee Jumpsuits

types of jumpsuits with names

The tee-shirt jumpsuit can serve you well while trying to style your look in a hurry. You can wear this during your post-workout session or while going shopping with your friends. Its scoop neckline can tag along with a casual and flirty look which gets further accentuated by the elastic waist with drawstring and cuffs around the ankle region. You can pair up the tee jumpsuits with contrast loafers for winning brownie points from the fashion police.

Supported footwear: High heels sandals, Thin heels
Best for body shape: Triangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 600 to 2500
Occasions: Casual, Party, Regular Wear
Websites: Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal, Yepme
Jewellery: Chain, Waist belt
Suitable hairstyle: Mid part straight hair, Ponytail
Material: Crepe, Poly Crepe, Rayon

15. Unitard Jumpsuits

latest jumpsuits fashion

This super versatile jumpsuit usually features long sleeves and skintight layering which can camouflage all your problem areas to perfection. You can style these jumpsuits with causal shoes to keep the whole look cool and flirty. This jumpsuit can be compared to the concept of a body stocking which can be styled to perfection to all your workout sessions where you wish to highlight your oomph factor while lifting the dumbbells.

Supported footwear: High heels, Sneaker, Ankle boots
Best for body shape: Triangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 1000 to 3000
Occasions: Cocktail, Outdoor, Yoga, Workout
Websites: Amazon, Myntra, eBay, Jabong, Flipkart, Shopclues
Jewellery: Long tassel earring
Suitable hairstyle: Messy hairs, Half bun
Material: Cotton, Polyester, Spandex

16. Wide Leg Jumpsuits

all types of jumpsuits

Be it split-leg, palazzo or culottes style, you can exercise complete versatility with the wide leg numbers. These adorable jumpsuits can help you create standout looks as you take your pick amongst different sleeve length and neckline design. You are bound to feel spoilt for choice while embracing the 70’s flare which looks best when teamed up with minimalist accessories and killer heels.

Supported footwear: Classic nude heel
Best for body shape: Inverted triangle body shape
Price range: Rs. 1000 to 8000
Occasions: Party, Club, Evening, Casual, Going out
Websites: Chumbak, Shein, Social blingz
Jewellery: Simple chain, Double hoop
Suitable hairstyle: Bang, Long wavy curls
Material: Polyester, Spandex, Rayon

Infographics: Different Types of Jumpsuits Designs For Women

We hope that by now you have developed a proper idea on the types of jumpsuits and the one which will suit your body most. So, don’t forget to try them out today and share your pictures in the comments section below.

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