21 times Narendra Modi Showed the World What Style looks like

You don’t always have to be a 5’11’ model to be in style, setting the ramp on fire with some killer looks and mesmerizing catwalks. Probably believing in this statement, Narendra Modi, the 15th Prime Minister of India, has started blazing the entire zone of politics with his iconic sense of style. Apart from being a good leader, Modi with his stunning styling sense has shown that with big powers do come big responsibilities, even with respect to style.

Mind you, being a PM is just no simple issue. It simply doesn’t mean to lead a country towards achieving the goal of progress; in fact, it also means to stay perfectly in style, in order to show the world that India too, has his own iconic figure. Dedicated to one of the best prime ministers of India, here is a list that shows how Modi made politics a stylish arena.

1. When Modi became a trendsetter with kurtas

narendra modi in kurta

Remember that legendary moment when Modi was declared as the Prime Minister of India, looking dapper in his pistachio green kurta! From that very moment, kurtas in India got its new name, Modi Kurtas. Modi has not only helped setting kurtas as his signature, but has also helped in enriching Indian ethnic wear, but unlike others, in style. Ahmedabad-based Jitendra and Bipin Chauhan, the ones behind these signature kurtas have no wonder did a marvellous job. Believe it or not, the half-sleeves kurta that our Prime Minister wear are actually inspired by his very own design.

PS- Do you know why Modi keeps his kurtas buttoned up till his neck? It is because he considers Bollywood’s Kaka, Rajesh Khanna as his style guru.


2. Modi’s Monogrammed Suit

modi monogrammed suit

Nothing but the attitude to define yourself with the sauce of your own personality can perfectly define the true meaning of style. And probably Modi comprehended this due to which he simply rocked the entire nation with his classic monogrammed suit. This dark coloured suit with golden stripes had actually defined his elite stardom in the stream of politics when he wore this during his meet-up with Obama. What mainly attracted this suit to news is not just the colour but also the stripes that actually had Modi’s full name, “Narendra Damodardas Modi” imprinted on it.

3. Modi’s Pinstriped Shawl

modi pinstriped shawl

As if his meet-up with Obama and his monogrammed suit was not quite cool enough, Modi went on further to set himself apart with with his pinstriped shawl. On his visit to France, Modi donned an exquisite looking shimmery black coloured shawl that actually had his initials on it. Now, that’s quite like a man of honour!

4. When he donned his BJP style in Pashmina

modi in pashmina shawl

Modi almost stole the entire Michelle’s fashion thunder, with his simple but elegant orange Pashmina shawl, when he went to meet Barack and Michelle Obama, during their three day visit in India. Not only that signified the official colour of BJP, but again showed the entire world that he is definitely not lagging behind, when it comes classy style.

5. When he made brown colour proud of itself

modi in brown suit

Flaunting a sedate brown suit, accompanied with a mandarin collar, Modi again made his international visit during Brics summit an inspirational one, in terms of style. He further completed this look with his red and green coloured jaunty pocket square.

6. When he made the perfect use of Matka Silk

Modi matka silk kurti

No, it’s not just with his international visits, the world knew about Modi’s sense of style. When he first visited the conflicted state of Jammu and Kashmir, after his appointment as the PM, Modi was seen donning a crisp ice-blue vest on a grey kurta, that was made from Matka Silk, a popular Indian handloom.

7. When he went Matrix style

modi matrix style

Why stay only ethnic when Modi can actually fuse Keanu Reeves in himself. Donning the Matrix shades in Xi’an  Museum of Qin Terracotta Warriors and Horses, the grand summit that was held between India and China, showed Modi’s edgy hunk look.

8. When he posed with a pony in the Mongolian way

modi pony in the mongolian way

And the plethora of Modi’s trip continued till Mongolia as well. Being the first Indian Prime Minister, Modi understood perfectly what it takes to set a global image. Following that, he was seen in a Mongolian robe along with the pony, Kanthaka.

9. When Modi looked totally dapper in striped T-shirt and trousers

Modi in striped t-shirt and trousers

No, it’s not only when he is attending political conferences. Wearing a simple striped pistachio green coloured striped t-shirt paired with off-white trousers, Modi set ablaze the entire golf course with his acute fashion sense. Indeed, one of the most fashionable PMs of India!

10. When Modi donned suit just like a boss

modi donned suit-1

Forget about James Bond, when we have our very own Narendra Modi, adorning suits grandly. Since 2001, when he was appointed as the CM, Modi fell for western wear, which eventually led him to master its appearance. During his meet-up with the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, Modi wore a simple and classy black suit that made his appearance more prolific.

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11. When Modi adds swag with his grey jacket and sunglasses

modi in gray jacket and sunglasses

On his surprise visit to the conflicted land of Siachen, Modi paraded in a grey jacket. Apart from his demeanour, his cool pair of sunglasses simply seemed to garnish his entire look.

12. When Modi’s rimless Bvlgari glasses synced perfectly with his Movado watch

modi rimless bvlgari glasses

The ‘sartorial explorations’ of Modi had revealed our PM’s inclination towards big brands, especially including European designers. Movado has always been Modi’s favourite watch brand while his spectacles were presented from the house of Bvlgari.

13. When Modi sports Texan hats dexterously

modi sports Texan hats

When not in Trench coats, Modi is often seen wearing his Texan hats along with his denims and western style trousers. It is often said that he along with his hats actually go a long way. Even when he was the CM, Modi was seen sporting his hats coupled with jeans and T-shirt.

14. When Modi chose to be casual yet assertive with half sleeves kurta

modi casual yet assertive

Shaking his firm hands with the team India, Modi sported his light blue half sleeves kurta. In spite of no jacket over it, Modi perfectly emitted the radiance of kingly style.

15. When Modi’s Suit and T-shirt Combination rocked the camel, literally

modi rocked the camel

While visiting the Indo-Pak border, Modi was seen daunting a suit coupled with striped T-shirt underneath. The black trousers simply seem to complete Modi’s ride on the camel perfectly.

16. When Modi chose to look perfectly Indian

modi indian look

No one better style Rudraksha better than Modi! Complementing his saffron suit with his beautiful elegant shawl, that embedded floral designs, Modi made sure he was leading the style quotient game.

17. When Modi blended two light colours perfectly

modi blended two light colours

Experimenting with several colours, Modi showed that it can be safe to play with two light colours only to produce a spectacularly classy appearance.

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18. When Modi displayed white with perfect elegance

modi displayed white with perfect elegance

Perfectly ironed as well as immaculate white! Modi simply took style to a whole new Indian level of style.

19. When Modi chose to combine leather shoes with Indian ethnic wear and look as royal as ever.

modi leather shoes and ethnic wear

20. When Modi sported a golden turban during his Mysore visit that matched perfectly with his suit.

modi in golden turban

21. When Modi almost made the simple black thread band a stylish accessory.

modi in black band
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