Ring On Necklace: What’s The Meaning Of This Trend?

Ring On Necklace

Unconventional styles like wearing a ring as a pendant on your necklace are taking the shape of a big fashion trend. But often, it holds deeper inner meanings than what human eyes can perceive. Today we are going to dive deep into this topic and study the specific reasons behind wearing a ring-on necklace.

Why Do Boys Wear Ring On Necklace?

Men working in industries involving the usage of heavy tools and machinery often find a haven of their wedding or engagement rings around their necklaces. Rings tend to get caught in the machines and increase the chances of injuries.

Apart from the obvious injuries, there is also a high probability of your precious ring getting damaged. Stones might get chipped off and the ring may get lackluster over time and exposure to harsh working conditions.

Men working in lab environments have to wear latex gloves and wearing rings underneath seems extremely uncomfortable. This is why men tend to put their rings around their neck chains. Chemists have to deal regularly with solvents like dichloromethane containing bits of hydrochloric acid. Spilling the same into the latex gloves can cause silver jewelry to get discolored.


Widowers have often been spotted wearing their wedding rings around their neck as a mark of love towards their deceased partner. This serves as an excellent symbol of true love which can conquer all odds. Men can also be seen wearing sporting rings as a cherished memory of their parents, sister, or other close relatives.

Age can have a big role to play in altering the shape of our fingers and an old ring might not fit anymore. Arthritis can also cause the fingers to get swollen. Similarly, chronic illness might lead to excessive weight loss causing a ring to become too loose. Resizing the ring repeatedly might seem like an impractical proposition and thus it is best to wear the ring as a pendant around the neck chain.

Why Do Girls Wear Ring On Necklace?

Ladies engaged in a specific occupation like masseuse often wear rings around their neck as a more practical solution. Other than causing discomfort while working, the chances of the ring getting tarnished also increases substantially if it gets constantly exposed to hazardous materials and environments.

Often ladies opt for this stylish solution driven by health reasons like arthritis which can cause their fingers to become extremely swollen. Undertaking strenuous activities in the gym and natural body processes like pregnancy can also make it difficult to fit in your existing ring. Taking the ring off and flaunting it like a pendant seems like the best solution in such cases as otherwise the ring might get struck and cause discomfort in the long run.

Just like men, ladies often wear rings as sentimental symbols especially when it is in remembrance of their deceased partner or someone else, they hold dear.

Every piece of jewelry has a background story to tell which makes them great conversation starters. So, the next time you come across someone wearing a ring on their necklace, guessing the exact reason might seem like a fun activity.

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