Ring Resizing at Walmart: Price for Online & Store

Ring Resizing at Walmart

When it comes to jewelry, a perfect fit is essential. Whether it’s a cherished family heirloom or a newly adored piece, the right fit can transform how a ring looks and feels on your finger. If you’ve been on the quest for that dream ring but found yourself grappling with the challenge of an elusive fit or a tight budget, fret not! Today, we will uncover the secrets of ring resizing at Walmart without breaking the bank.


The Price of Resizing a Ring at Walmart

For your first resizing of a ring bought at Walmart, you’re in luck – it’s a complimentary service. However, any subsequent resizing requests will come with a fee. The cost of resizing a ring can vary based on the ring’s type and the extent of resizing required. For a straightforward half-band size adjustment, the price ranges from $30 to $50. However, for more complex and extensive resizing of intricate rings, you might pay between $50 and $150. Enlarging a ring’s band tends to be costlier than reducing it. Ultimately, the price hinges on the intricacy of the resizing task.

Does Walmart Resize Any Ring?

Walmart exclusively resizes rings purchased initially from their stores. If your Walmart ring is crafted from metal, their partner jeweler can resize it. However, plastic or non-metal rings cannot be resized, and some rings with stones set into the band may be declined for resizing due to the complexity of the job.

How to Get Your Ring Resized

Requesting a ring resizing at Walmart is a straightforward process:

  1. Ensure your ring was purchased at Walmart or on, and locate your original purchase receipt or packing slip.
  2. Visit any Walmart store with a jewelry counter (remember to bring your ring and receipt).
  3. Inform a Walmart employee at the counter of your desire to have your ring resized.
  4. The employee will guide you through the process, determining whether it’s your first resizing request (in which case, no charge applies).
  5. Leave your ring with the Walmart jewelry department, which will then send it to a trusted third-party jeweler for resizing.
  6. You can anticipate your ring’s return within one to three weeks, but during peak seasons, the wait might extend to six to eight weeks.
  7. Once your resized ring is ready, it will be shipped back to the Walmart store where you dropped it off, and you’ll receive notification of its readiness for pickup.”

How Long Does Ring Resizing Take?

When it comes to ring resizing at Walmart, the process usually takes between 7 and 10 days, as per Walmart’s guidance. However, when you factor in the shipping time to the third-party jeweler and its return to the store for pickup, the duration is closer to approximately three weeks. During busy seasons, such as holidays, the resizing process can extend to eight weeks.

The exact duration depends on the type of ring you want to resize and its complexity. You’ll also need to consider the time it takes for the ring to be sent off and returned by the third-party service. Nevertheless, remember that simple ring resizing can sometimes be completed in as little as an hour or less.

Can Resized Rings Be Returned to Walmart?

The question of returning resized rings to Walmart is nuanced. Technically, Walmart only accepts returns on new, unused items, which suggests that a resized ring may not qualify for return. However, when you initiate a return request, Walmart may wait to recognize that your ring has been resized. If you’re fortunate, you might not encounter issues returning a resized ring.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that Walmart permits standard returns for jewelry items priced under $300. If your ring’s original purchase price exceeds $300, it will require a special returns process. For rings bought on, you can begin the returns process through your Walmart account, similar to any other online return. If you purchased your ring at a physical Walmart store, you must contact 1-800-WALMART to contact a customer service representative and initiate a mail-in return.

Is Walmart’s Ring Resizing Service of Good Quality?

Unfortunately, there’s limited information available regarding the quality of Walmart’s ring resizing service. Walmart doesn’t disclose the identity of the third-party company handling its jewelry services, making it challenging to gauge the reputation of the service provider. Not many Walmart customers have utilized this service, or at least, there’s limited online feedback regarding their experiences. As they say, no news is often considered good news.

What Types of Rings Does Walmart Offer?

Walmart provides a variety of ring types, including:

  • Diamond rings
  • Engagement rings
  • Wedding rings
  • Wedding bands
  • Engagement and wedding ring sets
  • Stacking rings
  • Gold rings
  • Platinum rings
  • Promise rings
  • Cocktail rings
  • Sterling silver rings
  • Sapphire rings
  • Cubic zirconia rings

Walmart’s ring collection spans a wide price range, from about $8 to approximately $3,400. You can explore their complete selection of rings on the Walmart website.


Will resizing damage the ring at Walmart?

Typically, resizing a ring with a plain band at Walmart should not lead to any issues. However, rings with gemstones set into the band can be more challenging to resize, and there’s a risk of damaging some of the gemstones during the resizing process.

How can you measure your ring size at home?

You can measure your ring size at home using a ring sizer measuring tape or another flexible measuring tape, like the kind used for clothing alterations. Walmart offers easy-to-use ring sizer tools on their website for less than $10, which are sold and shipped by third parties. These tools are not available in physical Walmart stores.

Will Walmart resize rings purchased from other stores?

No, Walmart will only resize rings purchased initially from in-store or online.

Does Walmart offer ring engraving?

Yes, Walmart provides engraving services for some rings sold on You can explore engraved wedding ring sets on their website.

How many times can you resize a ring?

The number of times a metal ring can be resized depends on the ring material and the jeweler’s expertise. Typically, a metal ring can be resized between two and four times before the metal becomes too weak for further adjustments.

What rings can be resized?

Resizing is generally possible for rings made of metal materials such as gold or platinum. However, rings made from non-metal materials like silicone, wood, or ceramic cannot be resized. Rings with gemstones set around the entire band may also pose challenges for resizing.

Does resizing leave a mark on your ring?

Proper resizing by a skilled jeweler should not leave visible marks on your ring. However, if the resizing process is not executed precisely, there may be visible indications of the alteration.


Not all rings are readily available in the desired size, and that’s where resizing steps in. Statistics reveal that 80% of brides must resize their rings over time. Factors like weight changes or variations in temperature can influence the fit, prompting people to seek resizing services. Walmart offers resizing services exclusively for rings purchased from their stores or