49 Romantic Couple Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas To Give a Try

The perfect pre-wedding Couple photography ideas which you should try

Photographs are the best memories that you have in your pre-wedding plan. A pre-wedding shoot is referred to every couple out there on the verge of entering wedlock. It is through the pre wedding photo shoot poses that you are able to depict your love story in the album.

Romantic Pre-Wedding Photography Ideas

Moreover, the pre wedding photography is very much in these days and thereby you should opted for it as well. But, you are not acquainted with the different stylish and unique romantic pre wedding photo shoot ideas.

Don’t lose hope and start own research on them. When you browsed through the web, you came across a vast array of such poses and ideas. Have a look at some of the best romantic pre wedding photography ideas as mentioned below which can help you to give a perfect pose for your wedding album.


1. Endless sea of love

romantic pre wedding pic in instagram
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The sea is itself a symbol of endless love. The waves indicates the ups and down of life that you both are going to face together.
2. Time to tie the knot

pre wedding photos ideas
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This frame depicts that your time to tie a knot is near. You can try this type of frame to make your album more unique.

3. Love is in the air

pre wedding outdoor

The use of yellow and blue smoky texture make this fame complete as this depicts your fathomless love like sky.

4. Thinking of you

indian wedding instagram captions
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Sometimes your partner gets tired of your tantrums, but is not tired loving you. Just at this moment, this perfect click can be one of the best moments to be captured on the album.

5. Just Frame it

funny pre wedding quotes

It seems you just want to hold this moment in your lifetime. Hence , you have just framed it. This can be one of the best pre-wedding photography ideas.

6. Sparkling love

pre wedding shoot indian

To prove that your love is like a sparkle you can ask your photographer to take this type of outdoor shoot.

7. The vibrant colors of love

pre wedding caption
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The picture shows the vibrant chemistry between the couple.

8. Take off-the beginning of new journey

pre wedding casual concept
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The picture symbolises the vision of the photographer regarding the start of a relationship that is being with the wedlock.

9. Autumn love

pre wedding photoshoot poses
image courtesy : lensbible

The picture captures the seasonal beauty blended with the love of the new couple. The falling of flowers and leaves are an indication of new beginnings.

10. Love in the rain

pre wedding shoot in rain
image courtesy :

Love is escalated to a new dimension with the rain. If both of you love to drench in the rain don’t miss to capture this opportunity.

11. My heart goes out for you

pre wedding photoshoot dresses
image courtesy :

Use of animations and paintings in the picture complete the expression of love for each other.

12. I care for you

pre wedding photoshoot theme
image courtesy :

Love and care go hand in hand. The picture clearly indicates the same.

13. Balancing love

pre wedding photoshoot tips

The capacity to balance your love life is perfectly captured by the photographer with the use of a bunch of colourful balloons.

14. Down to earth

indian pre wedding shoot poses

Both of you love to be practical and down-to-earth. Try this frame with lots of stone chips with contrast apparels which make it eye catching.

15. Serene Love

pre wedding casual concept
image courtesy :

The use of dark and light colour of the water and the boat, respectively makes the photograph stunning and attractive. The picture indicates that when you both are in each other’s arms, there is serenity and peace.

16. Ssshhhh! It’s our private moment

prewedding casual indoor

The use of silhouette creates a dramatic moment of love. The umbrella can be used creatively to add a certain unique charm to the moment of love.

17. A gallery of love

pre wedding photos punjabi

The picture displays an aesthetic and rustic look in which love between the love birds thrives.

18. At your service always

punjabi pre wedding shoot 2017
image courtesy :

The room service trolley carrying the perspective bride and groom depicts two person becoming one with the wedlock.

 19. It is our time to celebrate

poses guide for pre-wedding photography

The picture showcases the joyous moment together that you both have.

20. Kissing moment

pre wedding photo concept

A unique piece of time captured while rendering of kiss of love on the forehead of the groom by the bride.

21. Push up your love

pre wedding photo ideas
image courtesy :

A funny moment, showing the male counterpart holding up his beloved on his back while working out his triceps. The preferences of both the bride and the groom are merged together to portrait their affection for each other.

22. Love is sharing

pre wedding photoshoot ideas india
image courtesy :

The use of the sweet stuff as a prop adds a meaningful link to the picture that love is all about sharing.

23. Let’s chit chat

prewedding indoor casual

Having a smiling conversation in the middle of a small bridge over a narrow water body creates a strong bond of love and affection in the picture.

24. Don’t let me go

prewed outdoor shooting

Let me fly with the balloons, but you hold my hand. This perfect moment can be clicked for your wedding album.

25. Happy under the same umbrella

pre wedding shoot in rain

It is necessary to be raining for the mood of romance to flare.

26. Under the sky

indian pre wedding shoot poses

Couple lying under the sky holding hands shows the fondness of the closeness in their gaze create happy hours.

27. Love in the back water

romantic couple photoshoot
image courtesy :

The use of house boats in the Kerala backwaters presents the premarital photo shoot of the backdrop of Indian culture and heritage.

28. Theatrical mood shoot

romantic couple photoshoot ideas
image courtesy :

Use of the pink balloons and the gang of girls singing chorus amidst which the bride and the groom holds each other gazing into each other’s eyes are one of the best pre wedding photo shoot poses.

29. Reflection of our love

romantic pre wedding photoshoot

Reflection and use of human bodies for creating letters, projects an interesting theme and a part of innovative romantic pre wedding photography.

30. The sign of love

pre wedding outfits ideas

Use of letters and blackboard has aided the real message of the picture. This is one of the unique romantic pre wedding photo shoot ideas.

31. Splash of love

pre wedding shoot dresses india

Water has always created some magical effect in the pictures. You can add this type of picture in your album depicting the attraction and love for each other.

32. I + you = just love and nothing

pre wedding shoot dresses india

Use of symbols to give a mathematical meaning to the couple’s love has always created great effects.

33. Fun loving pose

pre wedding photography tips
image courtesy :

Your photographer can shoot this type of funny moments. This will give a long smile after five of six years when you will turn over your marriage album.

34. I Love You!!! Its simple like anything

indian pre wedding shoot poses
image courtesy :

Creation of drama in the picture makes it memorable. There is chemistry and love in the picture.

35. Passionate and electrifying love

romantic couple hug images

Water, reflection, and burning letters with a tinge of yellow colour reflects the immense love and passion you both have for each other.

36. Two boats, two souls

pre wedding photoshoot ideas india
image courtesy :

A couple in love on two boats create magic. This very Romantic Pre-Wedding Photography pose adds a charm to your wedding album.

37. The road we have to cross together

pre wedding shoot bridge
image courtesy :

The picture depicts that we have to cross every road or journey together.

38. Bounded by the ring of love

romantic couple photo

Your life circles around the love of your life. This picture is perhaps the best way to portray.

39. Walk together, just stay beside me

prewedding outdoor simple
image courtesy :

The picture depicts the walk towards infinity with the love of your life.

40. Our love is going deeper day by day

poses guide for pre-wedding photography

The round staircase has created a visual illusion which can give your album a very rare look with the indication of your love going deeper with each passing day.

41. The reflection of our passion

koleksi photo prewedding
image courtesy :

The mirror image of the couple shows a different world all together, which you can try to give a very filmy look.

42. The badass couple

pre wedding photography ideas

The rugged militant look shows that the badass couple have too many similarities starting from their love for each other to fondness for guns and rifles.

43. Date but still you are busy!!!!!!

photography of fighting couple

A date with a loved one, but showing your would-be hubby is still busy with calls depict your real life picture.

44. The serenity that love offers

pre wedding photoshoot themes

The colour combination of the whole picture is the main essence of the picture. On a deeper level the image showcases that love brings serenity and tranquility in life.

45. Is too much love injurious?

pre wedding photoshoot themes
image courtesy :

The picture depicts a rustic ambience. Try this funny frame to show how much both of you are in deep love that can cause accidents!

46. Colourful music of love

musical couple photography

The picture showcases that love and affection can bring music and color to life.

47. Toony eyes

pre wedding photography places in gujarat

Cartoon eyes and pouted lips with elegant dress code create the contrast. Try this unique fare if you are cartoonholic.

48. The elegance of love

prewedding indoor studio
image courtesy :

Chandelier and wooden staircase bring forth the elegance of love between the couple in the picture.

49. Eternal love

most romantic love images

Sign language is used to portray that love is beautiful when two souls are involved.

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