43 Creative Wedding Family Photography Pose Ideas

Picture perfect family photographs for bride and groom for the wedding

Creative Wedding Family Photography Pose Ideas

The photographs are the best memories that you have for any event. The marriage is undoubtedly one of the most significant events of your life and you would want to capture every moment of it.

This is where the professional photographers and videographers come in. However it is also essential on your part to know about the basics of posing and photography to reap the best outcomes of wedding family photos ideas from their services.

When it comes to posing for a family photographs for bride and groom in the wedding, there are so many things to be understood about the same. The lighting, you’re facial and body features, the structure that you wish to highlight and what you wish not to draw any attention to are some of the factors to be taken note of while you pose.

As an amateur who never posed beyond taking selfies, understanding the details of photography is not easy. This is where you must take the advice of your photographer as well as study about the various poses and the attire and all the factors related to wedding photography and posing to get the best possible images for your album.


1. The look back pose

fun family photography poses
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This is a good way to hide any added curves and look slimmer in the photographs. In this family wedding photo pose is particularly suitable when you are wearing any kind of ethnic wear for the occasion.

2. The props photography

funny family photography
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Adding props to the photo session make the photograph more colorful. The way the slates are being held at the waist, also helps to cover the waistline in case it is a problematic zone for you.

3. Click wedding photo with children

family picture ideas with baby
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weeding photograph with children, a photograph including the children in the family can always ensure that your photo session looks perfect. The children add a certain charm to the photograph. Also complimentary colors of the attire are going to maintain the overall balance of the image.

4. Picture in motion

funky family photography
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This kind of photographs look very candid and that adds to the charm and beauty of the photograph. Color coordinating the costumes is a good way to add symmetry to such photographs.

5. An auto themed photograph

family portrait fundraising photography
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wedding theme photography is the another best idea, a decorated auto and a group photograph centering the auto add a bright color to the theme. Also the idea is very quirky and unique. This is a bright addition to make your wedding plans stand out in the crowd.

6. Catch the bouquet

family photography undraiser
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This is another very candid idea of wedding photograph for the sisters and the females in the family. A natural backdrop with a decorative photo booth adds just the right amount of color and prop to the scenario.

7. The pre wedding prep

family picture poses
Image Credit : theweddingbrigade

Nothing looks better than the pre wedding prep for the bride by her brothers and friends and this is the perfect family bonding photo for your wedding album.

8. Group photo with the guys

family photography ideas
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A group photo with the guys of the family where the bride is the center of attention is the best choice for a wedding album.

9. The rocking group

unique family photo idea
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This is the perfect pose to try out on your wedding day with all the friends you have or your cousins.

10. The duo on a rickshaw

family photo poses ideas
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This is like the ultimate picture of the understanding between the bride and the groom and the quirkiest picture you can have in the album.

11. The fashion show photography

family portrait poses for 4 adults
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A picture perfect photograph with all the women in the family and the bride and groom as well, this is an idea that you can try for your own family photography ideas.

12. Click photo with brother-in-laws

smith family photography
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This is a perfect pose for the brother-in-laws in the family photography ideas wedding.

13. The goofy brothers

family function photography Tips
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If you are bride who has a number of brothers, then this is the right family photography ideas for bride and groom in wedding that you can try out.

14. The haldi ceremony wedding photo idea

family portrait fundraising photography melbourne
Image Credit : theweddingchamber

The haldi ceremony can be given a photogenic twist with this little prank on the bride and the groom.

15. Childhood nostalgia

family portrait fundraising photography melbourne
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Bring back your childhood for the one last time before your wedding by posing for the game with your sisters as a part of the family photography ideas for bride and groom.

16. The energetic bride

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Be the core energetic member on your own wedding and have the best funny moment photograph after the marriage party.

17. The entire clan

funny family portrait photography
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This is the perfect photo posing idea you can try out with the entire clan on your wedding day.

18. The girl gang

fun family christmas photography
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Have the best moments with your girl gang captured and framed on your wedding day by professionals as you goof around.

19. The boss

family photography ideas pinterest
Image Credit : varunsclick

Be the boss in your own world with your friends as you pose for this smart photograph for your wedding day.

20. The soul sisters

big happy family cartoon images
Image Credit : theweddingchamber

You can try out this pose with the entire girl gang from your friends to family on your wedding day as you sit as the bride and the center of attention in the photo.

21. The geeky gang

unique family photo ideas
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Be the best poser with this college themed photo session which you can plan with your girl gang and your sisters and cousins as well.

22. The tug of war

unique family photo shoot ideas
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Nothing can look cuter than a tug of war for the groom between the bro friends of the groom and the bride and this is definitely a must try family photograph pose for the couple.

23. Chain smoker photography idea on your wedding day

family picture poses
Image Credit : wittyvows

If you have a fantasy for hookah, this is your chance to make it immemorial in your wedding invitation.

24. The eye contact photography for wedding album

family photo ideas clothing
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Nothing can look better than the way you look into the eyes of your loved one on your special day amidst everyone.

25. Get cozy

outdoor family photo ideas
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Do not give a damn about anyone around you except your would be husband and this is just the spirit you can capture in this particular photography idea for weddings.

26. The stockings photography

unique family photo shoot ideas
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Show off your colors and your devil may care attitude in the wedding photograph with this quirky idea to try out with the girls.

27. Show Teen love in your wedding album

fall family photo color schemes
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The bicycle is the best companion to teenagers in love and you can revive that feel in your wedding album with your gang of cousins.

28. Heights of PDA

fall family picture outfits 2017
Image Credit : shaadisaga

Acknowledge and love your partner even when you are amidst the crowd and this is the spirit to show off in this picture.

29. Forever and after

family pictures quotes
Image Credit : shaadisaga

A perfect fairytale theme to show the world your commitment and bond.

30. The dream car

best colors for fall family pictures
Image Credit : shaadisaga

This retro themed picture idea is perfect when you are into cars and can use your dream car for this picture.

31. The monster bride photography idea

outdoor fall family photo ideas
Image Credit : wittyvows

This is a funny wedding theme photograph that is much dependant on the editing and you can try this for adding some flavor to the usual wedding photographs for brides.

32. The queen

best family photography ideas
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Relive the wedding day through your photographs and be the queen on your best day in your life.

33. The bride’s musketeers

funny family photography ideas
Image Credit : weddingfables

This is the perfect wedding photograph you can try out and this would surely suit your wedding theme if you are the cool bride around.

34. Fairytale for you

matching outfits for family pictures
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Get a cute picture of your sister clan and your husband playing the role of prince charming to you for your wedding day.

35. Dress up your part

best colors for family pictures outside
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Let your bridesmaids take over your grooming and dress up session and this arrangement can be a lovely wedding preparation photo that you can have with your family.

36. He is mine- show love and give perfect pose for wedding album

pre wedding photoshoot poses for family
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Be the sassy bride and sweep your groom off his feet. This is the perfect photograph to capture that chemistry between you.

37. Heart the kisses

pre wedding photoshoot location
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This is a beautiful idea for your wedding album and a perfect photo that you can create with all your cousin sisters and friends.

38. The mehendi special photo session

pre wedding photos indian family
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This is the perfect photograph to heart with your girl clan for your mehendi day in particular. You can easily create this photograph with different backdrops too.

39. The beauty sleep

indian family shoot dresses
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A cute little memory of the tired and sleepy head feel at the wedding is also a perfect idea for a group photograph during weddings.

40. The naughty groom

family photoshoot in goa
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This is a perfect idea of depicting the playful bond between the groom and his sister-in-laws and can be tried out for your wedding pictures as well.

41. The badass bride

family photoshoot in goa
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If you are a bride who would rather be unconventional and not go by the book, then this is a perfect picture you can have for your wedding album showing your quirky side.

42. The mehendi madness

family photoshoot in hotel
Image Credit : heweddingchamber

A perfect group photo after the mehendi ceremony for the entire group and the bride is a must try option for your wedding album.

43. Tug of war

war between two religions
Image Credit : thelovestruckweddings

This is another quirky idea which you can try out for your wedding photograph album. The chemistry of the bride’s family and the groom’s family is highlighted in this image in particular.

It can be concluded that for your wedding album you can try out any of these ideas and they are the best choices you have. The professional photographers hired for the event too can give you some really good ideas to try out for the day.

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