Forget Leggings and Try Treggings for Various Styles & Comfort

Treggings - a stylish hybrid of jeans and trousers - are worth a splurge for those who wanna be stylish yet comfy all day long! Here’s the scoop on what they are and how to rock them the right way.

Leggings are loved for their comfort and versatility, and trousers for their refinement and elegance. But, did you know that you can enjoy all these aspects in one piece of clothing? Yes, that wonder of fashion is called “Treggings”. They’re designed to provide the best of both sartorial worlds – leggings and trousers. Super-chic, flexible, durable, and comfortable, these trendy pants can be paired with almost everything. So, fashion-forward ladies can confidently wear them to office, lunch, or any other occasion where they want the perfect comfortable look that’s high on style too!

ways to wear treggings


What exactly are Treggings?

Although they may look like tight trousers, Treggings are far more than that. They are the perfect cross between a trouser and a legging that combines the look of trouser along with the fit and shape of leggings. This stylish hybrid has pretty much all the benefits of leggings like – comfort, form-fitting, and ankle-skimming length – along with added bonus of trouser’s classic details. These details may include one or more of the following: simple elasticized waistband, belt loops, zipper, buttons, rivets, facings, patch pockets on the back, front mock zip pockets, wide waistband with slant pockets, stitched detailing, zip closure on the hems, etc.

treggings style types

In short, we can say treggings are functional & semi-structured like trousers, but forgiving like leggings. Also, they are available in so many shades, prints and patterns that there is one for every taste and need.

Tregging’s Benefits: What makes Treggings so alluring?

1) Treggings definitely have an edge over jeans, leggings, jeggings and trousers. They’re more comfortable than jeans, more structured than leggings, more versatile than jeggings, and slimmer & stretchier than trousers.

2) Their snug-fit ensures a very sleek & clean look (ideal for work) while their stretchy fabric ensures lasting ease & comfort.

3) They’re relaxed and are crumple-free.

4) They are made with much thicker fabric than leggings, and so they tend to make the wearer look more slender and attractive.

5) They are snag-resistant and extremely versatile. They go really well with everything from vintage tees, to short tops and cropped jackets.

6) Perhaps the biggest advantage over leggings is that treggings can be worn as regular pants! There’s no chance of making a fashion faux pas in these because their fitting is flattering enough to keep the wearer’s modesty and style in tact.

7) They also allow wearer to add color and style to the outfit with belts, scarves and other waist accessories.

8) Almost everyone from a youngster to trendy middle aged woman can don them fashionably.

9) With maternity treggings available in the market, even moms-to-be can wear them and feel trendy.

10) They can be worn by pretty much all body types as long as they’re styled perfectly.

11) Last but not least, they make a perfect choice for 10 AM to 10 PM look.

treggings outfit ideas

After going through so many benefits of treggings, you’re sure to ditch those uncomfortable pair of jeans or trousers right away. So, now check out the fashion tips given below, and learn to style Treggings like a pro!

How to rock Treggings with your Body Type?

1. Pear Shape

Narrow Shoulders + Wider Hips

For women having this body type, treggings are best paired with a loose A-line or empire waist tunic dress. Wearing a long necklace will further enhance the flattering effect of the outfit by giving the illusion of an elongated upper body or torso.

black treggings outfit with A-line tunic top

2. Athletic

Broad Shoulders + Small bust + No Waistline + Narrowed hips & butt

Treggings are a great choice for athletic women to show off their toned lines. Pair it with cool crop tops and tank tops for a sizzling evening out with friends, or with a fitted blouse for a stylish day out.

mustard treggings with striped crop top

3. Hourglass

Large hips & bust + Well-defined Waist

Lucky you for having a body shape that most women desire for. Your amazing feminine curves are meant to be highlighted, and treggings are the perfect choice for it. Wear them with a simple tank top and blazer for a stunning casual day look, and accessorize with chunky pair of earrings & heels for a night out look.

blue treggings outfit with tank top and heels

4. Boyish

Small Bust + Undefined Waist + Narrower Hips

Who says boyish figures can’t be chic and appealing? Team up bright colored skinny treggings with a complimentary lace blouse, and see how your cute androgynous side turns heads wherever you go!

red treggings paired with white lace top and brown ankle boot

5. Petite

Height: 5ft 3in and under

Yes, of course, treggings can look awesome on ‘petite’ ladies as they give an elongated line to the lower torso. You can pair them up with a knit turtleneck or a fitted knit top for an effortlessly stylish look. Or you can even go for a crisp white shirt and flats to take your casual style to the next level.

printed treggings with turtleneck top and black heels

5 Essential Style Tips for wearing Treggings

  • If you are even slightly insecure about your thighs, wear treggings with longer tops.
  • Wear seamless innerwear. The body-fit nature of treggings can be a bit revealing, and so, use of panty liners is recommended.
  • To counterbalance the snug fit of treggings, add subtle fluidity to your outfit by wearing flowy tops and jackets.
  • Got longer treggings? Then don’t get them altered; instead fold them at the ankle, as you do with chudidar leggings.
  • A pair of suede shoes, ballerinas, or stilettos is a great way to add to the style impact of treggings.


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