What Men should wear on Arranged Marriage Meeting?

Even though the young generation of today is more inclined towards love marriage, yet there is nothing to beat the sweet charm and innocence involved in an arranged marriage meeting. The memories of what you wear on your first arrange marriage meeting will stay etched in your mind forever.

how to dress to meet a girl for the first time

You just want to put your best foot forward in order to create an everlasting impact. Even though we do not intend to make you a fashion expert these men fashion rules will definitely go a long way in making you dress effectively. Bring out the best version of yourself and sweep the ‘lady of the hour’ off her feet.


12 Things Every Man Should Wear to Impress Girl on First Arranged Marriage Meeting

1. Accepted Shirt Patterns: Stripe, Solid & Plaid

how to dress up when meeting a girl for arranged marriage

Experiments can go wrong. So just stick to basic shirt patterns as per your liking-stripes, solid or plaid. You do not want any new thing to backfire.

2. Forget old formal shoes and Try Derby Shoes

arranged marriage meeting tips

You can never go wrong with your derby shoes. We agree that formal shoes are a good choice but the right kind of shoes make you look dapper. Pick one in a safe color like blue, black or even tan.

3. Solid Jeans with Plaid Shirt is accepted if your casual lover

how to dress to meet a girl for the first time

At times wearing stone washed or ripped jeans would give an impression of a reckless personality. So, the best is stick to single color jeans and pair it with a crisp plaid shirt.  This will leave a chic yet sophisticated impression.

4. Formal Outfit- Your savior

what to wear for arranged marriage meeting

Till the time you get fully acquainted with your partner, it is prudent to go in for formal clothing as formals lend an impression of being responsible and dependable. You wouldn’t want to be viewed as reckless and rash.

5. Wear trousers according to your body type

arranged marriage in india

The market is flooded with various kinds of trousers such as woolen trousers, corduroy trousers, twill chinos, relaxed legged trousers, slimline joggers, etc. Depending on weather and your body type go in for which accentuates your overall personality.

6. Try Roll-up Sleeve to get that Extra Smart Look

do looks matter in arranged marriage

For an added appeal roll up your sleeves and step forward in confidence. As per a survey, 90% of women are impressed with rolled up sleeves.

7. For Winter look try V-neck Pullover over a formal shirt

modern arranged marriage

Winters call in for stylish dressing. Nothing can beat the comfort of wearing a V-neck Sweater over a formal shirt. Do not go for a leather jacket even if you are a jacket lover.

You can either roll up the sleeves or go for full sleeves, both the looks are acceptable and desirable. 

8. Short, solid socks –A big no-no

what is proper dress to wear at arrange marriage meetings for male

Can you imagine women pay equal heed to what you wear inside your shoes? Go in for full-length socks with some really nice patterns. A decent pair with an accepted pattern will not just keep the foul smell at bay but will offer you a perfect solution.

9. Go for Military-Style Tucking

what to wear in arranged marriage meeting

If you want your shirt to stay in place, go in for military-style tucking up. Even the most well-fitted shirt can look bad if it is badly tucked out. Obviously, no girl would like a man who looks disheveled and hassled.

10. Solid Polo T-shirt with Solid Jeans–All about comfort

arranged marriage first meeting

Do not over complicate. Wearing a classic Polo T-shirt with solid Jeans looks simple yet impressive and remembers this thing sophistication lies in simplicity.

11. Fit rules the roost

arrange marriage dress up

A wrong fit can sabotage your entire look. So, ensure you wear something in accordance to your body’s proportions and not something which looks as if you’ve raided a friend’s wardrobe.

12. Develop your own style

Are looks important in arranged marriage

You need not follow the latest trends. Work on your personal styling. Figure on what image you wish to portray and include in trends which work well with that image.

10 Things Every man Should Avoid to impress Girl Successfully on First Arrange Marriage Meeting

1. Slogan T-shirts and a funky wear-A big no-no

arranged marriage questions

Your first meeting does not call for anything too loud or bizarre. Slogan t-shirts look as if you are craving for attention, so just avoid them.

2. Funky Jeans- Too childish

tips for arranged marriage

You definitely do not wish to look like a wannabe. Funky jeans look good on teenagers or when you are out on a vacation and not on your first arranged marriage meeting.

3. Avoid Sandals with Formal

dress for arranged marriage

Unless you feel that you have feet of Cinderella you should avoid wearing sandals. Shoes any day create a better impression. Sandals are apt for a casual get together. NEVER TRY SANDALS WITH SOCKS.

4. Avoid half Sleeve Shirt

arranged marriage first meeting tips

Half sleeve shirts do not look formal. Stick to safer solid/ plaid full sleeve shirts for a more refined look.

5. Avoid Digital watch

first arranged marriage meeting

Even though digital watches are quite in vogue, yet nothing can beat the timeless appeal of a regular watch. Go for trusted brands such as Omega, Timex, Longines, etc.

6. Do not be a label lover

preparing for arranged marriage

You might love wearing branded clothes but do not be a walking advertisement. Dress simple and effective.

7. Avoid too bright Colors

Pre arranged marriage

Wearing too bright colors can look showy. Stick to muted colors as they look pleasing and soothing. Remember you are not going out for a party.

8. Over Accessorizing

dont's for arranged marriage

Over Accessorizing is a heinous fashion blunder, Do yourself a favor by not coming it.

9. Avoid Sports shoes

meeting first time arranged marriage

Sports shoes need not be worn outside the gym. Do not make your activewear, your day wear.

10. Unbuttoning the first button of your shirt

how to prepare for arranged marriage meeting

This not only looks cheap but gives an impression of a bighead. Stay smart but not flashy.

So, these are some dont’s you need to bear in mind when you step out for your first arranged marriage meeting.

Last but not the least; keep these basic points in mind.

  • Wear according to your body shape.
  • Wear comfortable clothing to avoid looking like a stuffed toy
  • Accessorize smartly
  • Wear shoes which complement your clothing
  • Avoid baggy or oversized clothing
  • Bulgy pockets- take away from the sleek look

Even after giving you all these tips, in the end, all I would like to say that it shouldn’t look that you’ve spent endless hours orchestrating your outfit. Everything should look effortless and comfortable. Remember just like Rome which wasn’t built in a day so will be your style. Keep working on it and aim to present the best-dressed version of you in front of the lady of the hour.

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