10 Buy Best Selvedge Denim Jeans for Men

selvedge denim jeans mens

The world of denim jeans is vast, and one gets a lot of options to choose from to pep up their style game. But hands down, selvedge denim jeans steal the show with their classy looks, high-quality and elegant style. Whether you’re a hardcore denim lover or you’re someone who’s exploring denim jeans for a change, this article is for you. Here, we’ll explore some of the best selvedge denim jeans for men. So, keep reading to find your perfect fit and know more about selvedge denim jeans. Let’s first look at what selvedge denim jeans are and what makes them different?

What are Selvedge Denim Jeans?

what is selvedge denim jeans

In the world of denim jeans, Selvedge is a one-of-a-kind name that means high-quality denim. An interesting fact about selvedge denim jeans is, mostly they’re sold and worn without washing. The selvedge denim is sewn in such a way that its edges complete themselves by creating an elegant seam.

If you wonder, how is it done? Well, selvedge denim is sewn either using a shuttle or using projectile looms to meet the growing demand. The sewing process using a shuttle is slow, and the projectile looms help in faster production. An endless thread is used to sew selvedge denim jeans and achieve their amazing look.

Now, let’s get going and check out the best selvedge denim jeans for men.

10 Buy Best Selvedge Denim Jeans for Men to Buy Online

1. Naked & Famous Denim Twill Selvedge Easy Guy Laid Back Fit Jean

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The easy guy left-hand twill selvedge denim by Naked & Famous is a stellar option if you’re looking for relaxed-fit selvedge denim jeans. The jeans run true to size and fit quite well. What makes these particular jeans popular is that they are made using premium quality Japanese Selvedge denim. The easy guy’s left-hand twill selvedge denim gets tapered from the knee to the hem. The taper cut ensures that the denim fits well at the hip, back, and seat. Moreover, like premium denim, it also boasts a leather logo patch at the backside of the waistband.

2. Hiroshi Kato 4-Way Stretch Japanese Selvedge Denim Slim-fit Jeans

japanese selvedge denim jeansBuy Now

The Pen 14 oz 4-Way Stretch Japanese Selvedge Denim by Hiroshi Kato features a slim fit and runs true to its size. Hiroshi Kato imports their denim from Japan and manufactures all their jeans in Los Angeles, United States. The Pen 14 oz 4-way stretch jeans boast a premium look, and you’ll feel like you’re wearing a vintage Selvedge Denim. Even if you have bigger thighs, the Pen 14 oz 4-way stretch denim will fit you comfortably. Moreover, 14 oz denim by Hiroshi Kato is heavier than other types of denim in their product line, thus creating ideal selvedge denim. To make it look even better, the brand offers a white leather patch on the backside of the denim’s waistband.

3. Levi’s Stay Loose Cutoff Overall Jean

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The Levi’s Stay Loose Cutoff Overall Jean – Clean Breaks is an absolute catch if you’re looking for casual selvedge jeans. What makes the Stay Loose Cutoff overall Jean unique is its utility pockets. The jean is made using 100% cotton fabric, and it looks appealing. Its loose cutting will ensure you get perpetual comfort while doing whatever you love the most. Since the fabric is 100% cotton, you may wash your jeans at home in a washing machine. If you love cross pockets and casual looks, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this masterpiece by Levi’s.

4. Levi’s Vintage Straight Leg Non-stretch Denim Jeans

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The Levi’s Vintage Clothing Indigo 1954 501 Jeans is a must-have wardrobe essential if you love selvedge jeans. These 501 Jeans by Levi’s feature a straight fit, and the fabric is non-stretchable. The jeans come with a mid-rise cut, and it boasts five pockets, with three of them on the front. At the back waistband of the jeans, you’ll find a leather logo patch of Levi’s. Moreover, it also features a signature red logo flag on one of the back pockets. The Levi’s Vintage Clothing Indigo 1954 501 jeans are made using 100% cotton fabric for a comfortable wearing experience.

5. King & Tuckfield Blue Wide Leg High Rise Graham Jeans

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The Blue Wide Leg Graham Jeans by KING & TUCKFIELD will bring style and change to your wardrobe. If you can’t compromise with space for your legs, the blue wide-leg graham jeans are the best selvedge jeans for you. Don’t miss out on them to be comfortable throughout the day. The jeans feature five pockets in all, and two of them are at their backside. Moreover, it is manufactured using non-stretch denim to ensure it maintains its shape even after rough and tough use. To make the jeans even more comfortable, KING & TUCKFIELD offers them a high-rise cut.

6. Versace Black Greca Slim Fit Denim Jeans

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The Versace black greca slim-fit jeans are stretchable and feature an even fade all over their surface. The black Greca slim-fit jeans also come with five-pocket styling and have a buffed calfskin leather patch, boasting the brand’s logo. If you are crazy about selvedge denim jeans, you will love to have the Versace black greca slim-fit jeans. The reason being, these jeans have one-of-a-kind printed cuffs. Yes, it’ll add to your style with its eye-catching signature Greek key pattern. To create a fashionable buzz, the designers have printed the pattern in elegant white.

7. G-Star Raw Slim-Fit Selvedge Denim Jeans

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The G-Star raw men’s 3301 slim-fit jeans are another fantastic option you can consider if you are obsessed with selvedge jeans. The jeans look unique, thanks to their bright and fresh indigo shade. You will cherish its tight fit at the waist, thighs, and hems. At the jeans’ coin pocket, you’ll notice an embroidery that reads RAW, giving it a unique distinction. Moreover, the five pockets add a classic denim touch to the jeans. You also get a traditional metal button closure for unmatched style. The high-quality denim makes it stand out and adds a few extra years to its lifespan.

8. Nudie Jeans Thin Finn Dry Selvage Comfort Jean

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Men’s Thin Finn Dry Selvage Comfort Jeans by Nudie Jeans are among the finest pairs of selvedge denim jeans. It is made using supreme quality Japanese denim and should be hand washed only. It comes with a zipper closure at the front, and the jeans boast an elegant look. Since the denim used to make the men’s thin Finn dry selvedge comfort jeans is stretchable, it will fit you comfortably. Moreover, as per the brand, its selvedge denim jeans will get their peak looks in the six months of usage. So, if you buy them, you sure will get something worth waiting for in your wardrobe.

9. Lee Raw Selvedge Regular Straight Jean

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Lee men’s regular straight jeans feature classic styling of five pockets, and it has a zipper closure at its front. Since these jeans by Lee are a regular fit, it’ll be comfortable to wear. Moreover, you’ll have ample room at the thighs and the legs. The best part about the Lee Men’s Regular Straight Jeans is that they are both stylish and comfortable for work and play. To add to the jeans’ looks, Lee has added a classic leather logo at the back of its waistband. Additionally, these jeans also feature the brand’s name on their back pocket.

10. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s THD Slim Fit Mid Rise Jeans

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Men’s THD slim-fit jeans by Tommy Hilfiger come with a zipper closure and boast a classic five-pocket design. The fabric composition of the jeans includes about 99% cotton and 1% elastane. The jeans give a tailored look with its slim fit, and it feels comfortable yet stylish to wear. Moreover, the jean’s mid-rise cut further ensures a comfortable wearing experience. You’ll also find brand details and logos on the jeans’ rear pocket and waistband. The back of the waistband features a brown leather patch. One also gets decent fades at both the front and the backside of the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s THD Slim Fit Jeans.

Selvedge Denim Jeans adds variety to every man’s wardrobe and gives them the classy look they deserve. You can shop top-quality selvedge denim jeans for men online via various brands like Lee, Levis, King & Tuckfield, Hiroshi Kato, etc. Moreover, Selvedge denim jeans come in almost all fits like slim, straight, loose, regular, etc. So, grab the fit that suits you well and flaunt your love for selvedge denim jeans amongst friends and family.

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