15 WTF Women Footwear Designs which are really useless

Sometime you find out funny and useless designs when you are in search of some unique pattern for you, isn't it? Here we have collected some really funny footwear designs that will keep you laughing until you feel pain in stomach.

Shoes are invented to protect feet, but things are different today. Now, they could be purposed to show creativity. This is good concept, but it doesn’t mean that you include anything non sense as fashion. Many famous shoes designers seem to be no-brainer and knowingly or unknowingly they invent unusual shoes with silly designs. From animal shapes, scary faces, human body parts, babies, even food themes are conceptualized just to make such a weird and ultimately bizarre shoe designs. Totally ridiculous! For many people, these unusual shoes found quite frightening while for some they are good for a laugh! Generally, they are uncomfortable to wear but surely make you center of the attraction for crazy imagination.

1. Human feet or shoes?

shoes for fashion not for use


This creative five fingers shoe design looks freaky. And for fun, let’s enjoy OMG expressions of your friends, who assumed that you are standing bare foot in sun exposure.


2. Monster shoes

monster face shoes


Red ghastly tongue, fangs & teeth and that startling bright & intense blue eyes are enough to scare your naughty kids, but you can’t wear it practically. So, don’t waste money on such silly things.

3. Cobra security

weird shoes design


Weirdo snakeskin wedges don’t work with your lifestyle, it looks impractical (only can be chosen for smoky bar). It’s much better to buy $500 designer shoes rather than wasting money on such a costly, unusual shoe.

4. No shoes at all!

wtf long heel


Say yes, if you feel comfortable to walk on nails or hooves. Sorry, but not included in shoes because they do not protect our feet and really painful.

5. 3D printed shoes

3D printed shoes


3D printed shoes look too messy, even design is not so attracting. You can garner your wild nature look wearing such strange shoes. Also, you may have to work hard for getting in your feet and ankles back into shape.

6. Save Baby shoes

disgusting baby footwear design


It’s limit of cruelty! How can one create such a disgusting shoes design? This is not acceptable at all, may be people beyond humanity could be interested in.

7. Full style, no use

wtf shoe design


Only those ones, who won’t have to work, can afford this unrealistic design. It is attractive, stylish but a mere fashion statement and not for walking. It looks more like hand weapons due to its curvy, sharp iron thrones and completely failed as shoes.

8. Revolver heel

useless gun heel shoes


With fur, shoes look unique and sexy but what’s this at heel? OMG, it’s a gun. You may be tagged with Cow-girl as it made of real hooves.

9. Spiral shoe design

trendy spiral shoes


This maybe called frustration of designers for No Money. Just checkout how a single spiraling strip is used in creative way to make architectural spiral heels with elegant curves! Not being properly supported, here are more chances to fall over.

10. It’s swimming time!

wtf ladder heel shoes


Fashion becomes fun! Here swimming pool ladders replace heel and give totally WTF look! Undeniably, ladders are unable to give enough support, so be careful on walking.

11. Long shoes / 2 in 1 shoes

shoes or pant designs


Would you like to put on such adjoining shoes? It saves your money but too skinny, and uncomfortable to wear for more than an hour. Most importantly, what’s your choice when you ask or have to remove shoes only, not your pant?

12. Maggots, everywhere!

weirdy maggots shoes


Eeeeuuuuuwwww!!! Thank god, they are not real. Weird maggots spread out all over, no space to put in your feet. Actually, Maggots are a spongy type of material so comfortable in walking. But, you felt that you were walking on maggots.

13. Foot in mouth / Incredible Shoe face

wtf footwear design


How scary it will to put feet in dangerous monster mouth! No need of socks. Also, that scary eye-button on laces just completes the look.

14. Snakeskin wrap up

wtf shoes collection


Being made of snakeskin, they look scary as hell. What’s more interesting is BONUS standing cobras that raising from the toes and makes them killer boots. Only one great use of it is kicking somebody’s ass with these things and breaks a cobra off in their butthole.

15. Golf – Cocktail trophy on the go

awesome but useless shoes design


Golfers may love it, as its heel recalls cocktail celebration together with orange golfing turf! Looks more like pretend trophies rather than shoes itself.

16. High heels with no heels

High heels with no heels


For sure, these aren’t made for walking. They just exist for its craze design that’s clearly out of the world.

17.  Double-faced Boots 

Double-faced Boots


You might have encountered with double-faced people but what about double-faced boots? These crazy shoes are designed with pointy toes on both front as well as back! Would you ever give it a try?

Is it okay to create such useless shoe designs just for that WOW factor? Hey, friends tell your your opinion in comment box below….

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