31 Types of Beard Styles: Names with Photos for Men

what are the different types of beards

Beards tag along with a feeling of rugged manliness which oozes our raw sexuality in men. It can attach a whole new aura of sophistication to your personality provided you choose the right style as per your face shape. To make things simpler, we have compiled a list of the most popular beard styles which can help you nail the right look.

31 Types of Beard Styles

  1. 5 o’clock Shadow
  2. Chin Curtain
  3. Scruffy Beard
  4. Anchor It
  5. Handlebar & Chin Puff
  6. Hulihee
  7. Handlebar & Goatee
  8. Short Rounded Beard
  9. Garibaldi
  10. Short Boxed Beard
  11. Friendly Mutton Chops
  12. Van Dyke
  13. Rap-Style Beard
  14. A La Souvarov
  15. French Fork
  16. Soul Patch
  17. Goatee
  18. Jack Sparrow Beard
  19. Balbo
  20. Klingon
  21. Hollywoodian
  22. Ducktail
  23. Napoleon III Imperial
  24. Zappa
  25. Verdi
  26. Chinstrap
  27. Lined Up
  28. Stubble
  29. Salt and Pepper
  30. Yeard
  31. Bandholz

1. 5 o’clock Shadow

beard styles for black men

Also known as stubble beard, this can surely be heralded as one of the easiest styles to pull off. This classic style grows naturally within two to five days and its visibility is totally determined by how pigmented your hair is.

Ideal For: All face shapes
Worn By: Clint Eastwood and George Clooney
Maintenance: You will have to clean your neckline on a periodic interval to maintain a chiseled look.
Best For Personality: Laidback


2. Chin Curtain

best beard styles for men

Grow sideburns and connect them to your beard for rocking the Chin Curtain style. This unique style is popular amongst men who are not very keen on keeping a moustache. Amish men can be seen sporting this style which is a more tailored variation of the Old Dutch sans the goatee.

Ideal For: Diamond or Oval shapes as it balances out the face.
Worn By: Lewis Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln
Maintenance: Just trim the edges of your beard and wash it occasionally.
Best For Personality: Growing this type of beard is a time taking process which can be managed only if you have a patient personality.


3. Scruffy Beard

best beard styles for men

This longer variation of 5 o’clock shadow can add a whole new dimension to your look. The scruff style can be worn by absolutely anyone whether your beard is thick or patchy. You just need to let your beard grow for about four weeks and then trim around the neckline.

Ideal For: All face shapes
Worn By: Chris Hemsworth and Ryan Gosling.
Maintenance: You need to trim your neckline so that the scruff doesn’t find its way towards the Adams Apple. Scruffy beard is infamous for being notoriously itchy and so you need to grab a good conditioning balm for keeping the skin hydrated and the hair soft.
Best For Personality: Rugged and ultra-masculine


4. Anchor It

different beard styles

Grow a perfect pencil moustache to resemble an anchor shape and follow it up with a 2mm long-bearded jawline and a goatee. After you have decided on the beard length, you need to clean-shave the rest of your face and your neck. This inverted T-beard style looks darn good although styling the same might seem a bit tricky.

Ideal For: Square, round or oblong faces.
Worn By: David Beckham and Robert Downey, Jr.
Maintenance: Daily wax grooming, shaves and trims will ensure that the look remains rightly anchored in place.
Best For Personality: Classy and charming.

5. Handlebar & Chin Puff

awesome beard styles for men

This classic style became a rage in the wild-wild west and combines the best of a goatee like chin puff and a handlebar moustache. You can make head turns on pairing this style with shorter haircuts. This style is the best fit for men who are beard grooming afficionados as it has significant maintenance requirements.

Ideal For: Diamond and Square face.
Worn By: Pierce Brosnan and Mel Gibson.
Maintenance: It requires high maintenance as you need to shave your face closely, otherwise your facial hair might lose shape. Use a good quality wax to hold the handlebar mustache in place and comb your chin puff regularly to prevent tangling.
Best For Personality: Masculine.

6. Hulihee

best beard styles for men

The Hulihee beard gained massive popularity during the American Civil War era and is actually a combination of a moustache and a full beard. You have to keep the chin clean-shaven and trim the long hair with a diagonal edge for giving more character to your beard.

Ideal For: Oval and round face of larger men.
Worn By: Hugh Jackman
Maintenance: You can keep the beard hair soft and healthy by regularly applying oil.
Best For Personality: Wild and carefree

7. Handlebar & Goatee

beard styles goatee

Nail a tailored look with the handlebar and goatee combination which can add a rakish and urban flair to your appearance. This hybrid style is characterized by the hair on the chin and the mustache edges curled into a handlebar.

Ideal For: All face types, especially the oblong ones.
Worn By: Pierce Brosnan and Hugh Jackman.
Maintenance: Use wax or balm for keeping your moustache in place. Trim the edges occasionally and comb your moustache to prevent stray hairs from creeping over the upper lip border.
Best For Personality: Flamboyant and quirky

8. Short Rounded Beard

beard styles trimmed

This variety of corporate beard features a lengthy chin and short sides to create an illusion of greater length. For getting this style, you will have to let your beard grow for about two months before trimming it off shapely.

Ideal For: Square, round or diamond faces as it doesn’t add much bulk to the cheeks and follows the natural face curve.
Worn By: Tom Hardy
Maintenance: Comparatively easy to maintain as you just have to take care of an appropriate length.
Best For Personality: Laidback

9. Garibaldi

beard style guide

Making a style statement becomes an easy affair with the Garibaldi beard which has become a rage amongst both sportspersons and actors. This style can help you nail that messy and unkempt look like a pro. The beard can reach a maximum length of roughly 20cm and features a rounded wide bottom, short sides, and a bushy moustache.

Ideal For: Oval, square and rectangular face.
Worn By: Ben Affleck and Lionel Messi.
Maintenance: Requires frequent trimming.
Best For Personality: Bodybuilders who reek of testosterone.

10. Short Boxed Beard

beard style for face shape

This classic beard style looks like an angular variant of the corporate beard although it offers greater length around the chin for accentuating your jawline. You can attain this style by allowing your beard to grow for about two to three months and then trimming them evenly to ½ inch length.

Ideal For: All face shapes, especially oval and oblong faces.
Worn By: Lasse Schone and Ryan Reynolds.
Maintenance: Snip away rogue hair and trim the neckline ½ to 1 inch below your jawline.
Best For Personality: Businessmen and corporates who like attending flashy gatherings.

11. Friendly Mutton Chops

beard styles names

Friendly Mutton Chops differ from the traditional beards in terms of sideburns extending to the edge of your mouth for being connected to your moustache. They got renamed as Wolverine Beard following the role portrayed by Hugh Jackman in the X-Man series. You are bound to get a 19th-century vibe out of these beards which was an absolute hit amongst royalty and statesmen alike.

Ideal For: Round, oblong, and fuller face shape provided they can grow thick sideburns.
Worn By: Lemmy Kilmister and Ambrose Burnside.
Maintenance: Keep your neckline neatly trimmed and apply beard oil regularly to hydrate and condition your beard.
Best For Personality: Free-spirited

12. Van Dyke

beard styles with bald head

Since its origin in the 17th century, this beard style has come a long way for evolving into one of the most sought-after styles sported with panache frequently by celebs at red carpet events. For nailing this look you will simply have to grow a considerably long stubble and shape it in a way that leaves facial hair under your lips and straight down. This looks like an inverted T as it connects hair from your chin and is finished off with a thick moustache.

Ideal For: Men having a narrow chin.
Worn By: Ben Affleck and Johnny Depp.
Maintenance: Not much, just a bit of trimming every now and then.
Best For Personality: Intense

13. Rap-Style Beard

beard styles pictures

Old school rappers of the 1990s and 2000s popularized this look which is characterized by a highly detailed chinstrap that remains connected with a thin goatee circling your upper lip. The hairline should have a maximum width of one centimeter as it frames your face to create an intriguing focal point. You can wear this style at parties, weddings, and even professional settings.

Ideal For: Round faces as it elongates the same.
Worn By: 50 cent
Maintenance: Very difficult and often requires professional assistance. If you wish to go the DIY way, then make sure to use a beard trimmer with a small head for sculpting out those thin lines.
Best For Personality: Flamboyant

14. A La Souvarov

beard styles short hair

This beard style draws its nomenclature from Russian General Alexander Suvorov. It is nothing but an electric mix of sideburns and mustache which can help you make a bold fashion statement. This style can be opted for by men who have difficulty growing thick facial hair but still wish to try out the friendly mutton chop style.

Ideal For: Men with large features
Maintenance: Symmetry is the key and you need to trim it once every week.
Best For Personality: Older men who don’t mind experimenting with their looks.

15. French Fork

most popular beard styles

Nail a distinct look with the French Fork beard which consists of a full ear-to-ear running beard paired with a small goatee. The goatee creates a two-pronged fork as it remains split in two. You can choose this sharp style for your next date as this inverse ducktail style is immensely appreciated by women. However, it is not accepted in workplaces and similar professional sectors.

Ideal For: Oval, diamond, triangle, round, and heart shapes having long and unruly hair as it imparts a squarer look to your jawline.
Worn By: Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp
Maintenance: Wax your beard in its two main points to retain the form.
Best For Personality: Bold

16. Soul Patch

how to style beard

Create an eye-popping look with this super easy beard style consisting of just a single patch of facial hair above your chin and below the lips. You can shape it in a square, rectangle, or even triangle manner as per your individual preference. The remaining face stays clean-shaven for a well-groomed appearance.

Ideal For: All face types, especially round faces as it adds to the length.
Worn By: Zac Efron and Ricky Martin
Maintenance: Extremely easy and can be done even by novices.
Best For Personality: Jazz and music lovers.

17. Goatee

style beard and mustache

This classic style draws its roots from the ancient Asian civilizations and has come a long way for evolving into one of the most sought-after styles of facial hair. The standard goatee runs about 1” long and typically covers your chin and upper lip while the cheeks are kept clean-shaven.

Ideal For: Oblong face shapes while the very small ones look good on square faces where you wish to emphasize the chin portion.
Worn By: Brad Pitt and Kanye West
Maintenance: Comb and trim it on regular intervals before following it up with generous usage of beard oils.
Best For Personality: Matured guys as it tends to mask your double chin.

18. Jack Sparrow Beard

how to style beard with trimmer

A Jack Sparrow beard strikes the perfect blend between braided whiskers, goatee, moustache, and a soul patch. While this look is not for everybody, it can speak volumes in favor of your rebellious persona. This beard style is typically characterized by a long goatee separated into two narrow braids below the chain.

Ideal For: Rectangular or oval face types.
Worn By: Johnny Depp in the Pirates of Caribbean movies.
Maintenance: Considerably difficult and may call for professional help.
Best For Personality: Bohemian free-spirited men on the lookout for the next big adventure.

19. Balbo

best beard styles for long hair

Nail a classy look with the Balbo beard style where facial hair forms an hourglass shape beneath your lips by starting just like a soul patch. This beard is characterized by a light chinstrap devoid of any sideburns and a floating moustache. Pulling off this look requires a lot of confidence and perfect symmetry which can be attained by a professional barber. It doesn’t suit triangular faces as in this case the jawline gets inappropriately highlighted.

Ideal For: Oval, heart, round, square, and diamond
Worn By: Christian Bale and Tom Hiddleston
Maintenance: Shave regularly and use good quality wax to retain the form of your beard.
Best For Personality: Classy and elegant

20. Klingon

beard styles and haircuts

This highly tailored style consists of a full beard, wings that are trimmed up to the mouth corner, and a small soul patch. However, the wings need to be clean and smooth which adds to the maintenance requirements of this beard for creating a strong cheek outline.

Ideal For: Round-faced men who wish to create an illusion of chiseled cheekbones.
Worn By: Klingon aliens in Star Wars series.
Maintenance: This medium-length beard does not have meticulous maintenance requirements. You just need to cleanly shave your neck and upper cheeks. Trimming the beard just once or twice a week is sufficient.
Best For Personality: Intellectuals such as professors or scientists.

21. Hollywoodian

beard styles for bald men

This beard style got its name from the countless Hollywood heartthrobs who sported it to red carpet events. If you are facing difficulty in filling your beard sideburns and cheek, then this style can add the right kind of dimension and length to your jawline. A thick beard wraps the entire chin area and is accompanied by a long floating moustache that stays connected with the beard.

Ideal For: Square face
Worn By: Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio
Maintenance: Trim your beard twice a week depending on your hair growth and also use beard oil daily to keep the hair adequately hydrated.
Best For Personality: Suits all personalities if you wish to infuse a rugged charm to your look.

22. Ducktail

beard styles for round face

Numerous Hollywood celebs have brandished this rebellious yet gentle beard style for a dashing look. While it takes some time to grow the ducktail beard, it can impart a rounder look to your face by covering the entire muscle mass. However, you need to shape the chin area regularly to retain that long-pointed look.

Ideal For: Diamond, Inverted triangle, Round & Rectangular
Worn By: Brad Pitt and Mel Gibson.
Maintenance: Needs regular combing as it tends to get unruly.
Best For Personality: Masculine having a biker or hipster look.

23. Napoleon III Imperial

bald with beard style

This unique beard style can help you make a lasting impression as it pairs an impressive goatee-like beard with a traditional handlebar mustache. The USP of this beard lies in a unique rounding at the top resembling an inverted exclamation point.

Ideal For: Round faces
Worn By: Napoleon III
Maintenance: Trim and shape your moustache and also comb your goatee other than applying oils and balms for that perfect form.
Best For Personality: Hippies

24. Zappa

which beard style suits me

Legendary musician Frank Zappa made this combined beard style having a box-shaped Soul Patch beard and a separate moustache an overnight sensation amongst men of all age groups. This beard style is perfect for men who face difficulty in growing anything more than stubble.

Ideal For: Square
Worn By: Tommy Lee Jones and Frank Zappa
Maintenance: You need to keep the mustache full for offsetting the soul patch in a proper manner.
Best For Personality: Musicians

25. Verdi

types of beard styles with names

Nail a distinguished look with this classic style which has been named after 19th-century Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. It comprises a rounded 3–4-inch beard and a handlebar moustache.

Ideal For: Round, Heart, and Triangular.
Worn By: Conor McGregor
Maintenance: Keep the bottom of your beard rounded by using beard scissors to trim off excess hair. It also becomes imperative to use beard oil and shampoo regularly to keep your beard soft.
Best For Personality: Matured and patient.

26. Chinstrap

best beard styles

Chinstrap beard is actually a short line of facial hair following the outside edges of your chin and jawline. The best thing about chinstrap is that it can accentuate your strong features. Men having wide or round faces should go ahead with thicker chinstraps for adding to their masculine charm.

Ideal For: Round
Worn By: Chris Pratt as Star Lord and Lewis Hamilton.
Maintenance: Requires a lot of maintenance requirements for retaining that precise look. You need to shave and groom your facial hair either daily or alternately depending on the growth. The jaw and neckline also need to be properly sculpted for maintaining a straight line.
Best For Personality: Ego-driven men who love getting attention.

27. Lined Up

beard styles for men

If you are a lover of perfection, then you can go ahead with the Lined-Up style. While you can grow it in any way, the real trick lies in maintaining it properly. The beard edges are kept short and perfectly lined up which has led to its unique name. While the entire beard doesn’t run long, the facial hair is similarly sized at all ends.

Ideal For: All face types.
Worn By: DJ Khaled and Drake.
Maintenance: Tough as you need to maintain every inch of your beard growth for keeping the edges flawless.
Best For Personality: Rappers and business tycoons.

28. Stubble

beard styles short

This timeless classic still holds a special place in the hearts of 21st-century gentlemen as it is extremely easy to style and looks dapper. Be it short, medium, or long, you can choose the beard length according to your personal preferences for turning heads wherever you go. You just have to grow your facial hair and then clean up the extra growth on your cheeks for a neat look.

Ideal For: All face types.
Worn By: David Beckham and Ben Affleck.
Maintenance: Shave your neck and cheeks occasionally to prevent a messy look. Regular trimming might be required depending on your hair growth.
Best For Personality: Corporate

29. Salt and Pepper

beard styles long

Show off your age in a classy way with the salt and pepper beard style which has become a rage amongst men adopting the silver fox aesthetic. The style actually blends graying or white hair strands with the ones which have retained their natural color. While this appearance occurs naturally coupled with the aging process, you can get it done artificially by dyeing the beard.

Ideal For: All face types.
Worn By: George Clooney and Ben Affleck.
Maintenance: Natural salt and pepper beards just need to be trimmed regularly. But if you have dyed your beard, then you might require a salon visit every now and then.
Best For Personality: Matured and sexy.

30. Yeard

beard styles haircut

This is the one style which surely isn’t for the fainthearted. Leave your facial hair to grow for a complete year and then trim the split ends for that badass look. But before you decide to start with this look, remember that it is not a sprint and an absolute marathon requiring a lot of time and patience on your part.

Ideal For: All face types.
Worn By: Chris Hemsworth and Jim Carrey.
Maintenance: Shape up the split ends occasionally, brush your beard to cut down tangles, and oil your beard to keep it soft.
Best For Personality: Sexy and mature.

31. Bandholz

hair with beard style

Patience is the key to growing a Bandholz beard which can take months to form. The best thing about this beard is that it doesn’t have any maintenance requirements and grows freely on your face. Once it has attained your desired size, you can shape it as per your choice.

Ideal For: Triangle, diamond, and oval.
Maintenance: Next to none as you have to let the beard grow naturally.
Best For Personality: Biker and Rockstar.

Maintaining a good-looking beard requires considerable time and effort investment on your part. You need to follow a high-carb diet and also cater to the hygiene requirements of your facial hair.

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