6 Key Accessories for Every Bride-to-be

Your wedding day is one of the most important moments of your life. You’ve probably already found the dress of your dreams but might not have the right accessories to match. Your wedding accessories should display detail and elegance, completing the outfit and telling the story of your relationship.

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We understand how much this day means which is why we’ve put together four key accessories that you should wear on your big day, to help you look and feel your best.

Wedding jewellery

No doubt about it, your wedding ring will be the star of the show, but you can’t forget what you’ll be wearing in your ears and around your neck. A stunning pair of earrings and a showstopping necklace can help to complete your bridal look, although it’s necessary to consider the cut and style of the dress first.

As an example, a small and delicate pair of earrings may work well for a glamorous dress but may get slightly lost in one that is fairly simple. Similarly, a statement necklace may work well for a strapless gown or off-the-shoulder neckline but might look less effective with a high neckline or boatneck neckline.

It’s also a great idea to match your wedding jewellery with the metal of your engagement ring and wedding ring. However, don’t worry about having to mix things up a little as a variety of different metals can work harmoniously together, such as yellow gold and rose gold.

Bridal shoes

No wedding dress is complete without a fabulous pair of bridal shoes. When choosing the right shoes, try to factor in the style of the dress and the venue. Consistency is key, so if you’re going for vintage, modern, or glamorous, aim to match your shoes to the same theme.

Take note of any embellishments in your dress that could be reflected in your bridal footwear, including materials such as tulle or lace. Also, factor in the type of venue the wedding will take place in. If you’re having an outdoor ceremony, for example, you’ll probably want to avoid high heels since it’ll be more difficult to walk down the aisle.

Hair accessories

While a hairpiece or veil isn’t required to complete your look, it can definitely elevate it and add something special. You can deviate from the norm though and go for some stylish hair accessories instead if a veil isn’t really your thing.

Some great options include headbands, barrettes, or tiaras, but this should work alongside the theme you are going for and the way your hair is going to be styled. You could even decide to go for a fascinator – the choice is entirely up to you and there are plenty of ways to be creative.

Clutch or purse

What’s better than an accessory that is both stylish and practical? After all, how else will you carry your essentials? While it may only serve its purpose during the reception, it’s still important that your bag matches your bridal gown or evening dress.

You can never go wrong with a beaded vintage-style purse or a clutch with a removable strap – just make sure that the colours complement your dress and other accessories. Since you’ll have little time to yourself between talking with guests, having photos taken, and dancing the night away, ensure you leave your purse with a trusted bridesmaid for safekeeping.

Wedding garter

Falling under the category of tradition, a garter is a fun accessory worn just below your dress. A wedding garter often symbolises love and luck, but these days is mostly a light-hearted way of showing off your relationship and interacting with your attendees.

When choosing your garter, it’s important to choose a material and colour that align with your dress and the wedding theme. If you’re feeling slightly more ostentatious, why not go for a garter encrusted with diamond jewellery? While certainly more valuable, it will certainly make the whole wedding experience more memorable.

A bouquet of flowers

Last but certainly not least is your bouquet, a quintessential accessory that you’ll be holding as you walk down the aisle – so you’ll want it to be both beautiful and flattering. However, it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg since you’ll be throwing it backwards into an adorning crowd later in the day.

Again, you don’t want the flowers to detract from your stunning dress, so ensure they aren’t overpowering and the colours are complementary and subtle. If you want a bit of extra bling, you could decorate the flowers with jewels or spray them in silver or gold paint.

Brides will often choose flowers that hold sentimental value or have a specific meaning, such as to commemorate a lost family member. This can transform your bouquet into a deeply personal and cherished accessory that’ll serve as a reminder throughout your wedding day.

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