Bridesmaid Dresses Styles and Color Options

Finding the best bridesmaid dress can be a daunting task as you will have to consider multiple factors like color, fabric, fitting, style, and more. With multiple bridesmaid dresses, we have collated a guide that can help you pick the best one according to your body type. There was a time when bridesmaids were expected to be all matchy-matchy. Currently, the mix-and-match style is in vogue and you can easily get a style that flatters your body.

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Bridesmaid dresses according to body shape

  • Apple – The aim here is to accentuate the high points like killer legs while camouflaging the problem zones such as the tummy region. Empire and baby doll waistlines look perfect with an A-line or full skirt with a slight flare at the bottom. You can also get dresses with pleating or drapes around the bust to cinch you in and impart a slimming effect. It is also recommended to get dresses with a low neckline so that they can draw attention from the middle section. Dresses fitted around the hip or mermaid styles should be avoided as this will bring your flaws into focus rather than flattering them.
  • Hourglass – Wear embellished figure-hugging styles like a mermaid dress by taking advantage of your defined waistline and well-proportioned body. A great choice for flaunting your curvy figure is fitted gowns. Overly voluminous silhouettes should be avoided as they will make you look wider from the side profile. Since all colors look equally flattering on an hourglass-shaped body, you should try and match them with your skin tone.
  • Inverted Triangle – Your main challenge here will be to find a dress that balances out your figure so that you don’t end up looking bottom-heavy. This can be done by selecting clothes that add curves to your bottom and hips while creating an illusion of a more defined waist. While A-line dresses look best on this body type, you can also try bubble dresses with a slight flare at the bottom. Halter necks, straight maxi styles, filter/ shift or pencil dresses, and off-the-shoulder styles should be avoided as they will simply make your shoulder appear broader. Strawberry-shaped bridesmaids can try double-shaded dresses like a light-colored bottom in tiered or fluffy fabric and dark color top made of thin fabric.
  • Diamond – You will fall under this category if you have a broad waist, curvy hips, and bust. Dark pastel tones like maroon, chocolate, and eggplant will do justice to your curves if you get an outfit with a cinched-in waistline. You can get belted dresses or an empire waistline in thin fabrics like lace, georgette, and chiffon as they can accentuate your curves. Dresses having ruffles and layers should be avoided as they will make you look heavier. You should also avoid waistless and shapeless dresses as they tend to impart a maternity look.
  • Pear – Pear is one of the most common body shapes characterized by a slim and slender build. However, the problem area lies in those hips and so it becomes essential to de-emphasize the area while bringing greater emphasis on the top region of the torso and shoulders. For creating a more elongated silhouette, bridesmaids can try a style having a well-defined waist and a flowy skirt. Designers also advise pear-shaped ladies to get dresses having skirts in minimal fabric and necklines that draw attention toward the decolletage. You can’t go wrong here with an A-line dress or an off-the-shoulder dress that strikes the perfect balance between the upper and lower body. Deep pastel hues like sangria or grape, black, and red look best on pear-shaped ladies.
  • Rectangle – A rectangle body shape is characterized by hip, waist, and shoulder widths that are almost similar to each other. The main challenge here is to create an illusion of a defined waistline to make your figure look more feminine and shapelier. You can get dresses with princess cuts and A-line skirts in light pastel or white tones and fabrics like tulle, georgette, and silk. Sweetheart, slash, halter, and scoop necklines can also make you look curvier. The mermaid style should be avoided and rather you should opt for dresses with draping around the waist and hips to add dimension to your figure.

Color options for bridesmaids

  • Mint green delivers moderate purity and high brightness which can be a refreshing choice of color for bridesmaids at outdoor weddings.
  • The eternal shade of dusty blue looks best on chiffon fabric and tags along with an airy and chic flair at both indoor and outdoor weddings.
  • The warm shade of marigold has a cheerful side, creating a stylish effect at indoor weddings.
  • For a contemporary twist on sophistication, you can get grey bridesmaid dresses in different fabrics like crepe, chiffon, velvet, etc.
  • All white bridesmaid dresses were considered taboo until a few years back. But with more couples breaking wedding traditions, maids are increasingly dressing up in pristine white hues which can sync with practically all wedding themes, be it bohemian or classic.
  • For infusing a glamorous vibe to your wedding, you can wear sparkly bridesmaid dresses in pastel metallic hues like pale pink and neutral champagne.
  • Warm neutral shades like taupe and gold look flattering on a range of skin tones for a laid-back yet trendy aesthetic.
  • For a desert wedding, bridesmaids can get dresses in a green hue with brown undertones especially when paired with a messy hairdo and heeled sandals.
  • A barely-there shade like buttercream yellow ranks high on the versatility quotient like ivory or off-white making it well suited for a summer or spring wedding.
  • Blush is a popular shade of bridesmaid dresses that can be incorporated into a wedding party attire with mix-and-match styles.
  • Assorted pastels like dusty blue, lavender, and blush with dainty floral prints can create a beautiful feminine palette.
  • A fruit sorbet palette comprising an assortment of shades like peach, mauve, blue and purple can look flattering irrespective of the season.
  • The bright coral shade of the bridesmaid dress has been in vogue since the 90s since this color is bold enough to stand on its own.
  • If you nurture a penchant for vintage style, then an assortment of pink hues, fabrics, and patterns can elevate the style quotient of your bridesmaids.
  • Orange can be a fun shade for bridesmaids who are trying to nail a spunky and whimsical look. While this bold shade might initially seem overwhelming, you can round it out by adding richer tones like mustard yellow and gold.
  • A daring combination of dark shades like emerald green and navy blue with bright accents like tangerine orange and rust color can accentuate the fashion curve of an artsy eclectic group.
  • Wine-inspired shades like maroon, burgundy of ChicSew, and merlot are ideal for fall weddings.
  • Purple is a regal hue that works all year round and looks ravishing on all skin tones. However, it looks especially flattering during the fall months.
  • A combination of purple and icy blue bridesmaid dresses look especially dreamy for a winter wedding.
  • Navy blue is a sophisticated shade that can impart a timeless feel irrespective of the season.
  • Channel your inner mermaid in seafoam-inspired blue and greens which are perfect for a beach wedding. Get flowy dresses in lightweight fabrics like tulle, chiffon, and organza for maximum effect.
  • For a wedding theme inspired by an island getaway, you can get bridesmaid dresses in tropical prints with palm leaf patterns and cheery shades like blue and peach.
  • If you are getting hitched in a garden setting, then you can have all your bridesmaids wear floral-print dresses in an understated color palette like sage, mint, and cerulean.
  • Dark emerald is a universally flattering hue that can be worn at both fall and winter weddings especially when you get it in velvet fabric.
  • Shamrock green is a festive shade for bridesmaids if you are getting married around the holidays. Your maids can easily flaunt their stylish shoes by wearing matching satin dresses with high-low hems.
  • Red is the least common dress color option for bridesmaids as it is bound to turn heads away from the bride. At the same time, it can also highlight the woman in white.

Modern designers understand that every body type is different and everyone wishes to look their best in their chosen bridesmaid dress. Our today’s guide will help you find the right styles to iron out all last-minute difficulties while looking marvelous on your friend’s D-day.

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