Perfect Wedding Dress for your Body Shape

Wedding dress body types

Creating the wedding of your dreams requires taking ‘n’ number of decisions. Brides expect to revel in the spotlight on their wedding day whether they are walking down the aisle, mingling with guests, or slow-dancing with their partner. This defining moment surely calls for a dress that shall be worthy of the occasion. With a large magnitude of options, it might be tasked to take the end call. But clear knowledge of all the silhouettes can help brides select a flattering style that shall be in sync with their personality and body type.

How to Select the Right Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape?

  1. Pear Shape
  2. Apple Shape
  3. Hourglass Shape
  4. Rectangle Shape
  5. Inverted Triangle Shape
  6. Petite

Body shape wedding dress


1. Pear Shape

Ladies with a curvier lower body and smaller upper body are categorized under the pear body type. Pear-shaped brides can either accentuate their figure or avoid drawing attention to their stats by selecting wedding gowns accordingly.

  • Gowns with embellished bodices can accentuate your waistline and breasts.
  • V-neck, strapless, halter, and spaghetti strap can serve as flattering neckline options as they flaunt your slender upper body to perfection.
  • Pear-shaped women should stick to sturdier fabric and steer clear from the free-flowing ones as they tend to hug your thighs and hips. Satin is the best choice as it holds its shape while offering you complete freedom of movement.

Recommended Styles:

  • Ballgowns can assist in gliding towards your happily ever after as the voluminous skirt balances out a fitted top. This can accentuate the slender waistline while camouflaging the bulk below underneath. Swathes of fabric might drown you and thus it is always advisable to keep the embellishments tonal and minimal.
  • A-line is another universally flattering style that fits pear-shaped ladies like a dream. It remains fitted until the waist and flares in a soft A-shape from there. This silhouette hugs you in the right place and induces a slimming effect.
  • Draped Grecian gowns can downplay your curves with their unique cuts and shapes.

Styles To Avoid:

  • Tiered gowns and mermaid cuts can highlight your bottom portion unnecessarily.

Right Neckline: V-neck, Strapless, Halter, and Spaghetti strap
Right Fabric: Satin
Right Dress: Ballgowns, A-line, Draped Grecian gowns, and Empire waistline


2. Apple Shape

Apple-shaped ladies are top-heavy with broad shoulders and might occasionally have a larger midsection. Here the target remains to create an illusion of long lines along the middle of your body while highlighting the smaller areas.

  • An empire waistline can elongate your silhouette as the skirt flows away from your body for drawing attention towards your slender waist and creating an illusion of a curvier bottom.
  • A plain bodice with next to no texture can make your top section look smaller by inducing a corset-like effect.
  • Deep-V is the most slenderizing neckline for apple-shaped ladies as it draws eyes towards the vertical rather than the horizontal.
  • For accentuating your best features, you can choose bridal dresses in sturdy fabrics like raw silk, taffeta, or satin. Soft ones like georgette, chiffon, or crepe can also bring out your feminine side. Stiff fabrics such as tissue or brocade should be avoided at all costs as they tend to induce a flat look on your body.
  • Check matching bridal shoes for your wedding dress.

Recommended Styles:

  • An A-line silhouette can highlight the slimmest part of your waist and gradually taper down below. Its wide bottom can impart a balanced look by clinching at the smallest point and flaring out slowly.

Styles to avoid:

  • A fitted wedding dress should be avoided at all cost as it will simply end up revealing the areas you wish to hide like a wide waist and slim legs. Trumpet gowns should also be avoided as they can make you look wider by overemphasizing your apple body shape.

Right Neckline: Deep-V
Right Fabric: Raw silk, Satin, Taffeta, Chiffon, Georgette and Crepe
Right Dress: A-line gowns, and Empire waistline


3. Hourglass Shape

If you have curvaceous hips, a fuller bosom, and a small waistline, then you are a perfect hourglass-like Scarlet Johannson and Christiana Hendricks. This body shape is the most desired amongst ladies and can definitely grab the spotlight with ample curves.

  • Brides with an hourglass figure can rarely go wrong with anything. However, they look best in halter neck, sweetheart neck, and deep V neck.

Recommended Styles:

  • Mermaid wedding gowns are curvaceous and form-fitting as it hugs your body till the knees before flaring out. This style of gown can bask you in a red carpet-like feel while adding a pinch of drama to your bridal look.
  • A trumpet is an exceptionally beautiful silhouette that stays fitted around the torso and hips before flaring out around mid-thigh. The flattering shape created by the trumpet gowns allows all hourglass brides to move around easily.
  • The chic and contemporary dropped waist is another popular pick of brides who wish to flaunt their figure to perfection.
  • Sheath silhouettes can hug your curves in the right places courtesy of their fit and flare shapes. Brides can also explore see-through figure-hugging corset dresses which show off their mid-section.
  • A ball-gown skirt or fuller A-line gown can minimize your hips while bringing your fitted waist under the limelight especially when adorned with embellishments of colored sashes.

Styles to avoid:

  • Empire waist should be avoided as they don’t do adequate justice to your slender waist.

Right Neckline: Deep-V, Sweetheart, and Halter neck
Right Fabric: Raw silk, and Satin
Right Dress: A-line gowns, Dropped Waist gowns, Trumpet gowns, Column dresses, and Mermaid gowns


4. Rectangle Shape

Ladies having minimal curves and a skinny built are known as the athletic or rectangle shape. The main motive behind dressing such body shapes is to select styles that can create an illusion of curves.

  • Using a belt can impart more definition to your waistline.
  • The neckline you choose needs to be such that it draws eyes upwards with a lot of design and textures. V-neck and gentle scoop neck can serve as the best bet for brides with strong shoulders.
  • Sleeves should be avoided unless they are just partials.
  • Durable fabrics like linen or silk shantung can make rectangle-bodied brides feel more at ease when compared to dainty ones like chiffon.

Recommended Styles:

  • Voluminous ball gowns having a fitted bodice and full flared skirt with satin, silk, lace, and net layering for making you look curvier. The ballerina silhouette cinches at your natural waist before descending to a flowing skirt.
  • Sheath dresses with contouring cuts and strategic embroidery can divert attention from the problem zones while adding volume in the right manner.
  • Empire line dresses also serve as excellent options as they flare out just below the bust to create the illusion of curves underneath.

Styles To Avoid:

  • Straight gowns and shapeless clothes should be avoided.

Right Neckline: Gentle scoop, and V-neck
Right Fabric: Silk shantung, and Linen
Right Dress: Ball gowns, Empire waistline, and Sheath dresses

5. Inverted Triangle Shape

The inverted triangle or strawberry shape is characterized by a broad bust or shoulder which tapers down to the hips causing you to look athletic.

Plus point

  • They have nice and lean legs.

Minus point

  • They have next to no waist definition and flat hips.

How to style

  • Wearing a scoop, V, or asymmetric neckline can cover your shoulders and divert attention towards your bust.
  • While wearing a button-down shirt, it becomes imperative to unbutton the first two slots.
  • Long and oversized coats can work magic by creating an illusion of a leaner physique. But you should refrain from jackets having shoulder pads or extras around the shoulders.
  • Jackets with wide lapels can flatter the proportions of an inverted triangle body shape.
  • Peplum silhouettes can add more definition to your waistline with its flared hemline.
  • A-line, tulle, and pleated skirts can add volume to your bottom half for balancing your overall look. Detailing like ruffles and panels are preferred as they make your hips look broader than the shoulders.
  • Flared and wide-leg jeans with pocket details can highlight your derriere by adding curves.
  • Fit and flare, trumpet, and A-line dresses can balance out your top-heavy proportions while adding volume to your lower half.

Right Neckline: V-neck, Halter neck, and Scoop
Right Fabric: Raw silk, and Taffeta
Right Dress: A-line gowns, Ballgowns, and Empire waistline

6. Petite Shape

Ladies who have been shopping from the S or XS segment are earmarked as petite. Their willowy frame is characterized by a slim waist and very few curves.

  • Half or three-quarter sleeve length is considered ideal for petite brides.
  • For the neckline, petite brides need to stick to off-the-shoulder, halter, V-neck, sweetheart, or an asymmetrical top.
  • Heavy detailing on the top should be avoided. However, you can choose between ample lace and organza detailing on the flowy skirt for a flattering look.

Recommended Styles:

  • Column dresses, empire waistlines, A-lines, mermaid cut, and trumpet styles can create the illusion of height on being worn with those sexy stilettos.
  • Princess seaming and dropped waist can conjure an illusion of lengthening your torso.

Styles To Avoid: 

  • Dresses with excessive frills and detailing as the extra fabric can make you look out of place. The ballgown style should also be avoided as it makes your torso look shorter than what it is in reality.

Brides have a certain vision in mind while walking into their dress appointment but end up choosing something completely different. The main reason behind this is that every woman is unique and something which looks splendid on the mannequin might actually not look so wholesome on your body. While having an overall vision is helpful, brides need to be open to trying out more styles before finding their dream silhouette. The trick here lies in choosing a style that can bring your flattering features under the limelight while camouflaging the problem areas. Comfort remains another important factor to consider as you need to wear the gown for several hours while oozing out confidence and happiness along the way.

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