11 Big Laundry Mistakes that damage Washing Machine

is underloading a washing machine bad

These simple laundry blunders can damage your expensive washing machine

Washing machines have entirely changed the way we wash our messy, stained, and icky clothes. Thanks to this technological breakthrough, we don’t have to lose the softness of our hands by washing dirty clothes daily. Therefore you must agree that this necessary home appliance holds supreme importance in our life.

Do you know simple but common washing machine mistakes can ultimately damage it? Just unfollowing a few instructions and going against the rules can make you buy a new one. How can we forget its high-end price and our hard-earned money?

That is why we have rounded up 8 simple washing machine mistakes that you should shun to enjoy the long-lasting benefits.


1. Are you using too much detergent?

how long can a washing machine sit unused

How much detergent is perfect for making your clothes dirt-free and spotless? It still seems baffling to most people. That is why they use excessive detergent and ultimately end up blocking the drainage or clogging the drawer.

Therefore, keep in mind that your dirty clothes will still remain dirty, and your washing machine will stop working if you are using too much detergent.


2. Are you piling up your drum with too many clothes?

is underloading a washing machine bad

Overloading your machine’s drum with a massive pile of laundry will gradually damage some of its parts. Check out the ideal choice.

  • Wash 3 to 4 clothes of cotton and linen together.
  • 1 to 2 clothes will be enough for synthetics.
  • Wash 1 to 3 woolen garments together.

3. Pay heed to the wrong setup

can we use washing machine continuously

Do you know that the wrong setup of a washing machine can be considered an expensive mistake? Your device will start shaking when the drum will rotate fast. Now you must be wondering how to set a washing machine! Let’s find out.

  • Always place it on a flat floor.
  • The transportation bolts should not be there on the machine.
  • Avoid shock absorbers and broken bearings.

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4. Never ditch your wash bag

how to wash one piece of clothing in washing machine

When you are cleaning your small objects like socks or lingerie, always utilize a wash bag. It will ensure that your filter works well and you get the same number of socks after washing. Otherwise, these small clothes can get stuck and break the drum.

5. Your home appliances deserve your attention

how to clean smelly washing machine top loading

Do you know when the problem begins? It’s when your machine starts smelling too bad. It happens when we leave our laundry in the drum or put too much detergent. Taking care of your home appliance by turning on the drum wash mode or washing it regularly at high temperature with A pinch of vinegar is highly crucial. Please don’t ignore it next time.

6. Never use hard water

is soft water good for washing clothes

Yes, tap water is perfect for your good health. But is it suitable for your washing machine too? Yes, it is. Bottled water or water from your water filters also makes your washing machine healthy, while hard water makes the situation worse. Now the question is how to distinguish between soft water and hard water. Let’s find out.

  • At first, take your liquid soap and a transparent water bottle.
  • Fill one-third portion of the bottle with water and put a few drops of your liquid soap.
  • Now shake the bottle by closing the lid tightly.
  • Can you see the water, or it becomes difficult just because of that milky color?

The foam usually floats on the surface. If you can easily see through the transparent water, you are using soft water. If you cannot correctly see through the water, you must be using hard water.


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7. Do you usually leave your wet clothes inside?

washing machine not used for a long time

Sometimes we easily get distracted while doing important work like laundry. But if you leave a lot of wet clothes in your washing machine, then it can easily hamper your expensive home appliance. Even if you are leaving your washed clothes, you should take them out within 12 hours. Keeping washed laundry inside the washing machine will ruin the efficiency of your washing machine and start stinking badly. It’s recommended to take out the washed laundry from the machine as soon as possible. It will work better

8. Regular cleaning session is mandatory

regular washing machine cleaning

Do you know that the machine which washes off everything, needs cleaning too? Yes, the regular cleaning of your machine is of paramount significance. Be it a top load or front load machine, maintain the cleanliness of the filters that must be installed on the inner edges of the machine. Additionally, as you wash clothes, wash out the main tub too by adding a bit of water and descaling powder. Make sure that you perform this process on the monthly basis.

9. The choice of detergent matters

is washing machine stand necessary for top load

A lot of people get confused when it comes to selecting the best detergent for the washing machine. But, there must be no confusion that you can’t use any hand-washing detergent for washing machines. More than that, throw off the assumption that you can use the front load washing machine’s powder in the top load washing machine and vice versa. Always buy washing powder by checking the type of your machine since every detergent comprises specific qualities and features.

10. Never choose a wrong setting

washing machine control panel & settings guide

Today’s modern washing machines come with built-in settings. So you can quickly customize it for your desired clothing items. The standard setting is perfect for our maximum clothing. But usually, we develop a habit of washing all our clothes using the same setting. But keep in mind that we must follow the special instructions. We should wash some of our clothing items alone. Otherwise, you can categorize them in small batches. In this way, you can shield your valuable washing machine from a lot of trouble.

11. Use Dishwasher Tablets To Clean Washing Machine

using dishwasher tablets to clean washing machine

People are following the viral TikTok and Instagram hack to clean washing machine with dishwasher tablets. There is no doubt that dishwasher tablets work magic and make your washing machine sparkly clean. But, this hack is damaging your washing machine instead of good. The dishwasher’s highly acidic properties harm seals and hoses over time which void your consumer guarantee or warranty. Dishwasher tablets also leave a coating on the drum that damage the fabric of your garments. So never use the dishwasher tablets in your washing machine.

Apart from these small mistakes, sometimes we completely forget to sort our laundry. Unsorted laundry will end up with shrinking clothes and color bleed. Sometimes you may found unwanted items floating around while you are washing clothes. Therefore don’t forget to check all the pockets to keep the front window and the drum of the washing machine safe.


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