How Often Should You Wash Your Clothes?

We all detest doing laundry, although high-tech washing machines have simplified our jobs. Yet one has to spend time sorting the clothes, soaking them, and spreading them on the clothing line once they are washed. Could we wash our clothes less often, and still keep them clean?

Also, many people worry if their fine clothes would start to wear out from excess washing. What should be done? Different clothes have different washing needs, so we have put together few suggestions to help you out.

Clothes You Should Wash After Every Wearing

Some clothes need to be washed every time after you wear them. Clothes like underwear, lingeries and swimwear come in contact with your intimate areas, so they should be washed after every wear for the sake of your hygiene. Clothing items like sportswear, socks, tights, leggings, etc. stick tight to your skin and absorb a lot of sweat. Likewise, tops, blouses, and formal wear come in contact with the neck and armpit skin, which sweat profusely. If you don’t wash these clothes after every wash, they would build up bacteria, become smelly and cause skin infections.

Silk garments too should be washed after each time you wear them, but use a suitable detergent as silk is quite delicate. We also suggest you wash your white clothes after every wear, as they get dirty quickly, and it takes very little time for them to lose their whiteness.

Clothes You Can Wash After One to Three Wearing

Some clothes like loose blouses and airy dresses can be worn two-three times before needing a wash. Your polo shirt and shorts can also stay clean and fresh for a bit longer time. Anything that is very loose and doesn’t cling to your skin, or you wear it only for a short while during a day, can survive a couple of wears without becoming unhygienic.

Clothes You Can Wash After Three to Five Wearing

Some garments are made of more rugged material, or they don’t come in direct contact with your sweaty skin. Like pants, pajamas, and skirts- they don’t cling to your legs, which allows your skin to breathe and sweat quite less. Then clothes like jeans are intentionally designed for longer use. You can wash these after wearing them three to five times.

Also, clothes like sweaters and business suits are worn over another layer of clothing. And neither the material gets easily dirty nor it should be washed all the time. Wear them four-five times before you wash them. You might be surprised to know, but some types of bras, like underwire bras, also need not be washed after every wear. You can safely wear them a few times before tossing them in the washing machine.

Clothes You Can Wash After Five to Seven Wearing

Your sweatshirts, blazers, and jackets fall under this category. Firstly, you wear them in cold winters when you don’t sweat much, so your clothes stay fresh longer. Then you wear them outside your other clothes. And the heavy fabric cannot and should not be washed after every wear.


Garments like coats which are worn outside your outfit, that too occasionally or for short durations, only need two washes in a season. And your hats, gloves, scarves, mufflers, etc. can do well with three to five washes in the winter, depending on how often you wore them.

With a proper washing routine and appropriate care, your carefully chosen clothes could last for years in their best conditions.

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