Best Jogger Shoes for Women – Right Shoes Styles to Wear With Joggers

what shoes to wear with joggers women's

Joggers have evolved into a comfortable wardrobe staple that serves as a welcoming alternative to jeans, slacks, and even khakis. Joggers initially gained popularity as comfortable loungewear but slowly made their way into regular wear which can be both dressed up and down according to the occasion. If you are someone who likes to step out in style, then read on to know more about what shoes to wear with jogger pants.

Best Shoes to Pair with Jogger for Women


1. Chunky Black Boots

best shoes to wear with khaki joggers

Nail the 90’s vibe with a pair of chunky black boots with 2-inch heels which can solve your queries regarding what to wear with women’s grey joggers. The combat style or Chelsea boots are an early substitute of sneakers that can keep you basking in comfort even during fall months. So, stop worrying about what to wear with joggers and pair them up with baggier joggers of lightweight athletic fabrics. Street-style sportiness of joggers goes very well with the casualness of these boots especially when you opt for faux leather joggers.


2. Tassel Loafers

best shoes to wear with joggers

For striking the right dressy look you need to pair up the tassel loafers with joggers which look similar to chinos. This look can even work with the regular ones provided the jogger has a tapered fit and the material doesn’t sag. You can sport this look at both smart casual and semi-formal settings as the loafer’s dressy nature might look out of place in a totally casual setup.


3. Ankle Strap Sandals

shoes for jogger pants ladies

Create an illusion of a flatter and taller silhouette by wearing an ankle strap sandal with your joggers for a straight off the runway look. But for making the most out of this look, you should stick to fancier joggers made of faux leather, polyester, khaki, or camo. Ladies who are feeling extra bold can fasten the shoe strap over their jogger’s ankles for channeling a high-fashion look that has made its way into the streets of NYC from fashion weeks.


4. Espadrilles

What shoes to wear with joggers in winter

Radiate a relaxed look during the summer months with the Espadrilles which offer the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. The canvas slip-ons can serve as a refreshing take on the jogger shoes. But you just need to ensure a proper fit of the jogger pants as the oversized ones will simply throw off the entire look.

5. Slouchy Boots

Best Jogger Shoes for Women

The slouchy boots can have your back while running errands as you nail your athleisure look to perfection with slim-fit joggers.

6. Plain Sandals

best shoes to wear with camo joggers

Nude or dark green sandals look best when worn with black joggers.

7. Flip Flops

what footwear to wear with joggers

Pairing joggers with cool flip flops can help you look effortlessly chic. However, the casualness of the outfit will be determined by the material of your flip flops and joggers. Teaming up rubber flip flops with cotton joggers can streamline your athleisure look while donning silk joggers and bedazzled flip flops can pump up your style quotient magnanimously.

8. Pumps

which shoes to wear with joggers

The best thing about pumps is that they look good with everything and this also holds true in the case of joggers. You can easily wear a sleek pointed-toe pump with around 4-inch heels to work. Black joggers usually look best when worn with printed pumps having graphic designs such as leopard prints for adding a dash of glamour to your look. But if you are wearing joggers in brighter hues, then it is advisable to stick to more subtle pump shades such as nude or solid black.

9. Tennis Shoes

best shoes to pair with joggers

Sporty lace-up sneakers have become synonymous with comfort in the department of footwear. If you are wary of taking fashion risks, then teaming up white tennis shoes and joggers might seem like a fool-proof way of looking stylish. All-white sneakers with a thin sole can also get the work done for you.

Pairing up the joggers with pristine white leather sneakers can also help you nail a premium look. However, white sneakers tend to get scruffs and need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking like new.

10. Ballet Flats

right shoes styles to wear with joggers

Stop pondering over what shoes to wear with women’s dressy joggers as you can easily team up the joggers ending at mid-calf or the dressy varieties with ballet flats. You can change the entire vibe of your outfit by choosing between fancy or casual flats. They are also a great option if you are planning on traveling or walking around a lot. Modern-day designers are coming up with square toe flats which can impart a fall-approved look on being teamed up with joggers.

Choosing Shoes According To Jogger Color

  • If you are wondering about what shoes to wear with joggers in shades of black, then high-top sneakers can serve as your ultimate nirvana. Cheetah printed heels can also ooze out raw sex appeal on being paired with black joggers and a lace-trimmed tank. Wearing wedges with black joggers can get you ready for some fun in the sun.
  • Khaki joggers can serve as your answer to how to wear jogger pants to work. They can be paired with black boots for a neat look while plain white stilettoes can help you nail a neutral goddess-like look.

Joggers have been around for quite some time now but it has entered mainstream fashion very recently. While being baggy around the thighs, the joggers slim down around the knee and have a slightly dropped crotch. This can guarantee you plush comfort as you step out in style with the right kind of footwear.

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