8 Tips & Hacks to wash Lingerie like an Expert

Your lingerie requires as much care and comfort as it provides you. Not many of us are very careful while washing, soaking and drying. Also great care must be taken while you store these in your wardrobe. You have definitely invested a good fortune in your favourite lacy pieces and now they need some extra care. This will not only keep your lingerie comfy and soft as new but also elongate its lifetime.

Let us see some very common mistakes and tricks to keep your closest pairs blossoming as ever.

1. Wash them the way they deserve

Lingerie pieces are cut out of finest pieces of fabric to give your skin the best feeling hence keep it as away from synthetic fabrics as possible. Do give a look at the label of your lingerie and read the wash instructions to know about the fabric used.

Lingerie washing tricks and tips

Soak the pieces in light detergent: You must soak them in detergent and cold water before washing them. Make sure the detergent is not very basic as it will damage the fabric. You can also use a fabric softener. It works the same way as a hair conditioner!!!

  • Wash the fresh pieces in white vinegar for the first time to make the colour last longer.
  • Never wash silk and lace pieces in the washing machine.
  • Never use bleach on your lingerie pieces.
  • DO NOT iron your knickers and bras.

2. Never mix the dark Hues with the lighter pieces

lingerie wash tips for dark and light colour

Just to be always sure that the catastrophe of a dye being bad doesn’t occur, always sort out the light colours and wash them separately from the very bright pieces. Sometimes the dark colours have extra dye on which comes off the first time or every time you wash them. It can definitely ruin your light lacy beauties and there is no bleach that can undo this trauma!!

3. Avoid the Washing Machine!!

Never wash Lingerie in washing machine

The worst thing that can ever be done to lingerie pieces is washing them in a loaded machine full of other strangers!!! Wash your delicate inners separately with your hands making sure they are not strangled or mistreated. Keep the hooks open and wash the padded area by your hand. Also check how you can make your all clothes last longer.

4. Give Extra Care to the Padded Areas

how to wash padded bra tricks and tipsBuy Now Padde Bras

These are the parts which contain sweat. Hence, give extra handling to these and wash them with hand making sure the padded cotton doesn’t crumble inside the fabric.

Do not squash the padded areas as it will ruin the whole shape of the bra once dry.

5. Rinse the detergent away

Rinse the detergent carefully while bra wash

One of the common mistakes we all do is take the rinsing part very lightly. This is one of the most fatal things happening to your lingerie. Rinse the extra detergent carefully before hanging them to dry. Left over detergent can damage the fabric and make it hardened when dried up.

6. Hang them the Best way

best way to hang bra for long life

Try to hang your lingerie pieces using hangers or using clips on the straps. Make sure the clips are rust free unless you want those rust marks on your straps.

Thumb Rule: Never, ever try to dry your Bras using dryer!

7. Use the lingerie bags to dry/Wash them

Use the lingerie bags to dry/Wash BraOne of the best things for lingerie is the lingerie bag!!! Keep your washed lingerie in the bag and then put it in the dryer. This will keep your pieces distant from other clothes and keep them safe.

  • If you do not have a lingerie bag, use a pillow case!!!

Always make sure that you hook the bras when drying them off. Opened hooks can strangle and tear off other lingerie items as well.

hook the bras when drying them off

8. Store them the Proper Way

Your favourite pieces must be stored properly so that they keep up the friendly relation with you!

how to store bra tricks and tips

Well, not all of us have a proper walk-in wardrobe, hence make sure you have a proper separate place for you lingerie. Keep them stashed properly in a drawer or a basket. Always fold them neatly, especially the bras to make them last longer.

  • Always stack the underwired bras neatly in a vertical way.
  • Never fold the bras or crush them into the drawers.

Well, these simple hacks and methods can keep your lacy pieces well in place for a longer time. Make sure you give them the extra care and effort they deserve.

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