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Every woman has this one intimate companion for life and that’s her bra!! More than half of the population is a regular consumer of these and there are plenty of issues that women face every second day with one her bras. Here we try making life easy for you and bring you the most interesting hacks from all over the universe!!!

1. Relieve the Pain

For very heavy busted women shoulder pains due to tight straps are a very common issue. Use silicon gel pads on your bra straps to make them more comfortable.

silicon gel pad to ease pain of bra DIY Bra Hack, silicone bra strap cushionsWe have huge collection silicon gel pads, Buy Now bra strap cushions.

2. Sewing Trick to neither fall nor show your bra strap

You can guide your tailor to sew in the clasps or strap holders to your shirts or kurtis to stop the bras from peeping out from the sleeves.

DIY trick to hide bra strap, tips and tricks to hide bra straps

3. Quick life hack to wear a bra: Fasten back hooks at front and then turn it around. Simple and quick!

A simple hack or trick to wear bra quick and perfectlySource

4. Strap Up as per your Dress

You can convert your usual bra into a variety of different forms as per your dress.

Use a paper clip to get the perfect criss-cross straps for the criss-cross back dress.

Use of paper clip to hide bra strap in your dressbra hacks shows use of bra paper clip to hide strap, how to hide bra straps with a paperclip

You can also buy clips available at Amazon or other sites if you’re not happy with the paper clips hack!!

buy bra clips, bra strap hiding tricks and tipsUse a converter on your bra to wear it underneath low back dresses. It extends the straps and brings them to the lower back hiding the straps and still being supportive. (These can be found on amazon)

bra-converter for bra hack, bra extender life hack, bra tricks for backless dressesUse a simple convertible bra as a strapless, more supportive bra using this simple hack.

convertible bra hack, tricks to keep strapless bra up, strapless bra trickThis will keep the bra from falling off and give a lot of firm support to your strapless bra. Simply attach the single strap from one side and wrap it around the bottom of the bra to keep the bra at its place.

You can use a cheap old bra, cut the straps and get it sewn in your backless dress. It will eliminate the need of wearing a strapless bra at all.

DIY strapless bra, DIY bra to make at home for backless dress, strapless bra trick

5. Store them the Proper Way

Storing your bras properly can increase the life of bra!! You can hang them all on one hanger or wooden hooks and save the space.

bra hanger, trick and guide to store bras

You can lay them straight vertically above each other in a drawer. Do not fold the cups in case of under wire or padded bras.

bra drawer, bra organizer, bra store hacks

Use a transit cup case for storing your bras while travelling to keep them from getting spoiled.

transit bra cup case, bra organizer bag, bra bag hacksOne of the best products we have ever seen is this beautiful Bra Bag that just works wonders for your beautiful lingerie pieces on your vacations.

pink bra bag, bra organizer bagWe have huge collection of lingerie bags. Buy NOW HERE.

6. Pamper them while Washing

Hand washes the bras to maximize their lives. Also hang them using a hanger to dry them off.

DIY bra hanger, bras trick for hand wash

When you are done working out, hand wash your sports bra and use a salad spinner to dry your bras. It is much faster than air drying and will also keep the delicate safe.

salad spinner for bras, easy tips to dry a braIf you still want to use the machine, use the micro mesh bra wash bag and keep the pieces safe.

eco-friendly bra wash bag

7. Tune The Cleavage

There are times when you want to show off your cleavage a little!! The evening gowns and the deep plunge tops often demand a little show. Use a push-up bra with smaller gores(the gap between the cups), it will do the trick.

push up braOther times when you want more coverage, a full coverage bra with larger gores will do the job.

blue bra

8. Finish that Cleavage Show

How many times did you change your tops just because they showed a lot of cleavage and you didn’t want to wear those bulky camisoles? The designers have got a solution to this problem with the wonderful camisole cover ups that work fine in such a die-hard situation. These come in a variety of colors.

cami-secret, bra hacks

Use a camp and clips with your bra to cover up the deep plunge tops and deep necklines.

cleava applies, cami-secret, cami secret clip-on camisoles

9. Undercover Bra Stash for Security

When you are having an overnight travel or out in a theft prone area, use a bra stash to keep your money and important documents.

undercover-bra-stash, eagle creek travel gear silk undercover bra stash

You can clasp the stash here or there as per your liking and be safe!!

10. Try before you Buy

Do you know that more than half of the population of women wears the wrong bra size throughout their lives and doesn’t even know it?

Here we give you simple hacks to check if the bra you’re trying on is perfect for you.

tips to find a perfect bra, hack to buy perfect fit bra

Also use your hands to test the size of the bra before you buy it. If you manage to have your whole fist through the bra, it is too big. Two fingers are just fine.

Always buy a bra that fits right in the first hook. That way you can later keep decreasing the band size in the other hooks if the bra loosens up.

Bra size testing trick, hack to find perfect fitting bra

11. Use the Oldies as the newbies!!

Perhaps those old bras that you have been stashing have still a lot of talent left in there. Use these simple hacks to make them useful if you are too much in love with them to throw them away.

Use a bra extender if your old bra has the perfect cup size but has tightened from the hooks. It just gives you your priced piece back as new!!

oldies as newbies, 3 hook bra extenders

If you think your bra is too big for you or has loosened from the back and you have to find a private spot to get back those strap at place again and again, cut the end of the bra with a seam ripper and attach it using a fabric glue at the right place and get it back as you wanted.

trick to use old bra, hack to use loose bra again

12. Repairing the broken Wires

If in case the underwire of your bra pops out, no need to throw the piece away. We get you some simple last moment hacks to save you from the disaster.

Use the moleskin strips which are very soft and sticky from the back. Add some glue to the bigger holes and shove the wire carefully back into the encasing. Then simply glue the moleskin strips.

DIY trick to repair broken underwire, Hack to repair underwire bra

You can also use a maxi pad and cut it into small strips. It will last longer and give the right cushioning.

13. Pick the Right Color

White Outfits: Wearing a white bra underneath a white outfit looks messy and often shows. Always wear a nude shade or the shade of your skin for proper coverage.

white outfit

Black Outfits: Underneath black dresses and tops, never wear white bra as it shows(especially under flash!!). Choose a dark color bra or a black bra underneath black outfits.

black outfit

Useful Bra Tricks are also mentioned in this video

Haven’t we made life much easier with these simple hacks that may save you from your disaster moments? Try them out and you can thank us later!!!

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