14 Awkward Experiences Indian women face while buying Bra

We are in a country where anything related to the ‘S’ word is shushed and undergarments are one big deal when it comes to women. Obviously, in a country where even saying the word ‘bra’ turns head, we know what you women go through when you want to go out fish new stock..

problems women face while buying braAlthough a bra is a the basic necessity in womanhood, but when it comes to buying one, women feel too shy and embarrassed. Buying a bra in India is a task in itself- From glaring faces to harassing shopkeepers, it’s one big ordeal to endure.

But don’t you worry dear darlings! Here are some wicked thoughts and happenings that always come around on our shopping spree for the  brasseries. We have a back for you with these awkward experiences every women must have been through, just in case you want to feel better, After all, you’re not alone in the boat.

14 Awkward Experiences When You Go On a Bra Hunt in India

1. Cross Checking the trial rooms for hidden cameras

Fear of hidden camera in Trial Room
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Those careful glances the moment you lock the door are every girl’s step one. Checking if the door knob is locked? Yes, we have been there too!

2. The basic variety

Awkward Experiences buying a Bra in India
Image courtesy: angelome2013.wordpress.com

Local stores have just two types of bras. Either you go for the usual padded ones or if you want a little bit sensual touch, you have that big blue bag of Chinese stuff!

3. The lingerie stores

Girl Looking Around for relative before going to bra store
Image courtesy: crushable.com

It is horrible to see men and women staring at you while you make that final move of entering a lingerie store. As if we are actually going in to buy stash, Duh!

4. The Unhealthy places!

Women feel awkward as bra stores are near vegetable market
Image courtesy: buzzfed.com

It is weird that all the lingerie stores happen to be in the rowdiest of places. Near the vegetable market or in the middle of everything! Why can’t they just make a tunnel straight into the shop!

5. The unsaid words

 Asking for bra at store
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Asking for a B…bb..Bra is in itself the biggest challenge. If asking for a condom embarrases men, yes this is our weak point too. We secretly wish for the shop to have a saleswoman to make things much easier.

6. Stealthy looks

Feel shy and embarrassed to ask for variety, patterns or designs of bra
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Horror strikes when we see the saleman. It becomes even more difficult to ask for better designs and patterns. Hell, if only men could understand.

7. The Harsh World

Another embarrassing moment: everyone in the store stares you
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Ordeal doesn’t get over with just saying the final word. The crass looks by shopkeeper men and further questions about the size, preferences just make us hide behind the doors.

8. The size story

Awkward Experiences woman face while buying a Bra
Image courtesy: sharegif.com

The most embarrassing moment strikes when we finally have to yell our size. Hell breaks looks for those with larger or too small a size. As if the world wasn’t brutal enough!

9. The weird sale tactics

10 Awkward Experiences I as woman face while buying a Bra in India
Image courtesy: thehollywoodgossip.com

Life becomes super tough when the salesman takes up to all resorts to convince us that the piece in front is probably the last bra on the planet. Stretchable, soft and what not! Guys, we know what we want, and this is exactly what we don’t want.

10. Post Trial Investigations

10 Awkward Experiences I as woman face while buying a Bra in India
Image courtesy: buzzfed.com

It is hilarious when the guy waits patiently for us to give him a feedback of how the bra feels. Gosh, how does one answer that perfectly?

11. The Cursed Pads

10 Awkward Experiences I as woman face while buying a Bra in India
Image courtesy: giphy.com

Padded bras are often taken as an insult. God, if they weren’t good why would they be making them at all?

12. The transparent bags

Girl feeling embarrassment
Image courtesy: giphy.com

While we finally get our perfect bra, things become severely embarrassing when the shopkeeper packs the bras in a transparent bag for almost everyone to see. Hell, that’s a bra not a trophy!

13. The fatal checkout

Boy staring at boobs gif
Image courtesy: coedmagazine.files.wordpress.com

If anybody has the unlimited right to checkout the women, it is the guys that work at the lingerie shops. We just have no choice than letting them stare at us..yeah go on, check them out for your size calculator to work.

14. The backlashing

Irritated girl saying no
Image courtesy: tumblr.com

As if we are on a mission to buy all the bras in the world, the shopkeeper just keeps yelling for more variety until we reach the last corner.

The bra buying trip might be one putting us through hell, yet we find that extremely hilarious and funny. Well, thanks to the malls and online shopping that we don’t have to go through that anymore and we finally have a choice!

If you want to escape these terrible moments, skim through our Latest Bra collection and find what suits you without anybody staring at you or your things!

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