7 Mind blowing Bras that might make Women crazy

Do you think your bra can only support your breasts? Then sorry you are mistaken. Now, bra can be merged with latest technology to create something better for women. With such great fusion it is possible to use a bra for multi purposes: save from crime, charge gadgets, breast enhancement, etc. Inventions like BFF Locator bra and Pervinator bra could be a boon for women in India where rape cases are increasing at an alarming rate. Check out seven such smart bras that you really wish you had in your wardrobe. (Via vagabomb.com)

1. Stay connected with your BFF and help her to locate you in real time without a flurry of texts and calls.

BFF Locator Bra
BFF Locator Bra helps your friend to find our you with inbuilt GPS system


2. Wow! A bra that helps you to enjoy your favorite drink while keeping your hands free.

Cup Holder Bra
Cup Holder Bra makes you hand free

3. As soon as a hot guy shows up, give your breasts a boost and make him go crazy!

 Hottie Bra-dar
A bra that makes you more hotter on your command

4. Just imagine how nice it would be if you get soothing massage on shoulders and back all through the day!

Massager Bra
Massager Bra you will get massage on shoulders and back even without removing clothes

5. No one can touch your bosom without your consent. If ever tried, he will get the shock of his life!

shock protective antirape bra
Antirape bra gives shock to a man who dares to cross limit, isn’t it safe?

6. Don’t panic when low battery warning flashes. Bring the handset to life on-the-go without access to an outlet.

A bra with Power Brank
Powerful Bra to charge your gadgets

7. You can’t buy all different colored bras, so a bra that morphs is something that every girl needs in her wardrobe!

All in one colour Bra: A bra that changes colours according to your need

Credits to Creative Images: Aakansha Pushp

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