Why Polarized Sunglasses are Better?

why polarized sunglasses are better?

Polarized sunglasses can make the entire world look like an Instagram filter as a hidden editing tool reduces the glare constantly to add a dash of vibrancy to everything around you. They can benefit your eyesight in a variety of ways by boosting colors, reducing glare, and making daytime driving easier. Mixing all these benefits can leave you with a hefty perk by enhancing your vision. Light tends to travel vertically, horizontally, and at all sorts of angles when it comes directly from a source. A polarized lens can filter this “raw” light so that only vertical waves pass through. This allows polarized sunglasses to reduce or eliminate glare. Today we are going to take a look at the different reasons behind the popularity of polarized sunglasses over their normal peers.

  • Sunlight spreads out into a bright and distracting glare hitting the curved windshield glass. You can rely on polarized sunglasses to block a lion’s share of the sunlight on a partly cloudy or clear day. Driving becomes safer as you can easily focus on the road ahead rather than adjusting your view or shielding your eyes from the bright streaks of light.
  • You can expect superior glare protection from polarized sunglasses, especially on the water. Wearing polarized sunglasses you can enjoy richer colors of transparent glass-like water while both rocks and corals become easily visible below. This can be an excellent advantage for different types of fishing as you get to see what’s swimming below the water’s surface. You can expect an entirely new experience with polarized sunglasses whether you are kayaking, canoeing, or sailing.
  • Nothing can look as satisfying as looking up at the clear blue sky that seems straight out of a postcard. However, tiny suspended particles within polluted or humid air tend to dim the blue color rendering it a yellow, white, or grey overcast. A polarizing lens prevents the reflections from those particles so that the sky retains its deep blue look. You are bound to feel elated with the visual treat as the blue-sky contrasts against the white sand or green leaves.
  • Photographers swear by polarizing filters which are placed over the normal camera lenses. They can cut through reflections to bring out the vibrancy in natural colors.
  • Sunlight can be hazardous to our health in a variety of ways. This is why we use sunscreen lotion before stepping out to protect ourselves from harmful rays. However, UVA and UVB lighting can also damage our sensitive eyes. You can prevent this by wearing polarized sunglasses which offer complete protection against both types of lighting.
  • Bright light often causes glare and blinds drivers making it difficult for them to see the surroundings properly. This makes it dangerous for drivers to cross intersections during peak hours with high concentrations of cars on roads. A polarized sunglass can come to the aid of drivers in such a scenario by blocking the reflections and reducing the effects of glare. As a result, you can easily view your surroundings without straining or squinting. Your vision gets improved so that you get to enjoy a clear view of the road ahead and reduce all chances of potential accidents.
  • One of the biggest symptoms of glare is discomfort in the eyes and strain. This can impact your eye health adversely and cause ailments like irritation and redness. Polarized sunglasses can serve as an excellent solution to this problem so that it becomes easier to see without inflicting any negative impacts on your eyesight. Even after spending hours under strong sunshine or in bright light, people wearing polarized sunglasses feel less tired than others.

When you shouldn’t wear polarized sunglasses:

  • Since polarized sunglasses dim the brightness of certain digital screens such as your smartphones, calculator, or GPS; you can’t expect proper results while using them to view LCD screens. However, this effect is visible only while viewing the screen from an unusual angle. The screen is viewable when holding the phone upright but it becomes too dark to see once you spin it to 45 degrees angle.
  • The lighting conditions at night are less than during the day. This is why it is advised not to wear polarized sunglasses and rather change worn wipers, and clean the headlights and car windows regularly to increase the visual quality at night.
  • Polarized lenses help skiers in reducing the glare of sunlight from super-reflective ice. However, this can pose a cause of danger as it becomes difficult for the skiers to spot a lighter-hued iceberg thus causing accidents. You can opt for snow goggles or non-polarized sunglasses as a safer choice.

Polarized sunglasses can make even a sunny day look extremely picturesque. However, there might be certain scenarios when these sunglasses fail to yield adequate results. It ultimately depends on how you use them. You are bound to come across people who own both a polarized and non-polarized pair for different scenarios. Though polarized sunglasses aren’t for everyone, they might change the way you see the world.

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